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Hey Hey Hey Heylo!

I'm back with another Favourites post! Yay! Can you believe we're already 3 months into 2017? And here I am still writing 2016 as the date.... To be honest the dates on the top of all my notes are usually cancelled and written again because I can't seem to spell February right...? I keep spelling it as Febuary. Am I the only one who does this? Maybe my kindergarten teacher forgot to teach me the proper way to spell? Anyways, I'm doing a February favourites because there are a whole lot of new things that I found and really liked during February (and maybe some from January). So I hope you favor what's in my favourites 😉.

Study notes/ calligraphy
This took me SO LONG to do
I think that this is the number one thing that has like taken over my life. I absolutely love those Instagram study accounts (do you know of any?) And I really wish I had the talent to recreate those notes. Although trying to make notes actually takes up a whole chunk of my time, it gives me the motivation to study when I see pretty notes. So I've been trying to make pretty notes when I have time (and I usually don't 😅). I think that my skills have improved a little...if I do say so myself. I mean it doesn't look bad does it? Calligraphy is also really addicting cause when it turns out nice for just that one time, you're just gonna be so happy and like continue till you've scribbled on the whole page.

I've been obsessed with highlighters this year. I probably have like 11 in my pencil box right now. It's kind of related to the point above. Cause when I see nice notes, I feel the need to go get a nice highlighter or the exact kind they used in the picture so that I can create my own 'nice' notes. So at the moment, my favorite Mildliner (I've always thought it was Midliner till Ally told me 😆) colours are the light blue, pink and the dark purple. I'm pretty annoyed that the purple was dark purple and not light purple though. Because of that, my colors don't match. ARGH. But I still like the colour of the dark purple. I like the pink and blue a little more because it's lighter so it's easier to read the words.

Also, I have the Muji Highlighter which I don't know the name of. But I really like this highlighter because it has that little window at the top so you know what you're highlighting. I like to use it for my History books because since there are so many words, when I highlight I know when to stop and stuff.

Face mist
Yes. Face mist is part of my facial routine now. After washing my face and applying toner and stuff, I like to spray my face with this just because it's cooling and like...I guess the water will keep my face moisturized. I also like to think that the water is super clean so it can keep my face clean too. I bring this to school sometimes when I have extra curricular activities and when I have to stay in school longer than usual. So in between classes when I feel sleepy or if my face feels oily, the mist really helps. I sometimes bring cleansing wipes to school as well to keep my face clean. (Lol I feel like I take care of my face really well but that isn't really the case 😂)

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
Okay to be completely honest, I've only tried this once. But from that one time, I can say that this thing is really good. Lol I seem to be using a lot of Kiehl's products. Anyway, after I tried this product that one time, my face immediately felt smoother and softer when I washed it off. It doesn't really smell like anything so if you're sensitive to smells then this product is okay. It has a really pretty grey colour (although I wouldn't suggest for you to walk around the house with it unless you wanna scare your family members 👻). 

Bath & Body Works Fresh Watermelon Lemonade Hand Sanitizer 
First off, thanks Ally!!! Ally got this for me as a Christmas present but I only started using it recently (not because I misplaced it or anything 😳) Anyways if you have been reading the blog, I'm pretty sure you're aware about my love for watermelons. I actually have the watermelon lemonade candle from Bath and Body Works too. The sanitizer has a really strong smell so if you apply it during class everyone is gonna look at you, trying to find out where the smell is coming from. I really like the smell though. The smell is kinda sweet. A lot of my friends say that it smells like mango or some other tropical fruit but I think it smells like watermelon. Bottom line is that it smells good.

That's it for February! Yayyyy! I feel kinda sad ending the post cause the next time I'll be posting one will be in like a months time 😬. We just had our exams this week and I was like this close to failing my Math so I guess I have to work even harder than I already am (criesss). Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my post and I 'll be back soon but not so soon! Bye!
Sarah 💜


  1. Oh my gosh! You have such PRETTY handwriting/calligraphy! Like, its soooo pretty! :O

    1. Hahaha thanks! I'm still learning how to do it though. My brush calligraphy is terrible.


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