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I'm a little late this week 😅 Sorry about that! 
Anyways, this week I am back with a DIY (one of the reasons why this post was late) I saw this on Pinterest and I just HAD to try it because it looked so pretty! I don't really know what to call this DIY but it's kind of like making paper patterns? Today I'll be doing the bubble pattern! I've been planning to do this DIY for a realllly long time but I never brought myself to do it. I also have another pattern that I want to try out but I didn't have the materials and the time to do it so I'll do it one day and put it up later on (you can look forward to it 😉) 

So shall we start?

This DIY is really easy and it took me faster than I expected. Plus, all of the items needed are household items so you probably have all the stuff on hand.
I would suggest using some thicker paper for this because the bubbles will make your paper soft.
Also, if you don't have food colouring, you could use acrylic paint.

First, mix some soap with water and add some food coloring (any colour that makes you happy!) The amount of water, soap and food colouring doesn't really matter cause different amounts of it can create different effects and patterns. Use your straw to blow bubbles into the soapy water.
I guess you could say that this DIY is really breathtaking  ðŸ˜‚

Then take your paper and just stamp in down on the bubbles. The bubbles will pop and leave some really pretty designs on the paper!

And that is it! Crazy easy right? I didn't know it was this easy till I tried it out and I realized that because it's so easy my post is too short!! Ah I'm sorry again! Hahaha. But don't you think that the designs are really pretty? And the best part is that it's totally random and unique so there isn't one that has the exact same pattern (unless you can control how a bubble pops?) So, you can have customized paper that looks amazing! You can literally use it for anything, scrap-booking, writing letters (if anyone still does that), school notes...just anything that needs paper, you can use this DIY. I really enjoyed making this and I hope you do too (if you make it!)

I don't really know how to do the ending so.......BYE💜
Sarah <3


  1. That is super easy! And it really is hard to say Bubbles angrily XD I just tried like 5 times and I sound more like a maniacal cartoon character XD


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