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Most Likely To... | Forty-Two³
31 December 2016
Based on the knowledge we gained this year, we're gonna lay it all out and point fingers at who's most likely to.

K-Pop Reaction: NCT Dream | Forty-Two³
30 December 2016
This is our last K-Pop reaction for the year! We really hope you enjoyed this little addition of K-Pop reactions to our blog throughout this entire year. Today's reaction: NCT Dream, 'Chewing Gum'.

K-Pop Reaction: BTS #3 | Forty-Two³
29 December 2016
Today, we decided to reaction to the super-famous BTS with their song 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'. We know this reaction has been long overdue...

K-Pop Reaction: Twice | Forty-Two³
28 December 2016
Hello! Bethany here again typing our reaction to Twice's song 'TT'! I personally don't know much about this group so this is gonna be interesting.

K-Pop Reaction: Got7 #3 | Forty-Two³
27 December 2016
Today, we're gonna react to GOT7 and their song Hard Carry! Hard Carry is a really good song. Plus their album is SO SO GOOD.

K-Pop Reaction: EXO #5 | Forty-Two³
26 December 2016
Just to explain what's going on, the three of us decided to continue with the 'K-Pop Reaction' series everyday up until New Years Eve! Today, we'll be reacting to EXO's 'Lucky One'.
Whisper Challenge | Forty-Two³
25 December 2016
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! As I type this, Sarah, Ally and I are having a sleepover and we're all busy on our laptops! Today, we're doing the 'Whisper Challenge'!
K-Pop Reaction: CBX | Forty-Two³
24 December 2016
It's CHRISTMAS EVE! The whole month - the whole year in general has passed by so quickly! For today's post, we're reacting to EXO-CBX's song, 'Hey Mama'.

DIY Mini Dreamcatcher | Sarah
23 December 2016
For todays post I'm going to do a DIY! Specifically, a DIY Mini Dreamcatcher. They are believed to catch good dreams, filtering out the bad.

K-Pop Reaction: B1A4 | Forty-Two³
22 December 2016
This is already the 10th K-Pop Reaction post that we've uploaded since we began this little 'Surprise'. Anyways, today we're reacting to B1A4's song, 'A Lie'.

Next Chapter | Bethany
21 December 2016
Today's post is gonna be a little recap on my year as this will be my final 'solo-post' of the year. Pretty scary if you come to think about it.

K-Pop Reaction: Up10tion #3 | Forty-Two³
20 December 2016
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever in the world you are! Today we're reacting to....Up10tion's 'White Night'.

Me, Myself and I | Ally
19 December 2016
One of the things that the lady said that stuck with me was "You are your own stumbling block". It just kept replaying in my head.

K-Pop Reaction: KNK #2 | Forty-Two³
18 December 2016
We're back again with KNK's Back again (do you see what I did there? I've been making this lame joke every time I see this video). KNK Fighting!

K-Pop Reaction: Seventeen #2 | Forty-Two³
17 December 2016
Sarah really wanted this to be posted today cause reacting to Seventeen on the 17th was just.....#sarahslogic. Today's song: 'Boom, boom'.

K-Pop Reaction: I.O.I | Forty-Two³
16 December 2016
Happy 16th! Honestly, it makes no difference as K-Pop Reactions are posted daily! Today we're reacting to I.O.I with their song, 'Very, Very, Very'.

K-Pop Reaction: BTS #2 | Forty-Two³
15 December 2016
if you compiled all the seconds and minutes we laughed it'll probably be like over 2 hours. Anyways the music video we are reacting to this time is... Run by BTS! (#TBT)
K-Pop Reaction: Astro #3 | Forty-Two³
14 December 2016
I hope you guys are enjoying our 'reaction' series so far! Here's our reaction to Astro's 'Breathless'.

K-Pop Reaction: Red Velvet #4 | Forty-Two³
13 December 2016
Red Velvet is known to be Ally's favourite girl group of all time so we couldn't resist putting up a little 'oldie'....just cause it's Red Velvet. Today we're reacting to Red Velvet's song 'One Of These Nights'.

K-Pop Reaction: Got7 #2 | Forty-Two³
12 December 2016
Welcome to the second edition to our little #12daysofChristmas but K-Pop edition series thing! So here's our reaction to Fly by GOT7.

K-Pop Reaction: EXO #4 | Forty-Two³
11 December 2016
This is our little 'surprise' as a way of thanking all of you guys for such an amazing year! We'll be posting EVERYDAY up 'til Christmas so I hope you're looking forward to it! Today's reaction: EXO's 'Monster'.

