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Things That Make Me Smile: 2 | Bethany

Hello! HAHAHAHA my post schedule has been thrown way off track.

It's been a while since I've written a post like this and I figured, why not make "a sequel" of something like this again. Ever since the beginning of the year, my life has been pretty busy and "all over the place" because I'm getting older and nothing gets easier as life goes on anyways. Also, I've been feeling pretty under the weather recently as well (curse the existence of flu). So I figured, it'll be nice to do a few things that'll make me smile and why not write a post while I'm at it? I absolutely love cotton candy. It's like having clouds in your mouth (not that I've tried eating clouds before). All I'm gonna say is that if you've never had cotton candy in your life, what are you waiting for? I mean, you may hate it, you might like it - but technically it's just sugar.... Oh and confession: this might sound really weird but my sister (Hanna) and …

DIY Minimalistic Calendar | Ally

I'd just like to start off the post by saying that yes...I realize that this post was due a few days ago but I just wanted to apologise because I didn't have the time to actually prepare for the DIY and only recently (like literally today) had the time to actually do the DIY. So...I'm so sorry for the delay of the post but nevertheless I hope you enjoy~
Just like it’s said in the title, what I’ve got installed for you this week is a really simple DIY that just looks FREAKIN cute as a room décor.
With the New Year being really busy for me, what I needed was a planner/calendar for me to plan things all out. And yea…a planner was helpful but I’m just not really into all the hassle of having to open up my planner and finding the pages. So, to solve all my problems I thought why not make a calendar that I could visually see all my plans for the day or week or even month. To make things even better, it’s reusable and totally customizable!
There are only a handful of things that y…

Another February Favorites! | Sarah

Hey Hey Hey Heylo!
I'm back with another Favourites post! Yay! Can you believe we're already 3 months into 2017? And here I am still writing 2016 as the date.... To be honest the dates on the top of all my notes are usually cancelled and written again because I can't seem to spell February right...? I keep spelling it as Febuary. Am I the only one who does this? Maybe my kindergarten teacher forgot to teach me the proper way to spell? Anyways, I'm doing a February favourites because there are a whole lot of new things that I found and really liked during February (and maybe some from January). So I hope you favor what's in my favourites 😉.
Study notes/ calligraphy I think that this is the number one thing that has like taken over my life. I absolutely love those Instagram study accounts (do you know of any?) And I really wish I had the talent to recreate those notes. Although trying to make notes actually takes up a whole chunk of my time, it gives me the motivatio…

Diary: Moods & Laughter | Bethany

Hello everyone! I'm BACK AND ALIVE! (not really cause as I'm writing this, I have sore limbs from yesterday's 'sporty' event in school.) Anyways, as you can tell from the title, this is a diary post that I've decided to write for the week. I figured that I'd wanna update you guys with what I've been up to cause why not....right?
First off, I've been feeling a little blue recently (possibly the hormones *curses* and stress from school). I've never really seen myself as a quick-tempered person that just bursts into anger at anyone cause I usually just shake it off and stuff - kinda like hold it in cause I always think I'll regret my actions when I cool down but these few days have just been a little bad. Looking at this past week, I realized I've been pretty 'off' and I'd be easily irritated and would just shut the world out for a while?

Ah I'm in such horrible mood recently that I've tried to get myself over it but I…