Diary: Ho-Ho-Holidays | Bethany

I'm bored out of my mind. And to be honest, I might be losing my mind. It's not like I had a mind in the first place but seriously. I'm BORED. And what does BORED mean?
It even associates with my name! I can't take it anymore. I think I might be going crazy.
(The acronyms doesn't even make sense.)
Oh and hi.
Okay now I shall not hyperventilate and explain why exactly am I bored losing my mind. Let's start with the first problem I'm having right now.
Problem #1
I'm bored. This doesn't just speak for itself. I'm going INSANELY NUTS by being bored. And I know it's no help when I say that so let me explain.

I'm just gonna say this, I don't really decorate my home for the holiday season (meaning I do but very minor decorations only). My room is still *mostly* covered in pinks and decorations you can see on a daily basis. Now before you go ahead and judge me or hate on me...The reason is because I am NEVER home for Christmas.
Anyways, the point of this is, I'm not in my hometown right now. I'm staying at my cousins' and I've been stuck in the house for 10 days...IN A ROW. I haven't been shopping or breathing the fresh air nor have I met a person that is my own age. And if you know me, you'll know I love shopping, I enjoy being outside and I love communicating with *majority* of people - particularly my friends.
Guess where I took this from?
Answer: The Window. -.-
But I find it so stunning *-*
Instead,I've just been on my laptop most of the time and it isn't healthy.
Even I'm getting sick of my laptop. Like who would've known. I've been on YouTube, listening to a bunch of songs and lazing around. I try to workout every other day but that occupies me for like 20 - 30 minutes max.
Problem #2
I highly do not recommend Ally nor Sarah to read this but if they do...Guys I enjoy it and it's not causing me grey hair.

Don't get too excited, girls.
This is not your present.
I'm the type of person that prefers in-store shopping as opposed to online shopping because my mind is usually blank when it comes to what I want. So looking at all the displays in stores gives me an idea of what I actually want.
Basically I've been going crazy on what to get the girls for Christmas. And I keep having an idea on what to get them but I haven't been out shopping (which brings us back to problem #1). In other words, I can only imagine what to get the girls but I don't know if there is such thing or if I can get it in time nor do I know if the shops even have stock.

I even had (I guess you can call) nightmares about it. Like it's crazy. And at the same time I'm excited to hand them their presents (?).
Like Bethany right here is going kray-kray. I have nothing to give them yet I'm excited to give them. I know. I'm loosing my mind.
*Back to reality*
I do love the holidays and I guess I just have to GET OUT AND GO SHOPPING take a bunch of chill pills and chill (not literally but still).

Anyways, I'm going out for dinner tonight (finally). So I'll come back and write more when I get home! Hopefully I'll be more sane after a meal and some fresh air.
 After dinner...
I'M BACK. Had an awesome meal with my fam and cousin. By the time you see this, it might be Christmas or Christmas is probably over but still...Merry [days after] Christmas!

I will probably have more things to blog about when I get back home and start school after the break cause crazy things happen in school and it may or may not give me inspiration. So far I do have many things planned for next year that books basically a lot of my time so I might wanna have to create a schedule so I don't fail my classes.

But trust me, I'm the kind of person that doesn't appreciate the moment very well and loves thinking about the future. And sometimes, when I get there I'll just be like WHY DIDN'T I ENJOY IT THEN. I question my way of living. Learning to live the moment is something I should do.
I feel like I have rather big gaps between my post dates and that is because I have a hard time fetching ideas and also, despite the fact I take a *long* time to update, I actually have the most posts out of the three of us and we're trying to balance it out.
Well this post is getting a little long and boring so I'll just end it here.
Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and if you're travelling this holiday season, I wish you a safe journey, get home safe and sound.

P/S: To make it less boring (even though it clearly is), do notice I did try to 'strategically' add the pictures lol.
Until next time!
UPDATE before posting: New year is like in a few days. Not even a few. It's literally this Friday. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!