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So the year is coming to an end and we thought it'll be nice to have our last post of the year be about something positive and fun. We thought that this would be the perfect game to play as throughout this year, surely we've learnt things about one another that we may or may not know before. So based on the knowledge we gained this year, we're gonna lay it all out and point fingers at who's most likely to.
With that said, Let's Get Started!

Up: Red Velvet's "One Of These Nights"
Bottom: B.A.P's "Young, Wild and Free"
Sarah: I say Beth because Ally listens to like....hard rock music.
Ally & Beth: *Laughs*
Ally: What 'Hard Rock'???
Sarah: Serious!
Ally: No I -
Sarah: BAP Young one? (She meant "Young, Wild and Free")
Ally: Yeah but...that's not hard rock.
Beth: I say you *Ally* cause you listen to 'One of These Nights' and that music is very slow! I don't like slow songs....and Ally listens to slow songs. *straying from the topic*
Ally: But that's not 'classical music'....

*Beth and Sarah answers almost instantly*
Beth & Sarah: *Evil laugh*
Sarah: I don't know like History.
Ally: *starts laughing* No I don't!
Beth: Right? She'll go around being.... *interrupted*
Ally: Well I'd go to specific museums....
Beth: Like art museums
Ally: Yeah I'd go to art museums.
Sarah: I think that settles it.

Beth: I imagine you living in cottages, Sarah.....
Sarah: *laughs* I live in cottages?
Ally: I would say Beth.....
Sarah: I know Ally wants to live in a condominium.
Beth: Yeah and that'll be in a big city.

Beth: You *looks at Ally*
Sarah: The Heirs.....
Ally: Okay and...what would you watch, Beth?
Sarah: Love Rain.....
Ally: I mean Sarah watches mystery and police....
Beth: *whispers into the mic* I watch anything.
Sarah: *whispers as well* Why'd you say that so softly?
Ally: I only watch romantic ones.
Beth: I like comedy, romantic, mystery....I like everything! Except for historical dramas.
Sarah: I actually don't mind it.
Ally: I would never watch horror.
Sarah: I cannot watch horror either.
Beth: Well....*interrupted*
Ally: I would just get nightmares.
Beth: I wouldn't get nightmare...but I would get annoyed because it's so stupid. Like those people act like they have a death wish.

Beth: What? Why?
Ally: Cause I would never, ever join it.
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: I've never heard you sing. *Sarah*. I've heard Ally sing the 'Rhythm Ta'.
Ally: *laughing so hard* Stupid.
Beth: I can never ever get that image out of my mind.
Sarah: Why would you sing that?
Ally: I don't know! When did I do it???
Beth: When we were reacting to 'Rhythm Ta'.
Ally: *same time as Beth* Rhythm Ta? Okay.
Beth: And you were dancing to it....I was like okay.....
Sarah: I know the dance moves are like that *dances*
Ally: *whispers* Rhythm Ta.

P.S: If you were ever wondering...the reaction for "Rhythm Ta" is not scheduled for release (LOL I just wanted that to sound professional but seriously, we're not planning on posting it).

Regardless, here's the song if you wanna listen to it :)

Ally: It will never be me!
Sarah: I was never good at math in elementary/middle/primary school. Like I was at the 60's.
Beth: There was one time you were really close to failing, right?
Ally: *surprised* for math???
Sarah: Yeah for math.
Beth: And now she's like....'Ooooooh A!'.
Ally: I will never ever be good at math.

Beth: I will never ever give my money to Charity for no reason.
Sarah: Who's the one that's so kind hearted *interrupted*
Ally: *laughs* Charity!
[Sarah has a friend named Charity.]
Sarah: .....
Beth: I won't give my money to her if I don't owe her anything. But if she's in need of the money...sure why not.
Sarah: Yeah who's so kind hearted? Going volunteering on Monday. (Ally)
Ally: You're making me sound like I've never done a good deed in my life.
Beth: Well have you?
Ally: You're so mean! At least I'm doing it!
Beth: I think all of us would.....
Ally: But all their money....
Beth: All my money? Heck no! I need to live! If I'm not alive, I can't earn money to give more money to charity.
Sarah: Maybe like a portion....
Beth: If it's a portion, I think all three of us would.....

Beth: Why me?
Sarah: Cause you like Peyton Meyer.
Beth: So Chanyeol and Baekhyun aren't celebrities?
Ally: No! I mean, I feel like I'll just meet a very normal the side of the road.
Beth: By the side of the road *starts laughing*
Beth: I don't think any of us would....
Sarah: Yeah....
Beth: I mean we could....
Ally: I would say questions like this I'd say Bethany....but she'd probably just end up with a normal...I'm not gonna say a guy by the road...but a normal guy with a stable job. I think all of us would.
Beth: Yeah I mean the celebrity industry is very.....
Sarah: Our lives are so boring....
Beth: The celebrity that industry is very....complicated.
Sarah: Yeah...cheating scandals.
Beth: Ick.
Ally: *laughs* Ick *mocks*
Beth: I would like a normal life....
Ally & Sarah: Yeah....
Beth: Okay let's be anonymous on fortytwocube forever *may or may not be joking*.

