Diary: LIFE & Emotions | Bethany

Hello everyone! This is going to be my first EVER diary post ! I am not really an exciting person when it comes to my life but I guess I'll give a diary post a try.

I guess that these posts will be different each time because we only live today ONCE. You don't repeat today, tomorrow (If you understood that. If you don't....Today won't be repeated again tomorrow or Tomorrow won't be like Today).
So if something funny happened today, chances are...they aren't going to happen tomorrow as well. Maybe something funny will happen but that 'funny incident' isn't going to be a replica of the 'funny incident' that happens today.

Can you imagine?

I suppose it's pretty weird to just bounce into someone's life. So to make it 'less' weird, I'll introduce myself again :) .

Hi ! My name's Bethany ! Nice to meet you (even if it's just through the screen).  I'm a teenage girl from somewhere on this planet, Earth. I love many, many things for example, Sunflowers, Owls, Bows, Cacti, Apples. But! But but but... not butt but but I have a strong dislike towards rude attitudes. Not rude people because people are imperfect. I can't expect them to be perfect. I just dislike the attitude. The same goes for inconsideration. The level of weird I'm at is so high, there's no number for it. Just sayin'.

Sometimes I wish I had a crush or a pet or something interesting to combine with my posts. But sadly...I DON'T HAVE ANY. I know....the sad life :( .

I guess my life is all about me and my girls.

But I ain't complaining. They are the best
Have you ever had them?

Oh My Gosh. I can tell you all about my frustrating moments. Like seriously, this rant can go on and on and on for at least an hour or so.
But because it would then be a super long list, I've decided to narrow it down to my top 3!

1) Hearing a song on the radio I've heard before but never knew the title and probably never will.
2) Eyeliner on one eye = *thumbs up*. The other eye = A racoon stomped on the eye.
3) Rushing before leaving the house then remembering I've left something when I'm in the car or at my destination (too late to turn back)

Call me lame but I've never had an 'all-fun-sleepover' before.
It's not cause I'm THAT anti-social or I've got no friends.

So far in my life, I've had ONE SINGLE SLEEPOVER. And it wasn't all-fun and confetti...NOOOO it was for a project-competition.

Regardless, I'm going to have my FIRST-ALL-FUN-SLEEPOVER this weekend!!

I'm super excited ! And.....and....aaaaaaaannnnndddd..... IT'S WITH THE GIRLS!!! WHICH MAKES IT SO MUCH MORE AMAZING !

Sorry. I'm just really excited. And I know there are so many 'girls' on this planet that could possibly have a sleepover at my place.

The girls as in the other two girls on this blog ! A.K.A.... Ally and Sarah.

I don't really know what to expect for fun sleepovers.
But I'm sure the girls' presence itself will make it fun.

I don't know exactly why I called it an 'all-fun' sleepover cause sleepovers are supposed to be 'all-fun'.

Like what?
I'm weird.
Okay I gotta go. School ain't gonna wait for me. I need to start getting ready.
Although by the time I post this, I'm probably home.