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Hey everyone! Ahhh first post of 2017! We know this is a little late but Happy New Year!!! Oh yeah....and we also that know this post is being posted a little later a.k.a close to midnight. To explain ourselves......Ally and I were both sick on the first week of New Year's....(well, Ally's cured) and so the typing of the audio has been delayed. Also Sarah's laptop is unavailable for use at the moment.
And you probably don't really care about that but we're just saying just so you have an idea. Anyways, we'll be reacting to B.A.P's 'Young Wild and Free' today and we really hope you enjoy!
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the dance practice video for the song! (Sadly, the video could not be found on Blogger)

 ------Reaction Starts Now------
Sarah: It's like.....all of this, *points to the video suggestions* Ally has already watched them.
Beth: Well how do you think she knows everything.
Ally: You need to tell me who's the best......
Beth: Yeah.....there's no such thing.
Beth: Ooh this looks like.....OMG that sounds like.....
Sarah: Big Bang.
Beth: Ariana Grande's Focus.
Picture taken from Ariana Grande's Focus music video.
Sarah: I was gonna say it looks like Big Bang.
Beth: No that part....
Sarah: That looks like S.Coups
Beth: F who?
Sarah: S Coups.
Ally: Who?
Sarah: Not this one.
Beth: Ohhhhh.....
Sarah: I bet....if that lion is real, behind the scenes, they're probably like OMG.*laughs*
Beth: They'll probably be dead.
Ally: The lion's name is 'Lemmy'.
Sarah: *laughs*
Ally: It's a she.
Beth: Aww.
Ally: I can't tell if the name is 'Lemmy' or 'Remmy' cause of their pronunciation....*interrupted*
Sarah: It's probably 'Remmy'.
Beth: Oh it's a mouth!
Ally: Okay this is their comeback right after.......*thinks*
Beth: Ten years?
Ally: No!
Ally: After they had like a......*thinks of how to phrase her words*
Beth: Fallout?
Ally: NO!
Sarah: Oh they left their group, right?
Ally: They were having problems with their company.....
Sarah: With the company. *same time as Ally*
Ally: Yeah and they settled it and came back again.
Sarah: Like they left their company *Both Ally and Sarah lecturing Beth*
Ally: They just kinda left.......
Sarah: Yeah....
Neither Ally nor I can find the 'YOLO' scene so it was either my eyes or....it's most probably my eyes.
Beth: Look it's YOLO.
Beth: I can't really tell.....it looks like YOL - LO.
Sarah: I can't believe the company brought.....*doesn't finish her sentence*
Sarah: He's like Rap Monster.....a rapper.
Ally: If I'm not mistaken, Zelo or how they pronounce it....,'Jello' is the same age as Joy from Red Velvet.
Sarah: Oh yeah....I heard it too.
Beth: They're misusing the phrase 'YOLO'.
Sarah: Why?
Ally: Yeah why?
Beth: Sarah's always like, 'People use the word YOLO......' *interrupted*
Beth: Yeah and that's what they're doing....you should go to Korea to let them know.
Sarah: Why would I wanna tell them? Like if I were to ever meet them, I wouldn't wanna meet them just to tell them, 'You're using YOLO wrongly.'
Beth: Oh did he die????
Ally: *fangirling* For like a period in my life, I loved this song!
Beth: Yeah and for another period in your life, you hated them to death.
Ally: Yeah I did.
Ally: You can't blame me. That time, I started with EXO and I really wanted an EXO poster but no! I got them and I didn't know who the heck they were and I thought it was so unfair.
Sarah: What is this! OMG enough already!

An example.....credits to the original photographers and also the editors.
Ally: You know there are pictures where they say Taehyun plus Baekhyun, you get V? Yeah it's this one. This boy.
Sarah: *mocks* This boy. You're making us sound like old grandmas.
Ally: Okay who's the least bad-looking one.
Beth: Mmmmm.....This one.
Ally: Oh Youngjae?
Ally: Wait and which was the not-so-good-looking one?
Beth: That bald one! That one.
Sarah: Okay final vote.....Youngjae is the best looking....and what's his name?
Ally: Who?
Beth: The bald one.
Ally: Yongguk....
Sarah: Yongguk is the least good looking one.
Beth: It's the hair.
 ----Video Ends----
  • The music in the beginning sounded like 'Focus' by Ariana Grande according to Beth.
  • Someone looked like S.Coups.
  • Sarah thinks B.A.P. will be amused by the lion if it was real.
  • Beth thinks, if the lion is real, the group will have a lower chance of survival if not careful.
  • Ally says B.A.P named their lion either, 'Lemmy' or 'Remmy'.
  • Ally and Sarah are educated about "B.A.P's history".
  • Beth on the other hand isn't.
  • Sarah has something against people who use 'YOLO' incorrectly.
  • According to Beth, Youngjae is the best looking one.
  • Beth thinks Yongguk could use some work on his hair.
So that is it for the reaction today! We really hope you guys liked it and even if you didn't, it's okay! It's the new year meaning there are plenty of other K-Pop Reaction series to come along. If you don't like this series at all, it's okay too you can check back next week for our regular posts :)! And no, this was not sarcasm or mockery. This is just a random girl in the world thinking of a way to end the post and clearly failed at doing so. (Sorry.)