DIY #1: Hope Jar | Sarah

Heylo guysss!!!

Firstly I want to sincerely apologize for not updating the blog. I'm not gonna give any excuses cause I wasn't that busy and I will try harder to make this blog awesome! So for my first solo post to get things on a roll (you'll see why) I made this hope jar.

I had this notebook that had memory verses and whenever I was stressed or really sad I would flip to a random page and look at a memory verse. So I thought it would be cool to cut the memory verses and put in a jar. Yup so that's how I thought of doing this if you were wondering. (btw this was one of the first times I used this camera so I played a lot with the angles and stuff so I have a lot of pics)

For this DIY you only need three simple items. Some quotes or some inspiring stuff , a jar and loom bands!

So all you have to do is roll up the quotes/lyrics/memory verses or anything and tie them up with a loom band! Simple right? Just a warning you'll hate rolling stuff by the end of this project. I used up all the memory verses in my notebook and I only filled a quarter of the jar. So I used two books for this. Worth it though ;)

Then I just put them in a jar and threw in some origami stars cause 1. I was too lazy to do more and 2. I ran out of notebooks. Yup i just put it on my shelf and whenever I feel down I'll  have fate to help me pick the right one. Cause some people out there say there are no such thing as coincidences so the one I pick will most probably help me in my time of need!

I really hope this post wasn't boring or anything and that it helped you spice up your room or will help you if you feel down or something. But remember this, my favorite quote that I don't know who wrote or if there even is such a quote, Every problem has a solution. No matter how big or how small :)

That's it for my very FIRST post!!!!
I hope you enjoy it and I'll try to post more often from now on!
Thanks for reading! It really means alot :D