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Hey guys!!! Can you believe it…’s a whole new year to start fresh! 2017 has finally come and it’s time to say goodbye to 2016. I know it may seem a little sad to say goodbye but saying goodbye doesn’t necessarily mean forgotten but it’ll still be in memories. So, don’t take it as a sad farewell but a chance to start on a blank page and say a new hello. Maybe because it’s the New Year but I’m feeling a little quote-sy right now. I’m feeling over the moon to be writing my very first solo post for the year 2017! I like the word first because it signifies something new and something that has yet to happen…also, who doesn’t like coming in first in any competition.
Anyways, to start off the New Year with a positive outlook on the future, I’ve decided to write a sort-of…kinda New Year’s resolution post on what I wish to be like or what I wish for in 2017. Hence, the title of this post.
Let me just start off by saying that 2016 was a pretty good year for me. There wasn’t much drama to deal with besides Korean dramas but you know what kind of drama I’m talking about… I fairly enjoyed 2016 because I got to travel, spend time with my friends and family, learn a new language (I started learning how to read and write in Korean) and so on… But if I was able to look back and learn from something, that would be to change my attitude and perspective on life.
At the start of 2016, I didn’t really have much going on for me. I just went on day by day like how I usually would. But as the months went by, I started getting more into deep thoughts. One of the things that I realized was that the simplest things in life is sometimes the hardest to achieve. Most teenagers or adults would probably be thinking about “How am I gonna get accepted into that university?” or “When am I gonna get a promotion?” but there’s barely any time to think about what’s going to make me happy. Yeah…..of course getting into a good university or getting promoted would make you happy but how long will that happiness last? I saw a quote (I can’t remember from where) and it went along the lines of ‘happiness isn’t something that you’ll feel everyday but there’s definitely something to feel happy about everyday.’ I just got really inspired by that.
That is why, one of my New Year’s resolutions for the year 2017 is to be happy! It’s as simple as that. I just want to be able to find the tiniest bit of joy in every sorrow and live life to the fullest. We may hear that line all the time but we don’t actually follow it. I wasn’t planning on writing such a sappy ‘first post of the year’ but it just means a lot to me and I wanted to share it with you guys.
Another thing up on my list is to actually do well in my studies. I’m not trying to brag but I’m actually not horrible in my studies if I actually do put effort in. But let’s just say that I get sidetracked pretty easily…I mean like Korean dramas, comebacks, variety shows... (It’s pretty hard staying focused) In 2017, I’ve *had a long mental talk with myself* decided to keep my head straight and not get distracted too easily…..or at the very least TRY to.
P.S: Is it bad that as I’m writing this particular part of the post that Dumb & Dumber by iKON is playing on my iTunes… (it’s a sign from the universe)
Yeah that’s about it for my first solo post for the year 2017. There are a few other things on my New Year’s resolution list but I’ll just keep them to myself because some of them don’t really need an explanation. For example, limit myself to only a few biases at a time (personally don’t think I’m gonna achieve this) and also just being nice to my friends and having fun. Another thing that I’d like to be able to do is trying my best in everything and learning that failure just means that I’m one step closer to success.
Hope you readers out there have an amazing New Year and also enjoy 2017. Even if you’re just sitting in your pyjamas and doing nothing. (That’s exactly what I’m doing)


  1. I agree! There is always something to be happy and thankful about each day :) That is a great quote!


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