Hey everyone! We're Forty-Two³. And throughout our time blogging, some of our posts may consist of us talking or mentioning friends, teachers and/or other acquaintances. So because we don't want to confuse you guys with the words 'our friend' or 'that teacher', we decided to make a list of friends, teachers and acquaintances along with the name of posts their names appear in.
Also, because we're a sort-of an anonymous blog, their names are indeed just an alias. (So none of the names here are real. Just the person!)
We'll start with our friends!
Close Friends
1) Z - A good friend to Ally, Beth and Sarah. Danielle's BFF.
2) Danielle - A good friend to Ally, Beth and Sarah; Z's BFF whom apparently looks like Chen from EXO according to Beth. (It's not a spitting image, it's just resemblance)
3) Nicki - A good friend to Ally, Beth and Sarah. Beth and the others (including Ally, Sarah, Z, Danielle and Elaine) pick on her for no reason - though it's just playfully. (No worries, we're not mean girls. She fires us back too.)
4) Elaine - A close friend to Ally, Beth and Sarah. She is the second half of the Bethany-Elaine's crazy-laughing DUO.
5) Kylie - A close friend to Ally, Beth and Sarah. She's super funny and sarcastic - kinda like Sarah but her sarcasm is less innocent and naïve compared to Sarah.
1) Hayley - A friend to Ally, Beth and Sarah who was in the same team as Ally, Beth and Kylie for a poster-competition.
2) Shirley - A girl in Ally, Beth and Sarah's class that has bad hearing and interpretation skills.
3) Madison - One of Sarah's good friend and a friend and classmate of Ally and Beth. She's a really good dancer.
4) Charity - One of Sarah's friends.

1) Hanna - Bethany's younger sister who loves K-Pop, K-dramas and anything related to South Korea.
2) Taylor - Bethany's youngest sister who loves all kinds of K-Pop related things. She also has obsession phases with songs and will (no joke) replay the same song over and over until she's obsessed with something else.
1) Miss Stressed-Out - A very stressed-out teacher in the school Ally, Beth and Sarah attends. She never fails to release the girls out LATE after her classes and is very full of herself. Beth isn't a fan of Miss Stressed-Out.

2) Tom - He was an ex-substitute teacher in the school Ally, Beth and Sarah attends. He was really mean and rude. And walked like a wanna-be Victoria Secret model. He wears skinny jeans and has an obsession with Barbie Dolls.
3) Mrs. Heebie-Jeebies - She's a teacher in Ally, Beth and Sarah's school who is very sarcastic but is always in panic mode.
4) Miss Old-Egocentric - She's not JUST a Miss. She's a Miss with an ATTITUDE. She has bipolar facial expressions which often switches between a murderous look and a paedophile smile she has mastered.

5) Mrs. D - She is a teacher in the school Ally, Beth and Sarah attends. She taught the girls a simple breathing technique but she's not the nicest person around.

6) Random Substitute Teacher - She apparently looks like Rap Monster from BTS to all three girls.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our posts!
If you're new, welcome to our blog
And if you're not-so-new, then hello....again! :)
With lots of love,
(Ally, Beth and Sarah)