DIY Washi Tape | Ally

Hey it’s Ally! If you read that out loud…it kinda sounds weird XD (it could just be me). This is my first official solo post. The one and only, a huge step, a new beginning! Woohoo? Yea let’s just get on with the post….. Enjoy! <3

This DIY is super easy to do and it saves you a ton of money.

Let’s say you’re starting off as a newcomer in the crafting world and really all you want/need is a whole collection of washi tape but don’t particularly want to spend a whole lot of money just on tape. Well…..this DIY is simple to make and it cost almost nothing. I personally recommend doing this DIY if you're on a budget but still want cute looking washi!!! 

Things you need:
- Patterned paper
-Magic tape (the matte kind)
-Self-healing mat } optional

 -X-acto knife or scissors } optional
-Double sided tape
-A container
-Water (this is pretty much self-explanatory)

     1.  Start off by laying your tape on your patterned pieces of paper. When I say lay, I actually mean stick it on. Make sure the type of tape you use is not the glossy kind because normal washi tape you get from stores have more of a matte finish. After so, use a thick piece of card or a credit card  and run it over the strips to ensure there aren’t any air bubbles and the tape is stuck on securely on the paper.

     2.     Next, after you have your tape stuck onto your patterned pieces of paper, cut them out in strips. You could use scissors if you don’t own an X-acto knife or self-healing mat (it serves the same purpose either way)

     3.     After you have your strips of washi, prepare a container of water and soak the strips inside the water for a few hours. Leave them in. (I would suggest leaving them in overnight or at least 5 hours)

    4.     After a few hours, take the strips of paper out of the water and start rubbing the paper side of the strips (I’m not the best in explaining but try to follow what I’m doing in the picture) The fibers of the paper would have been broken down and it’s really easy for the paper to rub off. As you can see, the ink from the patterned paper has transferred on to the tape.

    Tip: The thicker the piece of patterned paper, the longer   you would have to leave it in the water.

5.     Leave the strips of washi to completely dry. (this would probably take some time)

6.     After they have completely dried, take your double-sided tape and stick it on to the backside of the strips. (I don’t mean backside as in bum or maybe I do if you think about it J)

When you’re ready to use your new homemade washi, just peel of the backing of the double-sided tape. Now you can make your own washi tape which almost cost nothing considering the materials you’d need are probably available at home.

Happy crafting,
Ally :)