Late! | Sarah

Hey guyss!

Let me ask you something.. Have you ever been late?

The answer to this I presume is yes cause  nobody is perfect right??  Please tell me I'm right as I write this blog post that is already overdue...  So yeah I'm actually late right now?

Since I haven't posted anything in a while you can consider this post as late. Okay let me apologise for my ranting cause it is currently 1.59 am. Yes OMG in 1min it'll be 2AM get it?????  Please tell me you got that. (it's 2 now)

Anyway the reason I'm writing this is because I am practically NEVER on time. No matter what I do. Unless it's like homework then I'm usually on time. Mainly because there was a part of my life where I handed in my homework late every time and my teacher scolded me. But that's not something I wanna remember T. T.
And it seems that this late gene runs in the family. One of the worst experience I had on being late was when my family and I went out to eat dinner at a shopping mall near an airport before my sisters' flight. Every thing was going really well until we went to the car to go to the airport after our meal. And wow let me just say the parking lot was so jammed. (as in traffic jam not strawberry jam) the cars were literally in a standstill and we had like 40 minutes till the flight departs. So then we checked an app which is actually a GPS but people can leave messages saying that 'oh this road is jam' and stuff like that.
So yeah just our luck the way to the airport was pretty jam and it would take 20 minutes rather than the normal 10 minutes  to get there. But we also needed to get out of the car park which would take another 10 minutes so a whole 30 minutes in total. There probably won't be enough time to get in the plane right? So we ran to the other side of the mall and hailed a taxi to get my sis there.. It was like mission impossible. Running here and there.
To be honest it was a lot more stressful than I portrayed it here. I guess my explaining skills is not really good (there goes my dream of being an author)  (don't worry I tried) *inserts cry laughing emoji here while wishing blogger had emojis. Anyways here's a guide on how you can always be early
Not 'Guide to always being on time'
Written spontaneously by Sarah, the person who's never early
1. If your parents are dropping you off at the venue and they are late just WALK. Only 5 mins until your event starts and your parents are not even ready yet? Put on some running shoes and pray you'll make it on time ;)
2. Blame it on something
When you reach late your friends are probably gonna ask why you were late. Blame it on everything other than yourselves. For example, the weather was really bad! Hailing while it was sunny then after the hail there was snow and rain then suddenly there were cats and dogs and hamsters falling.
3. Set your clock back
If you're late you can always wind your clocks a little earlier. If you are supposed to be there by 3.00 wind your clock back by an hour to cause unnecessary panicking and stress! At least you'll be early though..
Guys I'm just joking! Please don't take anything seriously okay? Just try your hardest to be in time and if all else fails just say you're fashionably late! Good luck!
Lesson of the day : don't be late like Sarah
                                                    Love Sarah