Right Now | Bethany

Hiyaa!! I don't know why but that sounded like something or someone like when they fight. I don't really know. In the movies...I think.... Ah then again, what do I know. Lol.

But seriously, Hi :)
Today, I'm going deeeeeeep-ish. Because it's a deep day okay. (THAT RHYMED!!!)
No not really, I just had some thoughts on my mind that inspired me to write this so I hope you don't mind.

So here we go...

There is always a common 'phrase' we always ask or tell ourselves and I think it normally begins with, 'Last time...' or 'Do you remember when...'.
It's called our past, obviously. It is something every single one of us have and though some may be positive, there are some that are a little not-so-positive. Not-so-positive isn't a full-blow negative it's just upsetting or anger-lifting in certain areas. Which brings us back to sort-of-negative. So yeah positive and some-what negative.

I just had to make myself confused in the process of explaining. Woohoo. (BTW, does that ever bring to thoughts that 'Woohoo' sounds really, really and I mean REALLY wrong).

...Anyways back to the topic.

Some people can't get over their past, clinging on to the bad memories that wipes out the recollection of happier times. It's called grudges.

Now tell me you don't hold grudges and majority of you would be lying. It's a simple grudge that destroys a completely happy and fine life. You could be complimented and praised or even have people do nice things to you in a day but one single action or statement could totally bring you down.

And it's easy for someone to say 'Ohhhh just forget about it', 'They don't have brains', 'It's in their nature just forgive them'. But we all know that it's easier said than done. But think of it this way; Holding this grudge because you can't bring yourself to forgive does not help. What exactly is this world with grudges held against each other, not being able to accept one another for something minor they've done? It's not like what they did was something so big.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet that has existence. But, standing from the moon, no one is visible. By the way, this does not imply that you are worthless (what nots). And if you, yourself is invisible from the moon, the universe, why are you making your problems so big? Problems itself aren't visible right now - not to say when you're on the moon. Everything has an answer.

Sure enough some people will never change because they have stubborn minds and some problems you can't obviously bring yourself to forgive. So if you can't forgive, just forget. There are so many other things in life that are way more important.

It's simple to say; Forget, Ignore and Move On. There will still be an everlasting scar that will remain regardless but if you don't touch it, you won't know it. Take the little baby steps, one at a time. Don't  be persistent to take a leap. A little goes a long way.

Why hold on to something when you could let go and make the better of it?
You don't deserve all this. You deserve better.

Smile. Lift your chin up high. Breathe in the fresh air outside. Relax your mind. Think about the beauty of life. The flowers that bring color to the grass. The clouds that adds softness to the sky. Yourself, making the Earth lively with your presence. Live your life right now. Because this moment, now is never gonna repeat itself again and it's up to you to make it incredible.

Your time is worth more than a grudge, more than hatred, more than what you think it is.

Ever heard of; You can't start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one?

Well, now you have ;)

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this and hopefully it was able to give a wee-bit of motivation. And I can't believe I just said 'wee-bit'. Lol.
Then again, I know nothing.
Nonetheless, I wish you guys all the best and good luck.
Take Care!! Byees!!
(Or Bye until next time haha)

Yours Truly,