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A Day In The Life of Sarah | Sarah

I am back after being super late (I apologize for that) Anyways, what matters now is that I finally have a post and I decided to do something I have never done before. So if you haven't gotten the idea, today's post is going to be about a day in my life BUT slightly special (& more boring) because it's a day in the life of Sarah who is going to sit for her exams in a week! So yeah it's mostly gonna be my schedule when it's exam season and stuff. I'm not sure if it'll be interesting cause I'm studying 24/7 but that's okay I'll try my best to make my day sound interesting. So the first thing I hear at 8.00 am is Taylor Swift's Style and yes I know that the 1989 album is pretty old but I still ❤ it. And yes I wake up at 8.00 am even though it's a weekend. It's mostly because I'm used to being awake really early so my body's mechanism or something wakes me up. When I wake up there is nobody else awake so I become an …