Bath & Body Works Review | Bethany

Hello! So.... I've been contemplating on whether or not to write about this post as the Holiday Collection by Bath and Body Works is ending, and there won't be much point in writing this...But I decided that yes, I'll write this just because if next this year, they decide to release some familiar scents...and you have never smelled them before.....^-^! (This post is for you)
So I'm not an expert critic or a critic in general and I usually love a lot of things. So....I don't know what to expect in this post either...
I'll be starting with the Holiday Collection first because...(I actually stocked up the scents cause I can't wait a whole year...!!).
P/S: I'll just be showing the hand soaps because I'm a weirdo and Hand Soaps are the randomest things to show's basically me in  a nutshell (weird & random).

Technically some scents are only purchased in hand soap form so.... :)!
Snow Kissed Berry
This name is like....creative and genius. Like whoever came up with this name...props to you and your wonderful brain. The name was actually the reason I got my hands on this. But I can tell you it never disappointed me. The scent is like....*-*.
What does it smell like?
Well....exactly like berries.
It's not the 'whoa-there-over-the-top' kind of berries where it's so strong that it blows your mind away but it's the kind that is subtle and warm...
How does it smell warm?
I'll never know.
There's like a refreshing smell to it as well. Like it makes you smell as if you're clean...
Very fruity and sweet scent...if you're not into these kind of scents....then I don't suggest it.
I will admit that that if you use the soaps (in particular) that it does smell a little different from when you smelt it in the bottle but...BUT... then it develops into an amazing smell (kinda similar from the bottle) so.... :)
Winter Candy Apple
Just as the name's Winter Candy APPLE. So if you don't like apples...turn away!
To me, it smells like those gummy candy you get with sugar coating so it's a sort-of heavy sweet scent.
Don't fancy sweet scents? Get it for a friend that likes sweet scents! (Suggesting a solution....)
It definitely smells like apple and sum it up in three words.
Don't take this the wrong way cause it does not smell like you just dumped sugar on's just sweet. It would smell like sugar if it weren't for the apples.
My sister says she smells cinnamon but I don't kinda all depends on one's way of thinking and imagining.
**As you can tell from my next picture (below), Snow Kissed Berry and Winter Candy Apple's packaging looks different as opposed to the Vanilla Bean Noel. If you see the bottom words, I bought the foam soap in the Vanilla Bean Noel Scent :). Nothing major.**
Vanilla Bean Noel
This just seemed to be (mostly) everyone's favourite Holiday scent. And I can see why.
Vanilla Bean Noel = ......too stunned for words.
This is yet another sweet scent. I think I loved it very much in the beginning because I definitely smelled CARAMEL in it.
And if you know'll know how I feel about my caramel. (I think I've said the exact same line in another post before...)
It does smell like vanilla for those who are wondering... The scent reminds me of freshly baked vanilla warm...delicious cookies.
As if that 'explanation' wasn't weird enough already.
It's a super holiday-ish scent and the polar bear is so adorable. Just had to point it out.
It has a whipped cream touch to it; making it smelling a little milky.
So anyways a few days later, I had the scent on me in the car and I guess I got car-sick...and now, every time I smell this scent, it just makes me a little dizzy. I'm working on it!!
1) Don't get car-sick
2) Don't have this scent on you if you are capable of getting car-sick
3) Do the following 'don'ts' if you get over things quickly.
**I did puchase another holiday product but I loved it so much that it won't be in a review....but in a favorites post!! **
And now, onto the non-holiday scents!
Also, I don't know if they're still continuing the ranges that I mention here because one of them was gone when I returned to Bath and Body Works to get more.....
Pink Peonies & Pears
When I first heard the name...I was like 'Wow! They're so specific!'. Like it wasn't  just Peonies but PINK Peonies. And the bottle was pink too so Bath & Body went all out.
Pink is my favourite color in general because it's like an uplifting color so I had to get it! Plus, I love why not?
For some reason, to me, I kinda smell strawberries in it too (??). It's not on the content list but I smell dem berries. I don't know maybe my nose is just as weird as I am.
The flowers are kind of overpowered by the fruity scent contributed by the ever-so-lovely pears but if you close your eyes and sniff it, you can definitely tell there's a floral touch to it.
Water Lily & Lime
Fresh and Clean scent, anyone?
Heh...This is not on the sweet scent list!
So not-so-sweet-scent-lovers, this is for yah!
The lime and lilies are balanced really well that this makes the perfect scent for the kitchen. I mean, you could use it in the washroom but I can totally imagine using this in the kitchen.
Cause 'ya know all that cooking and stuff...this will make you feel less cooked.
But it all comes down to my own personal preference and opinions.
It smells citrus-y and sourish. Almost as if you can feel the lime near you yet with a hint of floraly touch.
Blue Skies & Blooms
Saving the best for last...!
Just like the packaging....It looks so amazing already. (Maybe it's just me)
Yet another not so sweet scent.
Personally, it gives me a nostalgic feeling of the past because I may have smelled something like this before when I was little.
I'm not gonna sit here and rant about my childhood so I'll just get straight to the point of this post.
It's super calming and relaxing.

Like seriously if you listen to calming music and have this scent around you when you're stressed....ohhh my. I'm serious. Like seriously.
And unfortunately, this is the scent I can't find in stores any more. It actually breaks my heart because this scent is amazing in so many ways.
 - - - - - - -
Ain't this post getting very long already?
Haha. Oopsie.
I apologize if you found this boring but...I hope you enjoy it regardless.
Also, if you got a Bath and Body Works near you, try these scents! It doesn't hurt to try. You won't loose your eyeballs by trying. *ain't kidding*.
And it's okay if you dislike it....because it's just you! That's just who you are!
Stay Original because no one else feels the same way you do.
Until next time!
(sorry I thought it was weird)