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Updated Favourites | Ally

AHHHH…this is probably the weirdest way to start a post but that’s what I did. Hey!!! It has honestly been sooo long since I’ve written a post. And I’ll be honest, I had some trouble thinking about what to write about. But as you can see from the title, I decided to keep it simple and write a favourites post. I haven’t done one of these in a while. Truthfully speaking, I haven’t been doing much blog related stuff because I’ve been really busy with school. As for today, I’ll be combining all my favourites that I’ve missed out from the previous months. I hope you enjoy it!
First up, it just has to be Kpop related because well…ya know I’m a Kpop fan. I’ve got a few song recommendations that I’d like to share with you. Recently, I kinda listened to this song by chance because I had the ‘Autoplay’ option turned on while I was studying and I actually fell in love with this song without knowing the title or the singer and I actually just let the song run and forgot to check who was the singer…