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Setback-ed by Sarah | Ally & Beth

Objective: Get Sarah's early birthday present Location: A mall Time: 2.02 p.m. Date: 28 October, 2016
Perspective: Ally & Bethany
It was a nice day...we thought everything was gonna go well as long as Sarah stayed away from the mall. Little did we know, we'd be setback-ed (is that even a word) by Sarah. This problem began at roughly 2.02 p.m. when we checked our phones and realised that Sarah was in the exact same mall literally 100m away having lunch with her fam jam (and the text she sent was at 1:20 p.m. so you can just imagine how we felt....). *panicked*

We were taking a break from all the shopping (Reality: we were actually dividing the cost of her presents) so we chose Baskin Robbins to rest our feet and have ice cream. Honestly, we actually thought this situation through before this problem began. We were like, 'What if we met Sarah here?'....we didn't think we'd actually JINX ourselves.

Our mood changed from happy & satisfied that we got great gif…

Another Fall/Spring Favourites? | Sarah

Heylo!!!! BACK AGAIN AFTER 70 DAYS! That's like 3 months... Hahahaha I guess I feel like I'm a little rusty after so long. Well anyways it's good to be back and you can DEFINITELY look forward to all 3 of us from now on cause we're FREE! To be honest I've been studying hard for the past month and it's kinda feels weird not studying anymore...... is that normal? Plus my laptop broke so for like 10 days before my exam I couldn't watch anything or like even touch my laptop (despair T.T). So back to the actual post, I thought I'd start off on a good note with FAVOURITES! And yeah I combined all three months cause I didn't really have a life out of studying so my life was B-O-R-I-N-G.

Oh on the side note, I wanted to make the title Another August, September, October Favourites but thats a little too long if you think about it. So I tried combining the names of the months like Autemto or Gutemto but as you can see it just sounds weird. So I settled with …

Diary: After So Long | Bethany

Hello everyone! It's definitely been a while since I've sat down in the comfort of my pyjamas just talking and ranting about stuff. To be honest, there wasn't a particular reason why the 'Diary' posts stopped - I just didn't know how or what to write because honestly, I'm a boring person that has nothing exciting to share. So you're now probably wondering what's this....well it's a diary post because it's only logical to do so after saying what I just did a few sentences ago. Enjoy :D
Events from (21/10/2016 to 26/10/2016) I'm not sure what it is but maybe the 'Examination Season' is still a little engraved in me - cause as I speak now, I still feel SUPER guilty as I'm obviously not studying - which shouldn't actually matter cause I'm done for now. To some people, this may sound odd and I personally can't believe I'm saying this either but I miss studying? I know next year, or in the future when I reread these …

Travel with Ally #2 | Ally

WE’RE FINALLY BACK!!! I can’t believe time passed soooo fast… Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic to be back after the little hiatus of ours. I’d just like to ask: How you guys doing? It hasn’t been that long but I HOPE you guys were doing fine! 

Hey!!! It’s my first post since the little hiatus of ours..... I hope it wasn’t that long of a wait for any of you if there are still any viewers. If you’re reading this post then thanks so much for checking back in with our blog. It’s been a couple of months since I wrote weekly posts so I’m kinda rusty. It’s definitely gonna take me some time to get back into the weekly writing schedule. I can’t really remember where we last stopped so I’m just gonna start off with the newest edition to Travel with Ally! This post has been sitting in the drafts for the longest time so I decided to share it with you guys today...
----------Rewind to a couple of months back----------
If you were wondering (which I'm pretty sure you weren't) I'm actually…