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First Post!

Hey everyone!
Welcome to our blog :) This is our first post, obviously and we really hope you enjoy reading what is going on in our crazy weird minds. But you're probably wondering who in the world are we. Yes. I said 'our' and 'we' it's not only one person but three people ;). So official introduction, our names are Ally, Beth, Sarah. We're gonna write on different things in this blog. We each have our own individual posts, which will be posted on the 'tabs' above. Feel free to scroll through it.
Hm...but what's our individuals mainly about?
Ally is going to write about DIY, Fashion, and her love for K-pop!!! Sarah is also gonna write about K-pop - why not spread the love huh?....and DIY with the addition of recipes and book reviews. And last but definitely not least is Beth who's going to write monthly heart to heart segments, random stuff and hauls (stuff like that). So that you guys will have a rough idea about us, we drew names a mom…