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Korean Skincare Routine #2 | Ally

Hey, Ally here! I'm back with the second step/segment. I hoped the first post was helpful and now it's time for the second. I apologise in advance if you find it annoying having to wait post-by-post to get the complete routine but I've been really trying to give you guys a detailed explanation so you get the whole picture rather than bits and pieces. 
If you haven't read the first step to this routine: click here

Exfoliating is another step you mustn’t skip. When exfoliating, the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are buffed away. Leaving you with the softer, newer layer of skin. (Like a baby’s bottom) Dead skin cells can contribute to a flat and dull complexion as well as blemishes. It is also important to exfoliate because the dead skin cells may clog up your pores, leading to acne, blackheads and further breakouts. (You get where I’m going) Without the extra layer of dead skin cells, your skincare products like mask packs and moisturizers will be able to pe…

Diary: LIFE & Emotions | Bethany

Hello everyone! This is going to be my first EVER diary post ! I am not really an exciting person when it comes to my life but I guess I'll give a diary post a try.

I guess that these posts will be different each time because we only live today ONCE. You don't repeat today, tomorrow (If you understood that. If you don't....Today won't be repeated again tomorrow or Tomorrow won't be like Today). So if something funny happened today, chances are...they aren't going to happen tomorrow as well. Maybe something funny will happen but that 'funny incident' isn't going to be a replica of the 'funny incident' that happens today.

Can you imagine?

I suppose it's pretty weird to just bounce into someone's life. So to make it 'less' weird, I'll introduce myself again :) .

Hi ! My name's Bethany ! Nice to meet you (even if it's just through the screen).  I'm a teenage girl from somewhere on this planet, Earth. I love many,…

Korean Skincare Routine #1 | Ally

Hey it’s me! Ally! I’m in a hyperactive mood today because I came home from school and realized I didn’t have any homework! Anyways, I felt super bad for not posting anything for the past couple of months and I’m not going to try to give an excuse because the 3 of us did agree to give our all in this blog and I was trying really hard to think of interesting yet unique and helpful blog posts at the same time. I didn’t come up with much but I think this particular post would help those who want perfect, glowing skin. Much like Korean women’ have. I would have to say that I personally don’t have perfect looking skin but I want to!!!
Recently, I’ve been getting into facial and skincare products. And let’s just say I used to be a wise spender but nowadays…..I just splurge on anything and everything that has got to do with my skin. I gotta admit that I’m a very skeptical person and I have major trust issues. So I didn’t just go out and buy everything without doing a little research on wha…

Banana Smoothie | Sarah

Hey Guyss! Okay okay I know it's been like 2-3 months since I last wrote anything but I had an important exam to take and I was stressing like crazy. And my exam was crazy hard (history do you hate me??) but anyway I'm back!And since my exam is over I can just relax and do Diy's and watch k-dramas and you know watch something related to kpop :P. (cause that's how I choose to waste my life) Anyways coming back to topic... My sister taught me an awesome recipe to make a healthy and easy banana Smoothie. Especially If you live In a dorm or something cause it's super super simple.
So what do you need? -1 banana -Milk -Honey  -Ice -Blueberries/raspberries (optional) -Blender -Cup
So firstly get your blender and put a banana in it. I suggest you cut it into smaller pieces or just break it with your hands. Just wash your hands first kay? Then add in half a cup of milk. (this measurement doesn't have to be accurate. I just used a normal cup and filled half of it). …