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I am back after being super late (I apologize for that) Anyways, what matters now is that I finally have a post and I decided to do something I have never done before. So if you haven't gotten the idea, today's post is going to be about a day in my life BUT slightly special (& more boring) because it's a day in the life of Sarah who is going to sit for her exams in a week! So yeah it's mostly gonna be my schedule when it's exam season and stuff. I'm not sure if it'll be interesting cause I'm studying 24/7 but that's okay I'll try my best to make my day sound interesting.
So the first thing I hear at 8.00 am is Taylor Swift's Style and yes I know that the 1989 album is pretty old but I still ❤ it. And yes I wake up at 8.00 am even though it's a weekend. It's mostly because I'm used to being awake really early so my body's mechanism or something wakes me up. When I wake up there is nobody else awake so I become an unproductive soul and watch videos on YouTube till about 9 when I eat breakfast with the fam! Breakfast the most important meal of the day serving it up Sarah's way 😉 (if you don't know this you've had a sad childhood). I had instant noodles for breakfast cause I'm lazy.

Guys I know it doesn't look like food from Gordon Ramsay's kitchen but it tastes really good 😍

Today was a little special cause during breakfast my mom suddenly made a decision to make lasagna (yesss I love lasagna. Do you hear that Ally?) Just to clarify this was not planned AT ALL. So I followed my mom shopping for about an hour and helped my mom prepare the lasagna till about 12. And I have to admit, although I like baking, I'm not the best at cooking. Especially when it comes to cutting onions. Yeah so I wasn't the best in the kitchen when I cut my finger a little (don't worry it's not that bad there wasn't even any blood) and when I started crying due to the onions (oh my...onions really do sting your eyes). But hey! At least I tried. 😊
Here comes the boring part....at 12.30 I started studying Chemistry!!!

So, usually when I study I take about a 30 min break after a full hour of studying. So, for the entire day I kind of just studied for an hour and took a break for an hour and this continued till dinner at 7.30 and started again after dinner. I studied chemistry and biology today. I don't usually make notes because I usually don't read them again but sometimes I do cause I feel like it or if this part of the chapter is really confusing or important. In this case it was...so here's a picture of the notes I spent an entire day making.
So, that's actually it for my not so interesting day but I just wanted to say as the days led up to my exams, I took shorter breaks of about 10 mins or sometimes no breaks at all. I guess I didn't plan my time out very well this time cause I was really rushing against time. It came to a point where I was falling sick and I was really tired but I felt like I couldn't afford to take a break because I still had so much to study. This was by far the most stressed I've been in my life. I didn't realize that I was THAT stressed until my eye started twitching during my Math exam (I'm telling you Math is not good for my mental health 😂)
So, I just wanted to take the time to stress the fact (okay maybe stress isn't the best word to use) emphasize the importance of just taking a break and realizing that exams aren't the end of the world. I'll try to space out my time a little more to avoid this from happening cause it was really the worst. Just relax cause even if you do badly (which is probably how I did for this exam) you can always work harder and do better next time!

And that's it for the day in the life of the one and only Sarah of Forty-Two³. Yes, I have to specify because there are a whole lot of people named Sarah in the world. Although it's a little boring post for today, I guess I just wanted to share what's been going on in my life for the past 2 weeks. I can't even begin to express how much I hate studying now. I probably did pretty bad for this exam. Praying I don't fail Math 🙏. On a brighter note, all my important exams are over! That means that the next post I write won't be so gloomy and it'll probably be more interesting! Hahahaha so until then, Goodbye!
Sarah 💜


  1. XD Math isn't good for your mental health XD I feel ya! Although, I think Chemisty was my least fav in high school. Well that and Calculus. I was ok up to Trig, but once I got to Calc I was all Heck no!!!!


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