I really don't know how to start this post so...Hi :)
So today I'm going to be doing a skincare haul! As if it wasn't obvious enough from the title. Way to go, Beth.

The reason why I went on this mini shopping trip was because I ran out of my facial cleanser. (So typical right?). So usually, I'd just get in, get my stuff, pay then get out because sales ladies always decide to recommend me more products and I personally know that I'd be super lazy to use them so I'd just be like 'heh. thanks but no thanks'.

But for some reason, I actually grew an interest in getting stuff like that (thanks to my auntie) so...POOF I got some stuff I've never used before and a haul came along :) . Guess this means I have to be a little bit more hardworking.
Also, I'd like to point out that I am genuinely sorry the posting hasn't been all that constant. So far, we've only been posting like what? A post a month? I know there isn't much excuse we could give, but we are trying our best and we're sorting out our time to fit this blog into our crazy weird lives.
Pinky Promise.
Ookay....before I start blabbering and rambling, let's get into the haul ^-^!
In other words...Let the amateur photography begin !!!
The first place I went to was The Body Shop. And it was kinda the whole reason why I went to the mall. I always use their 'Cool and Creamy Face Wash' (something like that) and I've always loved it but it ran out. A few days before it ran out, I got the 'Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash' as a small venture into newer things, but I kinda miss my cream wash so I wanted to go back and get it. Oh. And the Oil too.
So this is what I got from the Tea Tree Line
Aaaand yea... I ended up not getting the cream wash (oops).

The Tea Tree Oil
The first thing I got was something I've used before and I stopped using it for a while.
Honestly, I have no idea why I stopped using it in the first place because this is like amazing-ness in a small teenie bottle.
Literally. It has helped me so much when I was breaking out.
Normally, I'd apply it once in the morning and another time before I go to bed.
But even so, I wouldn't say this instantly or magically makes your face clear over night. It takes time too !!
The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

Okay so...this bottle said 'Skin Clearing Lotion'. =D

And the lady there actually recommended it to me. She was like 'Ohhh you should try it' 'It's great' and sorts.
At that time, my thoughts were, 'Pfft. I want clear skin.'
And so, I got it.
It smells refreshing. Just like the smell of tea tree mixed with calmness. Like is that even possible?
I don't think that made any sense.
The Tea Tree Skin Clearing
Foaming Cleanser
Look, I don't even wanna state the reason why I got this.

There's a ridiculous reason on why I got it.
I think you can tell why I got this. (Maybe not)
And foamy stuff gets me excited. So I got it.
It looked so cool.
Plus the lady said it's a good product.
So lady, if you're reading this, thank you.
[Side note (which is ironic cause this sentence is in the middle): If you have dry skin, it is said that it is best not to use foam-based cleansers because it dries out the skin more :) ]
By the way, I don't plan on using the foam cleanser every single day like kray-kray as I plan to alternate it with my 'Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash'.
Moving on......

I went to a store called Nature's Republic and I never actually been there before but according to Ally, it's a good store.
From there, I got two items and can I just say that I'm obsessed with it.
I'm not even kidding. Seriously. The smell is out of this world.
So from Nature's Republic, I picked up two items. The first was a Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel. And it smells....I can't even. UGH it smells so good.
The Gel.
And no. I did not get it because of the scent. It was actually wrapped up in plastic - like the sealed up kind so I didn't get to smell it before the purchase.
This thing is supposed to be cooling and calming to the skin.

The first time I got it, I actually tried it on the back of my hand and I wouldn't say this is sticky, but it does take a few seconds or a minute or two to fully absorb into your skin.
What it looks like on the inside :)
And this is actually very versatile as it could also be applied on the body and hair too. Like what even. I was actually like 'Really?".
 Apparently it's true. But I don't think I wanna do that....but if you have it, or wanna get it and feel spontaneous to try it... then you do you!
And of course, as I said, I got two items and the following is the other one, which is a spray-version of the gel? I don't know. It seems like it, okay.
The Aloe Vera Spray!

It looks like that and after I got it, I went home and I noticed there was this circle paper just like how you see it in the picture on the left.
And because I'm a curious human being, I actually got a Korean keyboard and decided to translate those words.
Let's just say I suck at it.
So I decided to use the camera part of the Google Translate app and it couldn't detect the words properly which bummed me out. And my last choice was doodling the words on the same app.
After a whole lot of trial and error... I (hopefully) detected the words (right)!!!
In direct translation; it means Aloe Plenty ! Moist. Calm.
There you have it.
I guess that is it for my little skin care haul.
I know it was a pretty small haul.
But I still hope you guys enjoyed reading.
Until next time!!!