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Review: St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser | Ally

From the title, I’m pretty sure you know what this post is gonna be about. Rather than my usual DIYs…I’m gonna be doing another product review! This time, the review is gonna be on the St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Gel Cleanser. To be honest, this brand of product is the only product that isn’t a Korean skincare brand. I believe that this product is made in the US….. I’ve been using this product for the past 2 months or so. As usual, this review is based of 100% my own opinions and experience. I picked up this product after Sarah’s recommendation since she’s been using the apricot facial scrub of the same brand for quite some time now. So, I kinda thought what’s the harm of getting a new cleanser. P.S. I realized after that it harmed my wallet considering that I have 4 facial cleansers now. The best thing about this product is that it comes in a pump bottle. I’m always up for pump bottles just cause it makes things so much easier as compared to a tube-squeeze packaging (I’m not s…

Exams are TORTURE! | Sarah

Heylo! If you've read my last post I said that my exams would be in about a months time... and well a month has passed! Yay! But to be honest I always wonder why do people hate exams? Then my exams came and I went through TORTURE! Headaches and stress for a week!! Well I compiled a list of the reasons I really really dislike exams.

I think this is one of the main reasons I hate exams... Like I wanna use my laptop and watch dramas and sleep but NOPE I have to study. And the times where I have a break and use my laptop I'll feel the guilt. My head would be like 'shouldn't you be studying?' 'what are you doing just lazing around?'. So I can't even relax and take a break. T.T
DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WANTED TO WATCH SIGNAL AND THE ENTERTAINER DURING EXAM WEEK? This is actually related to the first reason, all the things I wanna watch but I CAN'T. It was so frustrating. I had to keep telling myself just a few more days and I'll be able to watch all th…

Examinations & I | Bethany

Hello everybody! My name is Bethany and just like *most* of you, I take my exams this time around too. I know some people take their exams at the beginning of the month (good for you), in the middle of the month (good luck!!) and some would probably be by the end of this month (in this case, JUST PUSH THROUGH IT!! And to help you out, I'll suggest reading a post Sarah has up on this blog that may help you: click here)

So while most of you are busy with your finals and exams or even mid-terms, let me de-stress your mind by sharing with you a post related to what you're stressing about!

*** Examination Day.
Time: Around 7 in the morning
Venue: Knott's Scary Farm Examination Hall :)
Description: Buckle up. I usually arrive in school with cold feet because I have low confidence and I  think I suck at doing things under pressure. So when the teacher calls on us to keep our books and everything I just freak out. Like not the 40% chill 60% freaking out kind of freak out but like 98% …

DIY Frame Decor Idea | Ally

It’s Monday!!! You know what that means…..! Ok if you don't know what that means then it’s basically my turn to put up a post. I’m Ally btw…J Just to clear all confusion. Today, I’m gonna be staying in my comfort zone by doing yet another DIY~
I know… I know… Same as always~ But I promise something new is coming….so stay tuned! >_<
For today, it’s not really a DIY but more of an idea that you can try. Trust me on this but it’ll probably only cost you $1.
-A frame -Embroidery thread (in any colour) -A needle -A pencil -An eraser (if you’re a victim of shaky hands) -Scissors -Paper *thanks Captain Obvious*
Warning: This DIY does involve the tiniest bit of skill and a good amount of time…it kinda depends how good your sewing skills are.
P.S. The word sewing may scare you but it really only involves basic sewing. If you’re still not convinced, I did it! That says a lot about someone who has never sewed anything in her life.

Grab a piece of paper (making sure it fits in your frame) an…

K-Pop Reaction: Eric Nam & Wendy | Forty-Two³

Wassupppp! Wow that sounded weird. I hope you pictured me saying it in a very cool way though. Anyway we're going to be reacting to Spring Love by Eric Nam & Wendy from SM Station. Personally, I really like this song and saved it on my phone right after I heard it. I hope you like the song too and enjoy reading our reactions! - Sarah Beth from now onwards due to editing reasons. YES. I edit these posts and add pictures while Sarah/Ally types the audios. #teamwork.

P/S: This post includes a special guest appearance from my sister whom we shall be calling, 'Hanna'. She doesn't know that she's in this though....In my defense, I didn't tell her to speak while we were recording...Also, I didn't wanna let her be known as 'Beth's sister' cause she has her own identity too and it's unfair to her, as a human being to just be known as my sister. Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and A…

K-Pop Reaction: Monsta X | Forty-Two³

HI! (Ally btw) If you've been following our blog then you probably know that we kinda have a little 'K-pop Reaction' series going on now and then..., but if you're new...then now you know!!! If you're not a K-pop fan, it's can still enjoy the post. But feel free to read any of our other posts. Also, don't forget to read our other 'K-pop Reaction' posts if you're interested. No pressure. J