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Skincare Haul: Nature Republic | Ally

Hello guys and girls who are reading this blog…. I’m here today to do a Skincare Haul for you guys. Btw, I’m Ally J Recently, I was going through all my stuff and I wanted to look at the things I’ve been purchasing this past few months and I realized I haven’t bought much of clothes or accessories or anything besides skincare. Just saying but I only started liking skincare out of the blue a few months back but looking at my little ‘collection’ it may seem that I’ve been (I wouldn’t say hoarding but collecting) a lot of skincare products.
As many of us know, our skin is the largest organ of our body. Even when I found that out I was like huh? how? what? ok….? Back to topic, I’m probably gonna be doing this haul categorized by brands because I do technically shop based on brands too. Today, the products from this haul are all gonna be from the brand none other than Nature Republic!!! If you’ve met me before, you’ll know how much I love Nature Republic…words can’t describe our relation…

The Nothing Guide: DIY Edition | Bethany

Hello hello everybody. I'M BACK! Today, this post is going to be about DIY's and things you can do when you have NOTHING to do. Like let's say you're at home for the weekend, no parties, not hanging out, you just wanna stay in but want something to do yet you have nothing to do. If that made any sense.
I would say I do get that sometimes, but I mostly experience that when I'm at home being sick, when all my friends are having fun. Like why sickness? WHYYYYY. Out of all days and weeks of the year :( . Anyways, this guide is going to occupy you during all that free time you have (and decorate your room too!). So, if you want QUICK & SIMPLE DIY's and stuff, I'll just say now : This is NOT the post you're looking for. But you can keep reading if you want ^-^.
DIY #1: Vision Board. (Approximately 1 - 2 HOURS) This DIY is super self-explanatory. All you'll need is: 1) A cork board. 2) Pictures from magazines or you can print them out; pictures of things you…

Don't Worry Be Happy | Sarah

Hey Guys.

Right now I'm actually in school writing this in my little notebook. Yesterday a friend of mine shared some of her problems with me and it kinda made me think how many people could be facing this problem. Right now my exams are over and it's the time to get results! (YAY! NOT.) Mostly everyone is celebrating and relaxing but not my friend. Let's call my friend Z.

Z's parents are always pushing her to get good results and stuff which is really stressing her out cause if she doesn't, her parents will be disappointed. So all the stress led to depression and that led her to self-harm. And let me say self-harming is really pointless. Don't EVER EVER hurt yourself over someone else's thoughts or whatever stress you're going through. Self-harm is a really common thing. Right now I know 3 or more people who self-harm.
And more importantly, if any one of you reading this and are thinking about committing suicide, I BEG you please don't. Don't …

Korean Skincare Routine #4 | Ally

Hey, it's me Ally! Again... This is gonna be the last and final post on the Skincare Routine series-ish I had going on here. I hope it has helped because I know how confusing it can be when you're first starting out with any skincare routine. If you've missed the previous 3 posts...I've got you covered: Click Here for the first post. Click Here for the second post. Click Here for the third post.
 - - - - - { Let's get on with the final steps in this routine } - - - - -

Moisturizing as many of you know is the MOST important step of all in any skincare routine. It isn’t called a skincare routine if it doesn’t include moisturizers. Bare with me in this step because to fully understand how moisturizers work… involves a little scientific explanation. (Trust me it isn’t as hard as rocket science J)
As Science has taught me, our skin consist of 3 layers that is the Epidermis (Outer layer), the Dermis (Second layer) and the Hypodermis/Fatty tissue (Third layer). Blood ve…

Chocolate Chip COOKIES | Sarah


Okay sorry. I told you I'm weird, but I'm in a really happy mood which makes me like 10x weirder.
 Anyways I really hope you liked or tried out my last recipe thing which was banana smoothies! (I would link it but I'm a noob who doesn't know how)(So before this post goes up, Ally, Beth can you teach me?) So anyways I'm back with another DIY related to food and I'm really excited cause it's super yummy! Something cookie monster will kill for (jkjk) CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!
             What do you need......                                            
                -60g white sugar                 -60g brown sugar                 -140g of butter                 -240g flour                 -1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda                 -1/4 tsp vanilla essence                 -1/2 tsp salt                 -100g chocolate chips                 -Mixer
                Optional                 60g chopped nuts                 50g …