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A Small Break | Forty-Two³

Hello everyone, Beth from Forty-Two³ here. Before you freak out, no we're not stopping this blog. Don't be alarmed. 😁😁😁. The three of us are still best friends and our friendship didn't go downhill nor is it bumpy (etc.). We're fine; everything is fine. We didn't decide to quit blogging or anything. So now that I've said that, you probably don't really care but I just wanted to put up this short notice here on the blog that Ally, Sarah and I will be on a tiny (minuscule) hiatus. The reason being, we're gonna be taking a super huge test/exam that means a lot to us (and possibly our future - kinda), in mid October and we are pretty determined to stay focused on our studies in order to get good grades.

[We've decided to go on a break so soon because we need time to study! And there are a tonne of incoming homework as teachers probably wanna polish our 'inner nerd' (...?)] Last year was different as we didn't have a definite schedule o…

K-Pop Reaction: BTS | Forty-Two³

Okay this is actually random but whoever who typed this audio, didn't make an intro. HELLO. When was the last time I actually got to write the intro? It's me Bethany slacking off studying for a while to edit this post so it can go up successfully on Tuesday. I can't believe we ran out of pre-edited posts that were completed with pictures and the correct format. I must say that the person who wrote this post was hardworking enough to add a few pictures. Anyways....ENJOY! I'm not really sure what song this is.....If I'm not mistaken, it's 'I Need U'. Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
WARNING: This music video is rated 19+ so...well technically it's not like we obeyed it but still…

Questions You've Never Been Asked | Sarah

Hey guys! It's the week of my exam! T.T. Slowly losing my marbles. Hahahaha. So anyways because it's my exam week I didn't really have the time to spend on this post (sorry) so I found this tag called 50 Questions You've Never Been Asked but I didn't really know how to answer some of them so I shortened it to 28 questions. These are definitely questions that I've never been asked before but it was kinda fun to answer them. Let's get on with the post shall we? 1. What’s your favorite candle scent? My candle knowledge isn't that good so I'm gonna base it off the candles at Bath & Body Works cause it's the only candle I have. I like the Winter Candy Apple scent just cause it smells really sweet and refreshing. I also really like (but have yet to get) the Watermelon Lemonade scent. Now this might be because of my watermelon craze but it's actually really really good! I've been hesitating to get it cause I don't really use candles but…

The Lyrics Tag | Bethany

Hey everyone! I know I usually do 'tag' stuff with Ally and Sarah but exams are drawing closer and we don't have time to properly hang out to do stuff together that isn't related to school - and to be honest, we only have time to hang out in school, sadly.
So I Googled some random tags and decided to settle with this tag. It's the 'Lyrics Tag' by the way. And I found this tag on an awesome  profile/website on tumblr called 'YouTubeTagsxx'. Okay I'm probably saying the word 'tag' a lot. Sorry.

I'll try my best to answer these questions as short and simple as possible so you don't get bored.

Let's begin!  Super anxious. Mainly because of the test 😩

Ally is super positive and responsible.
Sarah is super sarcastic and gullible.

K-Pop crazy. JK. They are definitely great friends ❤️❤️❤️ (and smart).

Quite a number of times. But it wasn't serious or anything. Just ideas that spawn from my weird brain. The…

DIY: Light Bulb Décor | Ally

Hey hey guys!!! (and girls) For some reason, as I’m typing this post…there’s this small bug flying around in my room and its just annoying me right now. But back to the actual point of this post, you could probably already tell from the title so no need for me to say it again. I’m finally back again *hint hint* with a new DIY post. I know…I know…I haven’t been doing much DIYs lately and I feel kinda bad about it so today, I’ve decided to jump in the “really cute décor for your room wagon” and do/make a DIY for my room. Let’s get real and admit that everyone has dreamt of having a Pinterest-worthy room or a Tumblr-worthy room at least once in their lifetime. Today, we’re gonna be making a décor piece that you can totally personalize to fit your style~

“I’m really into small, delicate décor pieces because I find that although they may be small in size but it just makes a huge statement… Also, I’ve recently got into botany and that’s kinda my thing right now so just bear with me as I go …

Another July Favorites | Sarah

Hey!!! Another week has passed (another week till exams; aka my death!). Anyways you know what else has passed? July! :( July has been a super fun month and I'm gonna miss it. It's kinda scary when you think about how there will never ever ever be another July 2016. Oh well.... so there have been a few stuff that I hated and loved about July but since we're positive people we'll focus on the good things only right? So these are just some of my favourite things last month <3
Sky photography! Kinda random but I have a sky obsession (is that even a thing?) But seriously when I see pretty skies or cool cloud formations I HAVE to take a picture. I mean it's SO pretty! I think I have like a 100+ pictures of the sky and still counting. I have a problem, someone send help. Hahahaha jkjk. Did you know that the colours in the morning are super cool? I actually have a picture of when the clouds were RED. No joke literally red. I guess getting to see the scenery in the …