Banana Smoothie | Sarah

Hey Guyss!
Okay okay I know it's been like 2-3 months since I last wrote anything but I had an important exam to take and I was stressing like crazy. And my exam was crazy hard (history do you hate me??) but anyway I'm back!And since my exam is over I can just relax and do Diy's and watch k-dramas and you know watch something related to kpop :P. (cause that's how I choose to waste my life)
Anyways coming back to topic... My sister taught me an awesome recipe to make a healthy and easy banana Smoothie. Especially If you live In a dorm or something cause it's super super simple.

So what do you need?
-1 banana
-Blueberries/raspberries (optional)

So firstly get your blender and put a banana in it. I suggest you cut it into smaller pieces or just break it with your hands. Just wash your hands first kay? Then add in half a cup of milk. (this measurement doesn't have to be accurate. I just used a normal cup and filled half of it). And with a plastic spoon and I repeat plastic put in a teaspoon of honey. This is because honey can damage a stainless steel spoon so I highly recommend using a plastic spoon. The next step is completely optional but I always have some berries laying around my house so if you have any type of berries like blueberries or raspberries just add that in for a lil' more flavor and color :) I used raspberries this time.

Yup we're almost at the end! Add 2-3 ice cubes and BLEND! Blend till everything is mixed together but don't blend it for too long. It just doesn't taste as good. Idk why either. So yeah just pour your drink into the cup that you used to measure the milk earlier to reduce the amount of dishes to wash and enjoy!
(do you like my plants <3)

That's it! Simple right? I think this takes less than 10 mins? So its super easy and quick. Drink it all and try not to save it for too long cause it's nicer if you drink it right after you finish blending it. Trust me you won't regret making this!

If you do try out this recipe I hope you like it!!!

That's all for today,
Sarah <3