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No Regrets | Sarah

HEY! I'm Sarah :D (birds tweeting in background) *awkward*  Anyways have you ever regretted anything? Well I can tell you I have. Out of the MANY things that I regret, there's ONE thing I don't think I'll ever stop regretting. And that is...... not putting effort into my studies when I was younger.
One of my ultimate goals this year is to get straight A's. I have a really important exam coming up and I seriously wanna ace that exam. If I don't get straight A's for that exam I'll cry my eyes out and like just question my existence. (jk jk. but seriously)  And the reason I want it so badly is because the last important exam I had, I didn't do very well. I still remember that I didn't study at all when I was younger. I usually studied 5 minutes before the exam itself and I mean how much can you learn in 5 mins right? So because of that I would get really low marks. I didn't even study for my important exam and was late on one of the days that …

My Morning Routine 2016: School Edition | Bethany

I'm the type of person who experiences Nightmares in the Morning. Yup. That's my nightmare... actually...make that morning-mare. So my morning usually starts off with me hitting the snooze button on my alarm at least 5 times because it's annoying and I hate waking up. With that said, I'm never the kind of person who wakes up grumpy because I'm more of the 'happy-go-lucky' kind of person; if I do say so myself. So no matter how sleepy I am, I'd always try to crack a joke or lighten the situation. A small little life hack is to...: Try setting your alarm half an hour before you actually plan on waking up. It helps to mentally prepare you to fully wake up on time :). Once the alarm breaks through my huge wall of patience, I decide to end the war between my phone and I and wake up. So before anything else, I just *briefly* check my phone to see if there are any messages that I need to reply or if I have anything to say to my friends or something like that. …

DIY World Map Décor | Ally

Hey!!! It’s self-introduction time sooo…I’m Ally and I’m not really in my right mind right now because I’ve been thinking on how to start this post and I’m going nuts. Well forget about the mental state of my brain, today I’ve got a new DIY for you! It’s my 3rd DIY and hopefully you’ve stumbled upon my previous DIY's before but if you haven’t….then go stumble upon that later J
Ever wished you could travel around the world but never found the time, place, expenses, companion or just simply too young to travel alone? *Yea that sums up my life* This DIY was inspired by my desire to travel but obviously I’m too young to so it doesn’t hurt to plan it all out! This DIY is kinda like a mini series so stay tuned for more DIY’s on travelling and such ^_^
Today we’re gonna be doing a DIY which involve materials which you can pretty much find lying around your house: -
-a print out of the world map (Ok…maybe you can’t find a picture of the world map lying around the house but you can print i…

Hair Care Routine | Sarah

Hey hey hey! I'm back with another post! So anyway Ally and Beth have been doing a lot of skincare stuff so I thought that I should do hair care cause you can't just focus on your face and neglect your hair right? So these are just some products I use now and then to get my hair really healthy.
Schwarzkopf Hydro Collagen Shampoo
This shampoo is actually really affordable. And also probably the only thing I bought on my list. My sister bought the rest, so I don't know where you can get it but I know it's good. This shampoo contains collagen (duhh it says it in the name) and collagen helps to increase hair elasticity and strength. The shampoo also contains keratin which helps make your hair smoother. But tbh I bought it cause I thought the blue was pretty.
Kerastase Elixir K Ultime
I am gonna mention this in my January Favourites too but as for now I'll just say: It's really really good and you can see immediate results! Plus the yellow is pretty XD.  Oh and furth…

Lost & Empty | Ally

From the title, I'm sure you know this post is gonna be a little depressing. Also, just cause the title includes the word 'lost,' I'm not asking you to go get a navigation system neither am I talking about that tv show. Now on with the post..... 

If you're a teen, either a girl or a boy...I'm sure you've been through one of those days when you're just soooo tired of what's going on in your life, you just feel depressed? It may not necessarily mean depression but more of not feeling who you really are. You just wake up one day and you're just emotionless. Emotionless as in you're not sad but neither are you happy with what you're doing or going through in life. It may be caused from all the stress you've been going through or JUST HAPPENS...? I would know because I woke up one day not feeling the way I usually am. (To be clear, I'm usually pretty quirky around people I know and can sometimes be really quiet) but on that …

Bath & Body Works Review | Bethany

Hello! So.... I've been contemplating on whether or not to write about this post as the Holiday Collection by Bath and Body Works is ending, and there won't be much point in writing this...But I decided that yes, I'll write this just because ifnextthis year, they decide to release some familiar scents...and you have never smelled them before.....^-^! (This post is for you)
So I'm not an expert critic or a critic in general and I usually love a lot of things. So....I don't know what to expect in this post either... I'll be starting with the Holiday Collection first because...(I actually stocked up the scents cause I can't wait a whole year...!!). P/S: I'll just be showing the hand soaps because I'm a weirdo and Hand Soaps are the randomest things to show's basically me in  a nutshell (weird & random).

Technically some scents are only purchased in hand soap form so.... :)! Snow Kissed Berry This name is like....creative and genius. Lik…

N. E. R. V. O. U. S | Sarah

Hey Guys!
Right now I just finished my oral exam and I'm so nervous that I can't think straight and my hands are like cold and almost shaking. And if you're thinking I went to a dentist for a checkup or something I didn't. It's my school oral exam where we have to impromptu a speech and recite it to the teacher. Anyways I kept stuttering and forgetting what to say even though my topic to speak about was super super easy. My topic was reading. And reading is one of my favorite things to do. Literally reading is my forte! It kinda went like this...
"Good afternoon Ms______. Personally I love to read. Ermm my favourite books are Maze Runner etc. Ermmmmmmmmm Reading can improve your ermm vocabulary...."
Yeah not very good is it? My voice was like shaking! I obviously can't do Public Speaking. But what I wanna say is that I really regret it cause I let my fears get the best of me and I couldn't do very well for my oral test. Even though this oral exam …

Skincare Haul: Etude House | Ally

Hey, it’s me Ally and I’m back with another post. Today I’m going to be writing another haul post. My previous haul was from Nature Republic…and today’s haul is going to be products all from Etude House!!! I love how their concept and packaging is all so pink and cute! It makes me wanna buy more just cause it looks amazingly nice and I can’t help it. If you’re a girly girl, you’ll know how hard it is to fight the urge of not getting anything pink. To be honest, I wouldn’t say I’m super girly because I would choose a crop top, jeans and a pair of Converse any day!
<<<<<Now on with the main purpose of this post, the HAUL!!!>>>>>

First up, I went and got myself the Etude House Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear. Honestly, I grabbed this product absent mindedly without knowing what it actually does. And because I can’t read a word of Korean, I had to kinda find my way with just the pictures and the very brief explanation on the packaging. So, basically what you’…