Sarah: Ally.
Ally: I don't know why...*interrupted*
Beth: Crow phobia!
Ally: It's a real phobia, okay!

Beth: Our hyung! (Ally. We call her hyung to annoy her)
Sarah: *Laughs*
Ally: Why me???
Beth: Cause you're the oldest.
Ally: That doesn't mean I'm gonna get married first!
Beth: Logically, you like romance dramas so you're gonna turn your life into a romantic drama.
Ally: I wish I could!
Beth: Imagine if you live a romance drama your whole life....just imagine how many kids you'll have! Oh my.....
Ally: .........

Ally: It won't be me cause I just questioned the Up10tion guy.... (Reference: Up10tion #3)
Beth: I say Sarah cause she killed her finger just cause she held the penknife the wrong way.
Ally: Accidentally kill someone?
Beth: It was an accident.
Sarah: Bethany.
Beth: Cause my answer was you?
Sarah: Yes.
Ally: I actually think it'll be Bethany. I don't know....if she like ends up at the top of a building with someone and they start laughing and laughing and laughing and she just starts laughing and....
Beth: Push the person off?
Ally: And pushes the person off the building *same time as Beth*
Ally: I don't know! Is that possible? It might...

Clarification: BETH DOESN'T KILL.

Beth: Actually, I feel like all of us would die from something stupid
Ally: Because of something stupid?
Beth: Can you imagine if we're like 80 and like we texted one another and we start laughing so hard that we trip and fall and break our bones and die?
Sarah: Oh my gosh *what is she saying*
Ally: I'll just say Bethany.
Sarah: *same time as Ally* It will just be you!
Ally: Yeah it's gonna be you.

Ally: I mean it's like -
Beth: It won't be me.
Ally: It's a sad movie!
Sarah: I cried for like Nemo....
Beth: I'd laugh instead.
Sarah: No, probably not Nemo. Maybe it was Rapunzel. Except for The Fault in Our Stars....I didn't cry.
Beth: Me neither.
Ally: You didn't cry for The Fault In Our Stars? *surprised Sarah didn't*
Beth: She sneezed instead and she started laughing.
Sarah: She (Hazel) got the call and it was like 'Oh no he died' but I sneezed.
Beth: I watched it with Ally and I started laughing when she cried and the old lady beside me started judging me. What's even funnier was that Ally was crying so bad. (I'm so horrible, I know.)
Sarah: Yeah! That's what happened. Everyone started judging me!
Ally: I was crying my eyeballs out!
Beth: Was it that sad?
Poor dude.
Taekwan is the dude on the left.

Beth: To be honest, I almost cried that one time while watching the Who Are You School 2015....(a South Korean Drama that Sarah told me to watch) the Taekwan guy and his dad.
Ally: Oh I cried like crazy.
Sarah: You actually almost cried??? *Surprised...probably for the fact Beth has a heart*
Beth: Yeah I did.
Sarah: I cry especially for family problems.....
Beth: Same.
Ally: Oh I cry for everything.
Beth: I felt so bad for the Taekwan guy.

Sarah: You *Beth*
Ally: What? We all own laptops.
Beth: What do you mean? Am I gonna be that isolated from the world?
Sarah: No I mean you don't use your laptop....*interrupted*
Beth: I use my laptop everyday for the blog!
Sarah: Okay....if there wasn't a blog...would you be using it everyday?
Beth: *admits* nope.
Sarah: See?
Ally: I use my laptop everyday for YouTube.
Beth: I got my phone for that.
Ally: I don't like watching it on my phone, though....

Ally: I don't do it anymore.....

Ally: I'll admit it's me. I'm so bad at birthdays.

So that is it for our little game. Don't forget to do something meaningful  tonight cause otherwise....let me give you an example and say you went to the toilet at 11.59 p.m.'d end 2016 and begin 2017 in the toilet. Unless you like the toilet then go right ahead :D. Besides that, let me end this stereotypically and say that 2016 has been an incredible year for all 3 of us and it's definitely gonna be a hard year to forget.

We hope you had a safe New Years whether you're staying home or travelling. Take care, everyone!!! We'll see you next year!

Happy New Year's Eve!
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Charity' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more.


  1. I love classical music! :O And I love movie scores and soundtracks <3
    There were a lot of Bethany and Ally XD But like One Sarah!

    1. OMG that's so true! We never realized that O_O!!!


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