Another November Favourites | Sarah
9 December 2016
This is my second last favourites of the year! Time flies SO fast. So, November is finally over...November is my favourite month of the year so I guess I have a lot of favourites.

November Favorites: Music Edition | Bethany
7 December 2016
I figured it's been a while since I've written a favorites that is not related to food or products or apps....so to switch it up, I'm bringing you 'November Favorites: Music Edition' once again.

November Favourites | Ally
5 December 2016
Can you believe it that it's the last month of the year 2016.....(depressing yet exciting at the same time) . Enjoy the last month of 2016!
K-Pop Reaction: Luhan | Forty-Two³
4 December 2016
Yay! This time we're gonna be reacting to Luhan's *cries* 'That Good Good'. Enjoy.

Cherish | Sarah
2 December 2016
No this isn't about EXO-CBX Cherish. I don't usually do serious posts but after a tiring day, I was kind of reminded by a lot of things. A few things I regret and stuff.

The Hourglassed Life | Bethany
30 November 2016
I was inspired to write this as Mindy Gledhill's song, 'Hourglass' is playing on my laptop. I always assumed I was going to screw things up because I didn't think I was capable of doing things I'm doing today.

How Do I Feel? | Ally
28 November 2016
Let’s just say that I have many thoughts and different ways of interpreting things that most people probably won’t even think of at my age.

No-bake Blackcurrant Cheese Cake | Sarah
25 November 2016
It's been a while since I've done a baking post, so this time I'm finally going to write one! So what I made was a no-bake blackcurrant cheesecake and I think it's really nice.

My After-School Routine | Bethany
23 November 2016
I thought it'd be fun to write my After-School Routine that is pretty accurate cause it's based on events that occurred more or less than 24 hours from my posting time.

Friendship Test: Sarah Edition | Forty-Two³
22 November 2016
Today, I bring you.....Sarah's edition of the Friendship Test! That also marks the end of all out friendship test for 2016. But don't worry we'll either do this again next year or come up with something new!

Travel with Ally #3 | Ally
21 November 2016
In all honesty, I gotta admit that the last time that I actually went on a proper vacation would definitely have to be before our finals which seemed like decades ago. I last visited Japan in about early to mid June…so that gives you a rough idea of what season it was.

K-Pop Reaction: Red Velvet #3 | Forty-Two³
16 November 2016
Today we're gonna react to Red Velvet's newest song (although not so new anymore cause we're really slow in uploading these posts) Russian Roulette!!

So Much Drama! #2 | Sarah
11 November 2016
It's been a while since I did this and I thought that I'd write another post about some of my favourite dramas. Updated version. I'll be giving remarks on the drama and rate the dramas out of 10.

October Favorites | Bethany
9 November 2016
So.... first less personal post after So.Many.Days. Well I hope you're doing well because I'm about to share with you what I have been liking last month *Captain Obvious*.

K-Pop References | Ally
7 November 2016
This is the “First Time” I’m doing this kind of post and most probably the last because this took me sooo long to think and also I had to unleash all my knowledge about Kpop, which took a long time…

K-Pop Reaction: EXO #3 | Forty-Two³
4 November 2016
We are back with another K-Pop reaction post! Today we're going to react to EXO's Dancing King ft. Yoo Jae Suk. Hope you enjoy our reaction and support EXO! Yay!

Setback-ed by Sarah | Ally & Beth
31 October 2016
A little Halloween special due to heart attacks and big setbacks. Have a safe & Happy Halloween!

Another Fall/Spring Favourites? | Sarah
28 October 2016
BACK AGAIN AFTER 70 DAYS! I wanted to make the title Another August, September, October Favourites but thats a little too long. I settled with Fall/ Spring favorites depending which part of the world you're in.

Diary: After So Long | Bethany
26 October 2016
It's definitely been a while since I've sat down in the comfort of my pyjamas just talking and ranting about stuff. To be honest, there wasn't a particular reason why the 'Diary' posts stopped

Travel with Ally #2 | Ally
24 October 2016
If you were wondering (which I'm pretty sure you weren't) I'm actually at the airport waiting to board a flight to Japan. As for today, I'm gonna be writing about my trip in Hong Kong...where I've been...what's there to do...what's good to eat…..

K-Pop Reaction: ASTRO #2 | Forty-Two³
22 October 2016
We're back with another Reaction post and it's ASTRO again! If I'm not mistaken, this is Cat Eye by Astro. (Or Cat's Eye or something related to that.) Enjoy!
We're Back! (+100th POST!) | Forty-Two³
21 October 2016
It's seriously crazy to think that we've pressed the publish button a hundred times already! It also means that we're done with our exams!

