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Diary: Ho-Ho-Holidays | Bethany

I'm bored out of my mind. And to be honest, I might be losing my mind. It's not like I had a mind in the first place but seriously. I'm BORED. And what does BORED mean? It even associates with my name! I can't take it anymore. I think I might be going crazy.
(The acronyms doesn't even make sense.) Oh and hi. Okay now I shall not hyperventilate and explain why exactly am I bored losing my mind. Let's start with the first problem I'm having right now. Problem #1 I'm bored. This doesn't just speak for itself. I'm going INSANELY NUTS by being bored. And I know it's no help when I say that so let me explain.
I'm just gonna say this, I don't really decorate my home for the holiday season (meaning I do but very minor decorations only). My room is still *mostly* covered in pinks and decorations you can see on a daily basis. Now before you go ahead and judge me or hate on me...The reason is because I am NEVER home for Christmas. Anyways, the…

DIY #2: Christmas!!!! | Sarah

Heylooooo and Merry Christmas!  Omg guys it's finally Christmas! I'm so excited! I don't have much planned out for the day but that doesn't mean I can't just watch movies the whole day right?? Anyway...  I made a few quick diys that you can give as presents or just to decorate your room. Oh and FYI all of these diys can be done in less than 15 mins.  (btw don't judge my art skills I already know it's terrible). 
#1 Sharpie cups  This is really nice to give to an artistic friend or someone who just likes to draw.  All you need for this diy issss -normal sharpie  -cup
That's all! So now choose a sharpie colour that you like and just draw a pattern or write the persons name. You can look up tons of designs on Google and try it out yourself. Unfortunately I am not very good at art so this was the best I could do. Hahahaha #2 Puffballs  This diy is so multipurpose and can be used whenever. And all you need is  -Yarn -Scissors  So what you're going to d…

Easy Cookie Recipe | Forty-Two³

Hello everybody, it is us, Ally, Beth and Sarah. Doing a post together has been long overdue and we're finally doing it right now!! So today, we'll be doing a.....BAKING POST!!! Because Christmas is right around the corner and why not. Who doesn't love cookies. (If you don't then...OKAY!). But can we take a moment and say how fast 2015 went by. It's like POOF now I'm here; now I'm not. Anyways.....BOOM! Simple and Easy Cookies for all year round.

Ingredients: - 200 g or 7 ounces of softened, unsalted butter - 150 g or 5 ½ ounces of caster sugar - 1 large egg - 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract - 400 g (yes, 400 g) or 14 ounces of plain flour
This is not a scam. Seriously. We are not joking.
Other things you might need: - Electric Mixer - A few bowls - Spatula / Wooden spoon - Rolling pin - Tray - Oven
- Cookie cutter(s) - Cling wrap - Baking paper - Wax paper (Do NOT melt wax on top of paper and call that wax paper. Just a friendly tip) - Weighing thing Meas…

DIY Red Velvet Candles | Ally

It is I, Ally and I’m back with yet another DIY to spice up your room for Christmas but you could do this DIY anytime of the year. This can also be a Christmas gift or maybe a Birthday gift…? ^_~
This DIY is on the moderate level. I wouldn’t say it was superrr hard neither would I say it was easy. Let’s be honest here, I’m not very talented when it comes to doing things. I wouldn’t say I’m an artist but I can draw, I wouldn’t say I’m smart in school but I’m surviving and in this case, I wouldn’t say I’m good at crafting but I’m ok I guess…. I burned my hands a few times with hot wax. A friendly tip is to not attempt to take pictures while melting or pouring hot wax. If you really need to, get a friend or and adult. *Adult supervision is advised*
What you’ll need:

Firstly, what you’re gonna do is melt your wax. You could use beeswax or reuse any of your old candles. For the sake of taking pictures, I placed my old candle in a container of hot water to melt the wax. I would suggest mel…

Late! | Sarah

Hey guyss!
Let me ask you something.. Have you ever been late?
The answer to this I presume is yes cause  nobody is perfect right??  Please tell me I'm right as I write this blog post that is already overdue...  So yeah I'm actually late right now?

Since I haven't posted anything in a while you can consider this post as late. Okay let me apologise for my ranting cause it is currently 1.59 am. Yes OMG in 1min it'll be 2AM get it?????  Please tell me you got that. (it's 2 now)
Anyway the reason I'm writing this is because I am practically NEVER on time. No matter what I do. Unless it's like homework then I'm usually on time. Mainly because there was a part of my life where I handed in my homework late every time and my teacher scolded me. But that's not something I wanna remember T. T. And it seems that this late gene runs in the family. One of the worst experience I had on being late was when my family and I went out to eat dinner at a shopping …

Favorite Skin Remedies | Bethany

Hello Everybody.

So this month, guess what. I've got no favorite products because I have not been shopping much this month a.k.a very unlikely of me. I just got lazy okay. Walking around the mall consumes too much energy. Why waste energy when you can save it and use it for working out?

Just kidding I've just been lazy.

Because I haven't been shopping, I don't have a November Favorites. And because I don't have a November Favorites to write....I wrote this post. ***Enjoy.***
My skin is the worst like I repeat THE WORST among the three of us. Like it is not covered in acne but it breaks out and it stays there like super glue on my skin. I used to have bumps on my forehead which then continued to my cheeks; near the sides of my mouth. You don't have to have acne or blemishes to know this but : IT IS one of THE WORST THINGS you can EVER have on your face. Technically, that is one of the only things you can ever get on your face... But really though, those red, bumpy…