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Right Now | Bethany

Hiyaa!! I don't know why but that sounded like something or someone like when they fight. I don't really know. In the movies...I think.... Ah then again, what do I know. Lol.
But seriously, Hi :) Today, I'm going deeeeeeep-ish. Because it's a deep day okay. (THAT RHYMED!!!) No not really, I just had some thoughts on my mind that inspired me to write this so I hope you don't mind.
So here we go...
There is always a common 'phrase' we always ask or tell ourselves and I think it normally begins with, 'Last time...' or 'Do you remember when...'. It's called our past, obviously. It is something every single one of us have and though some may be positive, there are some that are a little not-so-positive. Not-so-positive isn't a full-blow negative it's just upsetting or anger-lifting in certain areas. Which brings us back to sort-of-negative. So yeah positive and some-what negative.
I just had to make myself confused in the process o…