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I'd just like to start off the post by saying that yes...I realize that this post was due a few days ago but I just wanted to apologise because I didn't have the time to actually prepare for the DIY and only recently (like literally today) had the time to actually do the DIY. So...I'm so sorry for the delay of the post but nevertheless I hope you enjoy~

Just like it’s said in the title, what I’ve got installed for you this week is a really simple DIY that just looks FREAKIN cute as a room dΓ©cor.

With the New Year being really busy for me, what I needed was a planner/calendar for me to plan things all out. And yea…a planner was helpful but I’m just not really into all the hassle of having to open up my planner and finding the pages. So, to solve all my problems I thought why not make a calendar that I could visually see all my plans for the day or week or even month. To make things even better, it’s reusable and totally customizable!

There are only a handful of things that you’ll need because it’s that easy! Although you probably won’t be able to hold everything in one hand so…use both your hands. πŸ˜…

  •     A picture frame. (You could use a clipboard but I chose not to because I thought it’d be easier to just write down the dates with a dry erase marker and just keep reusing the printouts if I wanted to)
  •     A printout of a calendar. (I decided to customize mine to my liking because I have really minimalistic taste but occasionally I like a pop of colour so it’s kinda hard to find a printout that suited my taste. I totally recommend for you to make your own printout of a calendar that fits your taste or you could just find one online)
  •     Grid paper (This was more of a last minute decision because I had some grid paper on hand and I just really like how grids look…totally minimalistic)
  •     A printer (to print things out…yea it’s essential)
  •     Dry erase markers (to write with)
  •     Just for an added Instagram bonus, polaroids to decorate your calendar.

Firstly, what I did was go on a new Word document and created a table (7 x 4). Only after did I realise that it was supposed to be (7 x 5) So, yea I kinda messed up there. At least, now you've learned not to follow in the footsteps of the idiot before you a.k.a me...
Anyway, that’s like half of the DIY already done. Next, I just went online to find a font that I liked and the font I used was ‘Selima.’ It’s a really pretty faux brush lettering style font. I used the font for the heading of the months. They turned out really pretty after being printed with the grid paper as the background. If you don’t have grid paper, you could just go online and search for grids and there are tons to choose from. I just used whatever I already had on hand.

We’re almost done…now all you need to do is repeat the whole process for all the other months and you can print them out. I just can’t believe how cute they all look.

After you have your calendar all printed out, just slip it in a frame and you’re DONE! That easy! If you’d like to take it up a notch and personalize it even more, you could add some polaroids to complete the design. That’s the reason why I left quite a space in between the month’s and the actual table for the dates. I just absolutely love how it looks hung on my wall right beside my desk. It just makes me want to be more productive and write things down. And the best part is you get to cancel the days after they’ve past. The satisfaction you get by doing that is SO real~ When the month is over, just slip in the next printout and change the dates for the weeks.
Just remember to use dry erase markers so you can wipe them off with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to change out the polaroids for every month. If you don’t want to completely stick on the polaroids on your calendar, just use washi tape to add on some extra cuteness. I actually made my own washi tape and here’s the link because I actually have a post on how to do so.
As you can see, I didn't fill up my calendar because I didn't want to enlighten the whole world about my plans for the month of March 
You can reuse this calendar for as long as you want. That’s it for the DIY. Hope you enjoyed it and try it out for yourself. It’ll be a great bonus for your Instagram feed as well! (Just a suggestion 😏)

Ally πŸ’•


  1. Wow! That's really creative! And I do like the minimalist approach. I'm pretty simple and like to keep things simple too ^_^


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