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I really don't know how to start this post so...Hi :)
So today I'm going to be doing a skincare haul! As if it wasn't obvious enough from the title. Way to go, Beth.

The reason why I went on this mini shopping trip was because I ran out of my facial cleanser. (So typical right?). So usually, I'd just get in, get my stuff, pay then get out because sales ladies always decide to recommend me more products and I personally know that I'd be super lazy to use them so I'd just be like 'heh. thanks but no thanks'.

But for some reason, I actually grew an interest in getting stuff like that (thanks to my auntie) so...POOF I got some stuff I've never used before and a haul came along :) . Guess this means I have to be a little bit more hardworking. Also, I'd like to point out that I am genuinely sorry the posting hasn't been all that constant. So far, we've only been posting like what? A post a month? I know there isn't much excuse we could gi…

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