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DIY #1: Hope Jar | Sarah

Heylo guysss!!!
Firstly I want to sincerely apologize for not updating the blog. I'm not gonna give any excuses cause I wasn't that busy and I will try harder to make this blog awesome! So for my first solo post to get things on a roll (you'll see why) I made this hope jar.
I had this notebook that had memory verses and whenever I was stressed or really sad I would flip to a random page and look at a memory verse. So I thought it would be cool to cut the memory verses and put in a jar. Yup so that's how I thought of doing this if you were wondering. (btw this was one of the first times I used this camera so I played a lot with the angles and stuff so I have a lot of pics)

For this DIY you only need three simple items. Some quotes or some inspiring stuff , a jar and loom bands!
So all you have to do is roll up the quotes/lyrics/memory verses or anything and tie them up with a loom band! Simple right? Just a warning you'll hate rolling stuff by the end of this projec…