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K-Pop Reaction: Weki Meki | Forty-Two³
16 September 2017
Individual posts have been running slow...But for now, enjoy this little K-Pop Reaction .....Weki Meki's song, "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend"!

K-Pop Reaction: Red Velvet #5 | Forty-Two³
4 September 2017
We are finally back with another K-Pop Reaction! We know it's been so long but that's basically how long since we've last met up to do blog related stuff. It's been a really busy year....

Tornado Potatoes | Sarah
5 July 2017
So today I'm gonna make something involving food or more specifically potatoes! Who doesn't like potatoes right? I'm making tornado potatoes which is basically a potato on a stick cut spirally. 

Diary: Shopping & Cousins
23 June 2017
I hope you guys don't mind...I guess you'll be following me on my little journey this week haha.

Updated Favourites | Ally
10 June 2017
Truthfully speaking, I’ve been really busy with school. As for today, I’ll be combining all my favourites that I’ve missed out from the previous months.

A Day In The Life of Sarah | Sarah
23 May 2017
Today's post is going to be about a day in my life BUT slightly special (& more boring) because it's a day in the life of Sarah who is going to sit for her exams in a week!

25 Facts About Me | Bethany
27 April 2017
If I'm not mistaken, the original thing was, '50 Facts About Me' but like who has time to read 50 facts of a random girl online.

Motivation Tips For Studying | Ally
11 April 2017
I’ll be doing a little post on how to stay motivated to study or it might work for other things as well. I’m speaking from experience and I’ll be sharing how I stay motivated when I’m studying for exams or tests.

DIY Paper Design | Sarah
8 April 2017
I don't really know what to call this DIY but it's kind of like making paper patterns? Today I'll be doing the bubble pattern!

Things That Make Me Smile: 2 | Bethany
30 March 2017
Ever since the beginning of the year, my life has been pretty busy and I figured, it'll be nice to do a few things that'll make me smile and why not write a post while I'm at it?

DIY Minimalistic Calendar | Ally
23 March 2017
With the New Year being really busy for me, what I needed was a planner/calendar for me to plan things all out. Why not make a calendar that I could visually see all my plans. You can reuse this calendar for as long as you want. 

Another February Favorites! | Sarah
11 March 2017
I'm back with another Favourites post! Yay! Can you believe we're already 3 months into 2017? And here I am still writing 2016 as the date....

Diary: Moods & Laughter | Bethany
4 March 2017
I'm BACK AND ALIVE! (not really cause as I'm writing this, I have sore limbs from yesterday's 'sporty' event in school.)

Just a Little Something | Ally
26 February 2017
Today, I’m just gonna give you a little update on how I’ve been since posting my ‘New Year…New Me’ post. If you were wondering, I haven’t stopped getting obsessed with Korean dramas. K-Drama FOR LIFE!

Telepathy Test | Forty-Two³
16 February 2017
As you can see from the title, today we're playing a little game to see if we're Telepathic! We were given 16 words to think about to see if we could think of the same thing.

Back-lentines | Forty-Two³
14 February 2017
We're back (and better, hopefully) with a new schedule! It begins with a post from Ally next week, Beth the following week and Sarah the week after Beth's week. Meaning, there will only be a post a week!

A Valentine In Return | Forty-Two³
22 January 2017
While we figure out our lives and how we're going to balance everything; we planned to put this blog on a mini hiatus. Stay tuned for Valentine's Day 2017 :)
A New Start | Sarah
13 January 2017
I actually have pretty selfish reasons for writing this post... I wanted to kind of self-reflect on 2016 and to set goals and stuff for 2017. I'm saying it's selfish cause hey you might not wanna know!

My After-School Routine 2017 | Bethany
11 January 2017
Welcome to my first post (alone) for 2017! It's been a few weeks since I've written something all by myself and as you can tell from the title, I'll be writing about my 'After-School Routine'.

New Year…New Me…2017! | Ally
9 January 2017
Can you believe it…’s a whole new year to start fresh! 2017 has finally come and it’s time to say goodbye to 2016. I’m feeling over the moon to be writing my very first solo post for the year 2017!
K-Pop Reaction: B.A.P | Forty-Two³
4 January 2017
Ahhh first post of 2017! We know this is a little late but Happy New Year!!! We'll be reacting to B.A.P's 'Young Wild and Free' today and we really hope you enjoy!
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