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Today, I'll be doing something special! Today, I bring you.....Sarah's edition of the Friendship Test! As you already know (or not), Ally and Beth have already uploaded their versions of the Friendship Test. I wanna apologise for losing both of their tests. It's not that I'm not as close to them or's just that I don't remember these kind of stuff? I'm trying to improve on my memory though. So, if we ever do this again...I'll DEFINITELY win.

Back to the topic, I'll explain how this game works. Basically, I will ask 15 questions about myself while Ally & Beth have to answer them. They get 1 point each if their answers are right and 0.5 if their answers makes sense or is relevant. At the end, we tally all the points to see who wins!

P.S. If you've read the other Friendship Tests, you'd realise that they wrote in a dialogue format  when answering the questions. Unfortunately, I didn't record our voices for this....So I'll just be writing some relevant stuff I guess.

P.P.S. Purple is Me (Sarah), blue is Ally and pink is Beth.

Hehehe is this nice? I'm pretty proud of myself for making this. Lol

Okay you're probably like wow how are they supposed know that? Well this is actually a really easy question because at that time, I JUST got my glasses. So I was telling them my power like the day before. But I don't blame Ally cause she actually remembered half of it. I mean those are a lot of numbers. 

Proof that I told them
Well I mean, as you can see Ally didn't even reply so sure I'll let it slide this time.

Okay I think I can understand why Ally wrote The Land of Stories because a new The Land of stories book came out so I was reading it at that time. But that doesn't make it my favourite book.

OMG Maze Runner Fever Code FINALLY came out. *screams*
Should I do another Book Recommendation? Hmmm.....

Update: Fever Code is SO good. It makes me feel like reading the entire series again.

Now it's time to get disappointed at Beth. LOL.
I don't get how Beth could get this wrong because....I'm like obsessed with watermelons? Maybe at that time it wasn't very obvious? But I mean if someone has watermelon soft toys, blankets, socks and chewing gum what do you think her favourite fruit is?

But then again... I do love oranges. I admit I can eat up to like 2 oranges per time if I was still hungry. To be honest I like almost all fruits. If I were to rank my favourite fruits it would be 1. Watermelon, 2. Oranges, 3. Apples. So Beth was close? Actually, Beth hates why would she think of writing oranges?

This one...I don't get. If I were to wake up at 8:30, I'd be late for school. And I've said this ALOT of times. I have an alarm at 6.00 for me to wake up and on the water heater. Then I'd go back to sleep and wake up at 6:15 when the water is nice and warm.

Actually, I thought maybe Beth might've wrote 8:30 cause she was thinking about what time do I wake up on weekends.....but I wake up at 8.00 a.m. on weekends. So there's no way to accept Beth's answer.

Yeah yeah I was a short kid. I remember being the shortest in my class.... Oh no.
I think we got to see each others medical card when we were taking an injection in school. So I remember comparing heights. I'm actually pretty surprised Ally got this one right though. I didn't know she'd remember my height when she doesn't even remember me when I was 7!! Then again, I didn't know Beth when I was 7.... buttt actually that doesn't matter cause we saw each other's medical card.

I'm pretty sure I didn't name my bean bag Justin Bieber 😒. And I guess Ally was closer? Cause people usually think Aqua (water) is blue even though the properties of water is colorless. Lol to be honest seeing how they couldn't answer I went to check whether or not I told them what I named my bean bag on WhatsApp........yeah I didn't. But I might've told them face to face (?). Hahaha, also I got my bean bag like last year so if they don't remember I don't blame them. Oh well..... 😂😂

Beth here....using the permission Sarah gave to write what we wanna say. I'm not gonna say the exact words Sarah said that made me guess 'Justin Bieber' but she did say something that made me put Justin as the answer.

Excuse me Ally why would I like your most hated chapter? You and Beth are the same...thinking I like the things you all hate. And I'm pretty sure I mentioned a lot of times that I liked Ratio because it's so easy. And out of the many chapters in Math that just don't match with me (actually I'm just not good at Math), Ratio is the only one where I can get all the questions right. I do like Linear Equations but sometimes it gets confusing and I'm a clumsy person so I make a lot of silly mistakes.

This one is easy. My father doesn't like to travel so I usually just stay in my country and travel to the different states in my country. Thailand is actually the ONLY Asian country I've been to. So yeah there aren't any other answers to this. Although I went to Thailand like 6 years ago soooo.....good job for remembering! Sudden realisation, I haven't left the country for 6 years. OMG people I want to travel! In my entire life, I've only been out of the the country 2 times! Whyyyyyyy! 😭. Lol maybe I should go to Hong Kong and visit all the places Ally recommended. But I won't even be able to go this year. Sad life...... 

