Diary: Shopping & Cousins

First off, I would like to apologize for being MIA (missing-in-action). It's not that the three of us have been lazing off and abandoning this blog cause no we love this blog very much...it's just that, school has gotten the best of us and we've been going nuts over our exams that were going on for 2 weeks. But now that the holidays are up, we're trying to at least be more consistent with our posting :).
So, it's actually been 2 weeks since our last paper and I've been thinking about what to write recently but I guess school has completely drained my source of inspiration so that's why a little diary post is up for this week. I hope you guys don't mind....I guess you'll be following me on my little journey this week haha.
I'm so tired. I spent the entire morning clearing out my wardrobe....why? Because there is a SALE going on and I NEED NEW CLOTHES. You can never have too many clothes so....I need to make space - though most of the clothes in my wardrobe are party dresses that I got when I was a kid. Believe it or not, those dresses take up ALOT of space. But I've kinda found a use for those dresses :D (Hint: The first picture of this post is a dress) #secretrevealed.
It's kind of sentimental to look back at all the dresses I got when I was younger and...free of school-stress? Life clearly doesn't get any easier. But it's alright. When life throws you lemons, you throw the lemons back at life cause ain't nobody gonna be rude and throw things at you. I promise, I'm sober. I am under aged to drink LOL and I actually don't think I ever plan on doing so.
Also, I just had potato salad for lunch and if you're wondering what that is, it's basically just boiled potatoes and mayonnaise. I'd show you a picture, but you'll probably loose your appetite for the next 10 years. Haha. And I've finished eating them anyway.
lol let me have my moment, thank you. I'm sorry.
Something that just has to be mentioned is my love for the Fast and Furious franchise. OK. I said it. I'm sorry Ally. I'm sorry Sarah. I'm sorry Elaine. (They have been the three people listening to me go on and on about my love for that franchise.) P.S: DOMINIC AND LETTY FOR LIFE. Also, their humour and jokes are MY KIND OF HUMOUR AND JOKES. Oh no. Now everyone knows Beth has a very interesting sense of humour.....but it's alright.
To be fair, this is what the movie is primarily about LOL.

It's currently 8.30 a.m. and I'm awake. My cousins are over at my place so I'm taking them to a cafe later for breakfast but they're still sleeping. To be honest, I'm kinda reluctant to take them there cause they're kinda young and I'm scared I won't be able to handle them when they decide to go "I want this....and this and this and this." It happened yesterday when I took them to a mart nearby. Hoho the bill was quite the something. #beththegoodcousin (narcissism)

UPDATE: They behaved better than I thought they would. So proud of them :)

Anyways, I'm seeing Sarah later for extra classes and Ally later on too! It's been so long. I haven't seen them in.....4 days HAHAHA did you expect that? I have no idea why I'm making my life sound so dramatic.
Random Fast and Furious 8 scene/picture to make the post less boring :)
This is so irrelevant but they're my fave k bye.
I have a problem. Oh no.
Sarah brought HOMEMADE CHURROS TO CLASS. HAHAHAHAHA we had a picnic in class whoops sorry, teacher. She even took the initiative to bring chocolate dip and cinnamon wheee. Bless the cinnamon, I'm not a big chocolate fan (Ally enjoyed the chocolate though lol)

So I woke up to the sound of my brother (Yes, I have a brother) blasting to Imagine Dragons. Well played, Nick, well played. It's so windy today, I am so happy but it's so hot at the same time.

Like hello, 30 degree Celsius my butt.

It feels like a 35, to be honest.

Okie dokie story time. I'm not sure if I've told you guys this story, but I'll just tell you the story cause WHY NOT :). Elaine reminded me of my stupidity last night so I guess I'll just share it.

There was this one day, I grabbed a spoon from my kitchen, walked into my mom's bedroom, opened her wardrobe with the intention of getting milk until like 15 seconds later, I realized I was holding a spoon and I was looking in a wardrobe when I was supposed to be looking in the refrigerator.

Was I drunk?
Was I sleep-walking?
What was I? I can't even. Why am I like this. I'm loosing my mind.

I was the first up today...then again what else is new. Don't know why...but I'm almost always up by 8.

Remember how I said there was a sale going on and I cleared my wardrobe just because I wanted to get new stuff?

Yep. Friends and family of Forty-Two Cube, today's the day :)

I'm back! And I'm gonna haul some of the stuff I got from H&M! I'm not an experienced haul-er but I'm gonna try cause why not. I'm feeling a little adventurous to try new stuff on the blog.
The first piece of clothing I got is actually something that is VERY fitting. It literally clings onto my body and the only size available was size extra-small. I mean, I could've totally been more comfortable in it if it was a size small or medium. Don't worry. I'm not going to wear that dress when I go for buffet lunch/dinners [#spare-tyreproblems ;) ]. Oh yeah I didn't mention....it's a dress lol. Fingers crossed I'll find another one sometime soon. I really wanna be more comfortable in it.

Oh and to those wondering, "Beth, why didn't you just find a bigger size later on and not splurge on the dress when you're not comfortable in it?". Well Hanna (my younger sister), is comfortable in it so if anything, she can have the dress. But I guess, when I'm feeling more confident, I'll wear it.

Sure. I guess I'm just more conservative.

The second thing I got is my personal favourite. It's a black laced up long-sleeved top. Not sure why but I've been digging these kind of stuff recently. When it was first considered 'trendy', I didn't think I could pull it off but not that I have it, I'm not saying I'm rocking it, but it's not as bad as I thought.

And the last thing is just a plain, long sleeved button-up white shirt cause I needed one.

I'm such a bad haul-er.

Today has been interesting. First off, I've been watching this drama called, 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and it is a pretty good drama, in my opinion. Also, I've been doing homework because what's the holidays without homework....am I right. But I had the Fast and Furious 8 movie playing in the background so I guess my mood was lifted, regardless of the pile of work I had haha. It was a pretty boring day to say the least.
I'm normal, I'm normal, I'm normal.
Keep telling myself that.
Ok for real, I'm gonna stop now.
BUT. Chef Beth was in the business today because although it's the holidays, the adults have to work. So my mom's at work and therefore, I am in-charge of lunch and dinner.. I'm gonna continue watching the drama now. Pretty much wanna end it so the case of the psycho abductor is solved so I can have a peace of mind. Literally getting high-blood pressure watching the dude get away with it.
Taken from episode 14 & 15 respectively (I think)
I made pancakes because I have breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.
Hahaha I honestly shared this tiny glimpse on Tuesday because I needed to end my post before it got too long lol.


I guess that's it for this week's little diary post! Hope you guys enjoyed reading the highlights of my week. Signing off now :)

LOL I forgot to press the publish button. This was all written last week HAHAHAHA. I'm so silly. What is life. I'm growing old. I blame it on that.


P.S: If you're confused as to who, 'Elaine', 'Hanna' or 'Nick' are, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab to learn more!


  1. I LOVED Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!!!!!!!!!!! :D <3
    Its my fav korean drama now!!!! :D


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