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Tornado Potatoes | Sarah

Heylo!!! I am back with another post after donkey years! (does anyone still use the term donkey years anymore?) So today I'm gonna make something involving food or more specifically potatoes! Who doesn't like potatoes right? Whether it's french fries, mashed potatoes or wedges, potatoes are great. Although they have a high carbohydrate level that is a little fattening.....but who cares! There are days where we just have to let loose.
If you haven't figured out from the title, I'm making tornado potatoes which is basically a potato on a stick cut spirally. The reason I wanted to make this is because I was suddenly reminded that a stall in my school used to sell this but unfortunately closed down. I've been keeping an eye out for it but I couldn't find any nearby. So I looked up some recipes and found out that it wasn't THAT hard to do. And here I am with a somewhat succeeded tornado potato!!
Fun fact: Tornado potatoes or 회오리 감자 originates from Korea!

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