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We are finally back with another K-Pop Reaction! We know it's been so long but that's basically how long since we've last met up to do blog related stuff. It's been a really busy year and we are so sorry! As I type this, it's the day after we reacted to a whole bunch of stuff (so be prepared for more upcoming K-Pop Reactions!!)

As usual, here's the disclaimer!

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

And here's the song if you wanna listen to it:

------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: Marshmallows!
Ally: I said that.
Beth: *laughs*
Sarah: Oh look they're doing sign language at the side there.
Beth: I like pineapples.
Ally: I thought it was really cool how they like made an effort - *talking about the sign language*
Sarah: To learn?
Ally: They learned but I read somewhere that they -
Beth: Oh my it's sign language *finally gets what they are talking about*
Ally: The teacher was doing it in front of them.
Sarah: Irene is really pretty.
Beth: Who?
Ally & Sarah: Irene.
Sarah: Look, she has short bangs too (talking to Beth)
Ally: They're so pretty!!!
Beth: I do not like my bangs - please don't rub it in my salty face.

Short story: Beth here. I went for a haircut recently and decided to get some bangs as well. But the outcome was a little too short for my liking and so I am very salty about it. Actually, I'm generally salty about my decision to cut my hair shorter than usual. Oh yeah I do not actually have a problem with short hair. I just have a problem with how I look with short hair.

Sarah: *laughs*
Beth: Are they trying to be healthy?
Sarah: For all you know - Oh look at the watermelon pants
Beth: It's raining *the little girl in the MV running in the rain*
Sarah: Joy looks pretty in the blue -
Beth: Why do they....why....what *confused*
Sarah: Yeri is so pretty.
Beth: Who's that *points to screen*
Sarah: That's Irene.
Ally: The one that you said you liked.
Beth: No I meant the one with two ponytails.
Sarah: Irene.
Beth: Let me see if I still think Yeri is pretty - let me guess which is Yeri. *loud crunching sounds from the potato chips I decided to eat oh yeah it's me Beth typing this hahaha curse me and my wise decisions*
Beth: Uh...it moves so fast.
Sarah: Oh look - this is the whiteboard thing I told you about - Oh the white board thing looks cool.
Beth: The yellow haired one? *I meant blonde*
Sarah: *impressed* YES!
Beth: Yay! She looks like Yoona (Girls Generation)
Sarah: I like her too! She's Yeri.
Beth: *same time as Ally* I told you she looks like Yoona.
Ally: *same time as Beth* I like Seulgi
Sarah: Good for you *to Ally*.
Ally: All the Seulgi fans are gonna come after you!
Sarah: I like Ye-Yer - Seulgi too.
Beth: I feel like -
Sarah: Look - *interrupted*
Ally: Joy looks SO good with red hair.
Sarah: Yeah.
Sarah: So pretty *sighs*
Beth: She looks like Yoona.
Sarah: *repeats* So pretty!!!
Ally: I love *inaudible*
Beth: You love what???
Ally: This dance move.
Sarah: I like the party scene.
This is the whiteboard drawing that Sarah thinks is cool. Also the blue orange on the bottom left
Sarah: This is the whiteboard thing again!
Sarah: OH! I find it funny how SM was so desperate to find a blue colour fruit for Wendy that they coloured the inside of an orange blue.
Beth: They could've just used blueberries.
Sarah: No!! Blueberry's a berry - not a fruit.
Ally: So a strawberry is s a berry?
Sarah: Yeah - it's not a fruit *Sarah living in denial*
Sarah: Ohh! Seulgi's so pretty.
Beth: What??? I thought you liked Yeri.
Sarah: Seulgi's pretty too - all of them are pretty.
Beth: Is that a sombrero?
Sarah: *a mix between snigger and laughter and giggling*
Ally: Your favourite scene *asking Sarah*
Sarah: Yeah, the party - I - it's not my favourite - I said it's pretty.
Beth: I like pineapples - I like alot of fruits - actually, I like most fruits. I'm not biased like you two.
Sarah: You don't like oranges.
Beth: It's not that I don't like oranges - it just brings back unwanted memories.
Beth: Why do they say strawberry? Is it because it's red and they're Red Velvet?
Sarah: I guess - and that's a big piece of bread.
Beth: Donut!!!
Ally: I like the lyrics of 'corner candy shop' - I don't know why, it sounds great.
Ally: Oh yeah, Wendy's vocals are AMAZING!
Beth: Hey, SM - stage manager entertainment.
Sarah: Okay - who's your favourite in Red Velvet?
Beth: Yeri.
Sarah: She's my favourite too.

 ----Video Ends----
  • Beth likes pineapples
  • All three, Ally, Beth and Sarah thinks that it's cool how they made an effort to learn sign language (such a sweet gesture)
  • Sarah thinks Irene is pretty
  • Beth is salty about her bangs and short hair
  • Sarah thinks the whiteboard backdrop is cool
  • Sarah and Beth think Yeri is pretty
  • According to Beth, Yeri resembles Yoona (It isn't a K-Pop reaction without Beth referring to one person to another person)
  • According to Sarah, blueberries aren't fruits and neither are strawberries.
  • Ally thinks Seulgi is pretty

P.S: Sarah, apparently, blueberry is a fruit, as much as you refuse to admit.

So that's it for our little K-Pop Reaction. We know it's been so SO long since the last K-Pop Reaction. We honestly have no idea how to explain what's been going on in our lives. Just to clear the air, our friendship is not on the rocks. We're still all as close as ever. We just really haven't been having any time at all to ourselves.

It's pretty personal to reveal what's been going on but I guess we are just failing at time management. Instead of looking at days like how they pass, we've been going through days like obstacles and that's not how it should work. But for now, we're gonna give this another shot and restart all over. I think when exams draw nearer, we might go on a short hiatus but let's see how this goes.

Again, we apologize for randomly vanishing for the past 2 months and really inactive in general. Look forward to more K-Pop Reactions as we've recently got together to react to some good ones.

Much Love,


  1. I LOOOVE this song! This and Black Pink's As if its your last are def my favs for this summer ^_^
    I had to laugh about that whole fruits vs berries part XD XD XD


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