A Small Break | Forty-Two³
17 August 2016
I just wanted to put up this short notice here on the blog that Ally, Sarah and I will be on a tiny (minuscule) hiatus. (17 August 2016 - 21 October 2016)

K-Pop Reaction: BTS | Forty-Two³
16 August 2016
It's me Bethany slacking off studying for a while to edit this post. I'm not really sure what song this is.....If I'm not mistaken, it's 'I Need U' (It is.)

Questions You've Never Been Asked | Sarah
12 August 2016
Because it's my exam week I didn't really have the time to spend on this post (sorry) so I found this tag called 50 Questions You've Never Been Asked but I didn't really know how to answer some of them so I shortened it to 28 questions.

The Lyrics Tag | Bethany
10 August 2016
I know I usually do 'tag' stuff with Ally and Sarah but exams are drawing closer and we don't have time to properly hang out to do stuff together that isn't related to school. I'll try my best to answer these questions as short and simple as possible!

DIY: Light Bulb Décor | Ally
8 August 2016
I haven’t been doing much DIYs lately and I feel kinda bad about it so today, I’ve decided to jump in the “really cute décor for your room wagon” and do/make a DIY for my room.
Another July Favorites | Sarah
5 August 2016
Another week has passed (another week till exams; aka my death!). Anyways you know what else has passed? July! :( So these are just some of my favourite things last month <3

K-Pop Reaction: NCT U | Forty-Two³
4 August 2016
NCT U is what we're reacting to in this post. We're going to be watching one of their songs called....*SCREAMS DRAMATICALLY* THE 7TH SENSE!

July Favorites....again? | Bethany
3 August 2016
HI. I'm Bethany, and as usual, I'll be doing a favorites post this week hah. Sounds familiar? No? *cricket noises*.....

July Favourites | Ally
1 August 2016
I'm not a frequent Favourites post person (if that made sense) but I happened to have a few things that I would like to share with you guys. So what better way than doing a Favourites.

Disney Channel Original Movies | Sarah
29 July 2016
Am I the only one who absolutely loves Disney Original Movies? I remember once when it was school break, I went on a Disney Original Movie marathon. Here are some of my favorite Disney Original Movies!!

A Day In My Life | Bethany
27 July 2016
Today I'll be showing you a brief glimpse of what goes on in my day during the weekends. I have documented the highlights of my day through the lens of my phone (kinda) and I hope you guys enjoy!

Travel with Ally #1 | Ally
25 July 2016
For the first post to this new series, I'm gonna be talking? writing? posting? (I don't know) about my not-so-recent trip to Bali, Indonesia!

K-Pop Reaction: KNK | Forty-Two³
22 July 2016
We're reacting to KNK!!! (Captain obvious...it's in the title) Anyways, today we're gonna watch their debut song, Knock. Then here's Beth being clueless....

Friendship Test: Bethany Edition | Forty-Two³
16 July 2016
For this 16th, we thought maybe we'd switch it up a little and play another round of FRIENDSHIP TEST. This time it's all about Beth! Watch as Ally and Sarah compete to see who knows Beth best.

TV Shows Throwback Time! | Sarah
15 July 2016
10 years ago people didn't have smart phones and had those Nokia phones or if you were cool you had those flip phones. Plus YouTube wasn't that big and computer games had bad quality. So what did I do as a kid? I spent my childhood years in front of a television screen!

June Favorites | Bethany
13 July 2016
I hope you guys have been well. Today, I'll be sharing with you guys my June Favourites! This is not sponsored LOL. Nothing on this blog is sponsored.

Review: SNP Cactus 90% Soothing Gel | Ally
11 July 2016
I’ll be giving you my thoughts on a product that I’ve had for quite some time now and it’s the SNP Cactus 90% Soothing Gel. Soothing gels in general are really good for those who have combination and oily skin because it moisturizes the skin yet doesn’t clog any of your pores.
K-Pop Reaction: Red Velvet #2 | Forty-Two³
4 July 2016
We'll be bringing you....Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' music video reaction! Enjoy!

One Year Later... | Forty-Two³
28 June 2016
It's been a year. Thanks for sticking by us for a whole 1 year, 12 months, 366 days, 8,784 hours, 527,040 minutes or 31,622,400 seconds - however you see it.

K-Pop Reaction: EXO #2 | Forty-Two³
22 June 2016
I hope you know what you're getting yourselves into because we're about to crash into K-POP land.
Todays post features.....EXO's Unfair.

Facial Routine | Sarah
17 June 2016
I thought it would be fun to show you guys my FACIAL routine. Btw this routine is something I do on days that I'm super hardworking and feel like taking care of my skin.