Okay no I'm not a bad student. It's just that these teachers are just TOO boring. Miss Old-Egocentric is an old lady who looks like she wears curtains as dresses to school. She's like a grandma. And to be honest she could be talking about the same exact thing for like 30 mins. No joke. I could be listening to her and kind of daydream for a long time, come back to reality and she'll still be talking about the EXACT SAME BORING THING. And Miss Stressed-Out...the thing about her classes is that she likes to switch off the lights and turn on the projector to display stuff. And when you switch off the lights, it's your body's natural reaction to feel sleepy. So it's not my fault.

Beth has been complaining about this to me. She says that it's unfair because she doesn't know any Seventeen members. Which is true.....but I mean Ally asked about her favourite member in Cosmic Girls and both of us didn't know. Plus, Beth herself asked Ally and I to choose her favourite song and I haven't even heard of most of the songs on the playlist. But I do admit it's a little unfair....heh sorry!

YEAH THIS IS NOT MY FAULT 😩! I only know of Vernon's existence cause I edited the Seventeen K-Pop Reaction and I edited the picture of Vernon when he said, 'I'm So Stupid'. And BY THE WAY......DISCLAIMER FROM BETH: My favourite song was played during our school's annual sports day and I told Sarah [and Ally] about it....

This is probably the easiest question of them all. It's almost given that I would want to go to Korea. I think one of the things on my bucket list would be to go to Korea with Ally and Beth... that is if Beth wants to come along though. But if Beth wants to tag along, she has to put up with Ally and I being excited about everything. Even an ant. Hahahaha. 

I think I've said this a lot of times. EXO is the first group I ever liked. And I'm a pretty sentimental person (if that's the right word) so since they're the first group I liked they're kind of special to me. It's kind of like even though I like a lot of other groups, EXO and GOT7 will always be at the top. And I think Beth thought my favourite group was ASTRO because at that time, I JUST got into ASTRO so as a new group I guess she thought it was my favourite group. But she should've known my favourite group was EXO. No apologies!!

To be honest, I was running out of questions so I just asked this one. I didn't even know they would know the answer. Hahaha I guess I must've said it a lot? We all decided to this friendship test in May and my parents went in March. So.... I guess they have really good memory. Lol I think Ally erases her memory after the year ends. She never remembers things that happened the year before but she remembers History textbooks and things that happened THIS year so well.

Ally: 😑
Beth: Are slippers counted?
Ally: Yeah like I'll know.....
Sarah: Observation.
Beth: You've said this in a post before didn't you?
Beth: Ally do you have the answer?
Ally: I guess it's not really an answer but a guess.
Beth: LOL.

I think they would've gotten this answer if they paid attention. I guess it's more of testing their observation skills. They FAILED!

Sarah: This one is easier?
Beth: There are so many insects.
Ally: 😫
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: I don't know what's considered an insect.
Sarah: But there's one I particularly hate.
Beth: But..... I'll just guess.
Sarah: This is an insect a lot of people dislike.
Ally: Ok I've got one?
Beth: Ok.
Beth: Cockroaches.
Ally: Spider. (I don't know)
Beth: Is that an insect? LOL.
Beth: What's an insect.

After thinking about it, being in a room filled with spiders is pretty scary I'll give Ally 0.5 points. Oh and the reason I chose cockroaches is because my mom has a fear of cockroaches so since I was a kid I was always afraid of cockroaches. Blame the parents 😂

SO that's all the questions! Now the results!
Hahaha to be honest I wanted to put the results up there but there wasn't any room left so I made another one to announce the winner.

YAY! Congratulations! A celebration!!!! Hahahaha Beth was 1.5 marks away. Hahaha it's okay though. They both did better than me. I didn't win ANY of the Friendship Tests.
Anyways that's the end of my friendship test. That also marks the end of all our friendship tests for 2016. But don't worry we'll either do this again next year or come up with something new!
I'm sorry if the last picture is not very nice.... I have to leave in 20 minutes and I haven't packed so yeah..... I have to go now. Thanks SO much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it!!
Sarah <3


  1. I want to do a test like this with my friends XD

    1. You definitely should! It's such a fun little game to play :D

      - Forty-Two³


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