DIY #2: Christmas!!!! | Sarah

Heylooooo and Merry Christmas! 
Omg guys it's finally Christmas! I'm so excited! I don't have much planned out for the day but that doesn't mean I can't just watch movies the whole day right?? Anyway...  I made a few quick diys that you can give as presents or just to decorate your room. Oh and FYI all of these diys can be done in less than 15 mins.  (btw don't judge my art skills I already know it's terrible). 

#1 Sharpie cups 
This is really nice to give to an artistic friend or someone who just likes to draw.  All you need for this diy issss
-normal sharpie 

That's all! So now choose a sharpie colour that you like and just draw a pattern or write the persons name. You can look up tons of designs on Google and try it out yourself. Unfortunately I am not very good at art so this was the best I could do. Hahahaha
#2 Puffballs 
This diy is so multipurpose and can be used whenever. And all you need is 
So what you're going to do is wrap the yarn a lot of times around your fingers. I used 3 fingers but if you use less fingers it'll be smaller and if you use more fingers it'll be bigger. But don't wrap it too tight cause you're gonna block your blood circulation. Hahaha. 
Carefully  take off the yarn that you wrapped which will look like a ball and take another piece of string and tie the string in the middle of the yarn ball. Then take a scissors and cut the ends of the yarn ball. Then kinda trim the ends so it'll look more like a Puffball.  Basically give it a haircut. 

#3 Bunting
What you need
-scrapbook paper
-mini clips

So what you need to do is cut your scrapbook paper into little triangles . Then clip them on to your string with the clips. You can totally use tape for this but I think using the clips makes it cuter. :) 
Lastly tape the string with the triangles on the wall! Easy right?

That's all for this diy post! I hope you like it and I think I have to go and learn how to arrange pics better cause I feel my layout is weird. Sorryyy! Anyway Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry I'm slightly hyper.. OK baiii

Merry Christmas
Sarah <3