About Us

Hello everyone! We're Ally, Beth and Sarah.
And welcome to our blog, Forty-Two³ (or Forty-Two Cube also known as 42³).

We post posts weekly according to the following schedule:
And in conjunction with that, we have a 'K-Pop Reaction' series which is posted on the 4th, 16th and 22nd of every month. However, if the 4th, 16th or 22nd lands on a 'Posting Day', the entire week's post is based off that series.
Our blog posts varies from Beauty to Food; DIY's to complete Randomness so we hope you guys enjoy!
You can keep up with us by following us on our social medias which right now consists of only Twitter and Instagram.
Join us, on our little journey in life we decided to share online.

A Little Of Us:
Ally is the eldest of the trio. She's super smart and positive on her outlook in life. She's like a fountain of advice that never fails to lift our mood when we're feeling a little down. She loves taking care of her skin and has done a few skincare tips post! So if you are into skin care, you should definitely check that out. DIY's are also her thing. Like how can one girl be so versatile?
Beth is one of the most kind-hearted lovable person. Besides being the 'middle child' of the little forty-two cube trio, she's a person you can always rely on and she'll always be there for ya. She is a person that can put a smile on anyone's face. She does heart to hearts, hauls, monthly favourites and such so if you like those kind of stuff, you should check it out!
Sarah...is...a whole new level of sarcastic!!! You wouldn't expect it in a way but when it comes, it hits you hard. The best part is that she doesn't even realize what she has said. She's the youngest of the trio which makes her super naïve and innocent - kinda. This girl does DIYs and cooking recipes not to mention, book reviews too ! So be sure to go check that stuff out.

This blog is sort-of anonymous and the only few things revealed are our names. We do take pictures though but our faces remain un-shown (If that made any sense). There are many reasons why this blog is called 'fortytwocube' but that will be a question answered sometime in the future!
Also, we really hope this Blog could put a smile on your face. Not because we're funny or anything but because we're probably the weirdest people and our weirdness might make you laugh at how weird we are...

Thank you so much for reading !
We really hope you like it !
If you're new, welcome to our blog
And if you're not-so-new, then hello....again! :)
With Lots of Love,
Ally, Beth and Sarah.