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The Hourglassed Life | Bethany

Hey everyone. I was inspired to write this as Mindy Gledhill's song, 'Hourglass' was playing on my laptop.
To be honest, looking at my age at this very moment, I've come to realize that when I was little, I would have never imagined myself to be where I am today. I knew the day will eventually come but I never knew how I would've handled reality. I think I was around 5 when I questioned what my life would've become at xxx years old. I always assumed I was going to screw things up because I didn't think I was capable of doing things I'm doing today.
When I began pre-school/kindergarten, I never thought the year I would be graduating high school would come so soon. I'm not saying this as I'm graduating next month or something but it's definitely within the time period of 'anytime now' (if you consider the rate the Earth is orbiting or at least how it feels). As I write this, I'm aware that my high school graduation will very soon ap…

How Do I Feel? | Ally

Hey guys!!! And girls… It has honestly been quite a long time since I sat down to write a post that doesn’t involve reviews…K-Pop…travel logs. (You know what I mean) Todays post is gonna get a little dark/depressing so bare with me for today…..
Let’s just say that I have many thoughts and different ways of interpreting things that most people probably won’t even think of at my age. Just a hint about our ages, we’re not over 50 and we’re over the age of 1. Good luck with that information but anyways..... I’m really not the type of person that expresses my feelings very well. Even to close family members or friends…in fact I’m more reserved towards my family members. It is a little awkward for me to be writing this post because as I said, I barely open up to anyone unless they’re going through the same thing as I am but I would rather just keep things to myself and probably one day blow up. (Fingers crossed, I won’t blow up into a million pieces)
I’m kinda of one of those people who j…

No-bake Blackcurrant Cheese Cake | Sarah

Heyloooooo!!! It's been a while since I've done a baking post, so this time I'm finally going to write one! So what I made was a no-bake blackcurrant cheesecake. This was my first time ever making a no-bake cheesecake and I think it's really nice. And I guess a few things went wrong when making this but after correcting my mistakes, I realised it didn't work just because of the silly mistakes. Yeah I'm pretty clumsy. But as long as you do it according to the recipe, it should be fine.
Btw, I used digestive biscuits but I think other types (not all) will work as a base too. AND for the blackcurrant, I used some blackcurrant cordial because I needed it to be concentrated. I guess if you want to use natural blackcurrant juice, you can. But you'll probably have to adjust the recipe a little cause natural blackcurrant juice might not be as sweet and stuff.
OH and I almost forgot. You have to use a special cake pan for this. Use the ones that you can open from t…

My After-School Routine | Bethany

Hello internet friends! Today, I feel a little spontaneous by ditching my pre-written post I intended for today and swapping it with another one that is written the night before. I'm confusing myself as I'm kinda in the past. HELLO FUTURE! I'm writing this in perspective that it's Wednesday when it's actually Tuesday night/evening as I type this. .....AND WE'RE GETTING SIDETRACKED. Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to write my After-School Routine that is pretty accurate cause it's based on events that occurred more or less than 24 hours from my posting time. If you haven't already, I've done sort-of similar posts to this which are the; Morning Routine: School EditionDay In The Life - posts. So I hope you enjoy my After-School Routine as for now 😊!

--- Events of 22 November 2016 ---
So by the time I get home, it's already around 2 p.m. and I actually got lucky today as usually, I'd only be able to leave school at 5 p.m. So after a late-ni…

Friendship Test: Sarah Edition | Forty-Two³

Heylo! Today, I'll be doing something special! Today, I bring you.....Sarah's edition of the Friendship Test! As you already know (or not), Ally and Beth have already uploaded their versions of the Friendship Test. I wanna apologise for losing both of their tests. It's not that I'm not as close to them or's just that I don't remember these kind of stuff? I'm trying to improve on my memory though. So, if we ever do this again...I'll DEFINITELY win.
Back to the topic, I'll explain how this game works. Basically, I will ask 15 questions about myself while Ally & Beth have to answer them. They get 1 point each if their answers are right and 0.5 if their answers makes sense or is relevant. At the end, we tally all the points to see who wins!
P.S. If you've read the other Friendship Tests, you'd realise that they wrote in a dialogue format  when answering the questions. Unfortunately, I didn't record our voices for this....So…

Travel with Ally #3 | Ally

It's time for the newest edition to the Travel with Ally series!!! I've been doing a lot of this kind of posts because I didn't want them to just be kept in the drafts any longer and it would be best to just share them with you guys even though they may not be the most interesting. I'm still kinda just getting in the groove with being back to writing weekly posts so bare with me here. Now that it's towards the end of the year, I definitely have more time to improve on my writing skills as well as my socially awkward personality >_<

Where’s the destination for today???
In all honesty, I gotta admit that the last time that I actually went on a proper vacation would definitely have to be before our finals which seemed like decades ago. But I took sooo many pictures and noted down my entire trip from Day 1 so I really wanted to share them with you guys! Hope you don’t mind >_< I last visited Japan in about early to mid June…so that gives you a rough idea of…