DIY Red Velvet Candles | Ally

It is I, Ally and I’m back with yet another DIY to spice up your room for Christmas but you could do this DIY anytime of the year. This can also be a Christmas gift or maybe a Birthday gift…? ^_~

This DIY is on the moderate level. I wouldn’t say it was superrr hard neither would I say it was easy. Let’s be honest here, I’m not very talented when it comes to doing things. I wouldn’t say I’m an artist but I can draw, I wouldn’t say I’m smart in school but I’m surviving and in this case, I wouldn’t say I’m good at crafting but I’m ok I guess…. I burned my hands a few times with hot wax. A friendly tip is to not attempt to take pictures while melting or pouring hot wax. If you really need to, get a friend or and adult. *Adult supervision is advised*

What you’ll need:

Tip: If you're worried the wax is
going to melt before you're done
pouring, place the jar of melted
wax in a container of hot/boiling
Firstly, what you’re gonna do is melt your wax. You could use beeswax or reuse any of your old candles. For the sake of taking pictures, I placed my old candle in a container of hot water to melt the wax. I would suggest melting your wax over the stove because I realized my method did not melt the wax at all but only made it soft. (You can use this method for the frosting at the top) To color your wax, you can use crayons. Break a few pieces and drop them in to melt along with the wax and give it a good stir. Because I reused old candles, they were already colored and scented. If you want your candle to have a scent, you can add a few drops of fragrance oils into your melted wax and mix.

Place two popsicle sticks and
'sandwich' the candlewick in
the middle. It is important
that the wick is in the middle
even at this stage so that the
candlewick remains in the
middle even after the candle
Whilst waiting for the wax to melt, glue your candlewick to the bottom of a jar. If you’re out of luck (like me) and couldn’t find any candlewicks, what you can do is find some string/yarn, preferably made out of cotton and dip it into some melted wax. And done~ your own substitute candlewick. After you have your DIY candlewick in hand, here comes the tricky part…..because it’s only a piece of string, you can’t glue it to the jar so you’re gonna have to hold the wick in place and get someone else to help you pour in the melted wax. To help hold the wick in place while it solidifies, you can use a pen or some popsicle sticks.

Suggestion: I personally think using mason jars are sooo adorable and Instagram worthy.

After waiting for a few hours/overnight, the wax should have solidified and now you can make the frosting for the top… Melt some wax but not to the point where it turns into liquid but just enough for it to soften and transfer it to another container. In the container, I used some popsicle sticks to ‘whip’ the frosting. After the frosting has reached a consistency you’re happy with, you can top the candle with the frosting.

Wait a couple of hours for the wax to return to room temperature and solidify. To add some decoration, you can re-melt some wax and drizzle it over the candle to make it look like syrup. I used the same old red candle to make a strawberry drizzle. If you would like to save time melting wax, you can use premade sprinkles you would normally use on cakes. Premade sprinkles are made of sugar so they’ll melt along with the candle.

You’re basically done! You could also use a label tag to personalize the candle even more. The best thing about DIY gifts are that you put a lot of thought and effort into it. So hopefully your friend/family member enjoys his/her present.

Hope you have a Merry, Ally Christmas,
♡ Ally ♡