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28 December 2015
I'm bored out of my mind. And to be honest, I might be losing my mind. 2 problems; 1 solution.  Despite the fact I take a *long* time to update, I actually have the most posts.

25 December 2015
Guys it's finally Christmas! I'm so excited! I made a few quick diys that you can give as presents...last minute.All of these diys can be done in less than 15 mins.

20 December 2015
Today, we'll be doing a.....BAKING POST!!! Because Christmas is right around the corner and why not. 10 Steps and a bunch of yummy cookies.

15 December 2015
I’m back with yet another DIY to spice up your room. This DIY is on the moderate level. I wouldn’t say it was superrr hard neither would I say it was easy.The best thing about DIY gifts are that you put a lot of thought and effort into it.

13 December 2015
Have you ever been late? The answer to this I presume is yes cause  nobody is perfect. reason I'm writing this is because I am practically NEVER on time. Anyways here's a guide on how you can always be early.

9 December 2015
Because I haven't been shopping, I don't have a November Favorites. And because I don't have a November Favorites to write....I wrote this post. Today, I'll be sharing my favorite skincare remedies.

30 November 2015
 Recently, I was going through all my stuff and I wanted to look at the things I’ve been purchasing. Just saying but I only started liking skincare out of the blue a few months back.

The Nothing Guide: DIY Edition | Bethany
27 November 2015
Today, this post is going to be about DIY's and things you can do when you have NOTHING to do. So, if you want QUICK & SIMPLE DIY's, This is NOT the post you're looking for.

Don't Worry Be Happy | Sarah
25 November 2014
Yesterday a friend of mine shared some of her problems with me and it kinda made me think how many people could be facing this problem. Let's call my friend Z.

Korean Skincare Routine #4 | Ally
21 November 2015
This is gonna be last and final post on the Skincare Routine series-ish. I know how confusing it can be when you're first starting out. Step 7: Moisturizing. Step 8: Eye Cream. Step 9: Sleeping Mask/Pack.

Chocolate Chip COOKIES | Sarah
17 November 2015
IT IS I, SARAH OF SARAHTOWN! I'm back with another DIY related to food. Something cookie monster will kill for...

13 November 2015
I'm actually really tired now, it's 12:30 a.m. This isn't a rant about how fast I eat my cookies. Why I'm still up at this hour? Long story short, Bethany is gonna look like a zombie. It's that bad. + Lesson Of The Day.

Korean Skincare Routine #3 | Ally
9 November 2015
This is the 3rd post in this whole skincare routine. I've been really enjoying posting about skincare. Let's do this. Step 4: Essence. Step: 5 Serum. Step 6: Mask.

OCTOBER Favorites!! | Bethany
8 November 2015
During October, I've been spontaneous in trying some new products and they've been impressive. Just to clarify, I do not think any of these are new releases. Have an amazing November!

B-O-O-K-S | Sarah
7 November 2015
Fun fact: Sarah is a total bookworm...and PROUD! So to start off the month I thought I'd write about one of my favorite things. BOOKS! I'm going to recommend my top 5 favorite books.

Korean Skincare Routine #2 | Ally
29 October 2015
I'm back with the second step/segment.I apologise in advance if you find it annoying having to wait post-by-post to get the complete routine. Step 2: Exfoliating. Step 3: Toning.

Diary: LIFE & Emotions | Bethany
26 October 2015
This is going to be my first EVER diary post ! We only live today ONCE. Frustrating Moments. I can tell you all about it. In my life, I've had ONE SINGLE SLEEPOVER.

Korean Skincare Routine #1 | Ally
23 October 2015
I think this particular post would help those who want perfect, glowing skin. Much like Korean women’ have. I’ve decided to separate the routine into segments because I want to give you guys a more in depth explanation. Step 1 : Cleansing

Banana Smoothie | Sarah
23 October 2015
My sister taught me an awesome recipe to make a healthy and easy banana Smoothie. Especially If you live In a dorm or something cause it's super super simple.

25 September 2015
The reason why I went on this mini shopping trip was because I ran out of my facial cleanser. (So typical right?). So...POOF I got some stuff I've never used before and a haul came along!

DIY Washi Tape | Ally
19 September 2015
This DIY is super easy to do and it saves you a ton of money. This DIY is simple to make and it cost almost nothing.

DIY #1: Hope Jar | Sarah
18 August 2015
I had this notebook that had memory verses and whenever I was stressed or really sad I would flip to a random page and look at a memory verse. For this DIY you only need three simple items.

Right Now | Bethany
20 July 2015
It's a simple grudge that destroys a completely happy and fine life. You don't deserve all this. You deserve better.

First Post!
28 June 2015
So it's a little bit obvious, but just as the title says, this is our first post. We do a little introduction about ourselves and the blog and what we're gonna be doing throughout the time we'll be blogging!

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