K-Pop Reaction: Infinite | Forty-Two³
16 June 2016
I think this video is PG-13 as it contains content such as....broken glass and blood. So people sensitive to these topics...RUN!  We'll be reacting to Infinite's 'Bad'.

Things That Make Me Smile | Bethany
15 June 2016
If I were to make an imaginary statistic on what my life is made of, 80 % of it will probably be related to SMILING or LAUGHING. I thought maybe I'd share with you a list of things that makes me a happy, smiling soul.

Random May Favourites | Ally
13 June 2016
As you may know, Beth usually does her monthly favourites and I thought maybe I should jump on the bandwagon too! I'm new to this so I kinda just jumbled up and compiled a list of random things that I have been loving!!!
Ally's Day! | Sarah
10 June 2016
I said I would tell you what we did in preparation and what we did on the day of the celebration + on the day itself. Yeah we celebrated her birthday TWICE.
DIY: Alphabet Photo Collage | Bethany
8 June 2016
This DIY makes an awesome room décor whether it'd be on your nightstand or just hanging on the wall and better yet, an awesome Birthday-Gift add-on

DIY Heart to Heart Décor | Ally
6 June 2016
I hope you’ve read my previous DIYs. Today’s DIY is kinda in relation with my previous DIY that is the World Map Décor. Well…it has something to do with travelling as well so I thought they matched well.

K-Pop Reaction: Got7 | Forty-Two³
4 June 2016
Today we'll be showing you guys our reaction to Got7's Confession Song!

Road trip! | Sarah
3 June 2016
I'm really bored so I thought I would just write something down. And why am I bored? Cause I'm gonna be stuck in a car for about 4 hours (ARGHHHH).

May Favorites: Music Edition | Bethany
1 June 2016
I figured it'd probably be a little boring to just keep talking about products and food so I thought; why not do a 'Music Edition'! I'm gonna be sharing with you 5+1 songs that I've been loving for the entire month of MAY!

Review: St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser | Ally
30 May 2016
Rather than my usual DIYs…I’m gonna be doing another product review! This time, the review is gonna be on the St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Gel Cleanser.

Exams are TORTURE! | Sarah
27 May 2016
My exams came and I went through TORTURE! Headaches and stress for a week!!! Well, I compiled a list of reasons why I really really dislike exams.

Examinations & I | Bethany
25 May 2016
My name is Bethany and just like *most* of you, I take my exams this time around too. Let me de-stress your mind by sharing with you a post related to what you're stressing about!

DIY Frame Decor Idea | Ally
23 May 2016
Today, I’m gonna be staying in my comfort zone by doing yet another DIY~ For today, it’s not really a DIY but more of an idea that you can try.

K-Pop Reaction: Eric Nam & Wendy | Forty-Two³
22 May 2016
We're going to be reacting to Spring Love by Eric Nam & Wendy from SM Station.  We hope you like the song too and enjoy reading our reactions!
K-Pop Reaction: Monsta X | Forty-Two³
16 May 2016
If you've been following our blog then you probably know that we kinda have a little 'K-pop Reaction' series going on now and then. Hero by Monsta X is what we'll be reacting to today.

Get to know ME | Sarah
13 May 2016
So what do you know about me? You know my name, Sarah and you know that my best friends are Ally and Beth and that I LOVE Kpop and shows about mysteries. I just thought I'd just have a few random facts about ME!

How To Plan A Party | Bethany ft. Sarah
11 May 2016
Hey hey everyone! So today, Sarah and I will be writing this small compact little post on how to plan a party for a family member, a friend or even a stranger.

DIY: Photocards | Ally
9 May 2016
I’m back again with another DIY…I feel like all I do is DIYs and if it’s getting a little boring then I’m sorry. Today’s DIY is going to be DIY Photocards

Friendship Test: Ally Edition | Forty-Two³
4 May 2016
For today, we thought it'd be fun to get together and answer some questions to test our friendship. In this post, I'll be asking the questions while Beth and Sarah answers them.

Series Trouble | Sarah ft. Beth
29 April 2016
Hey hey hey I'm Sarah and I'm doing a post with Beth. Our blog's first collab!!! Obviously because I don't watch much English shows anymore, I need Beth's help.

April Favorites | Bethany
27 April 2016
So.....there was no March Favorites....right? No worries! I'm back with April! I've got some awesome stuff I wanna share.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Jewelry Dish | Ally
25 April 2016
 Today, as you can guess by the title, it’s gonna be another DIY but this time, it’s a Kate Spade inspired décor. I’m sure you’ve seen really cute décor everywhere but when you pick it up and see the tag, your heart gets like a mini heart attack. Stay tuned for more DIY’s in the future.

K-Pop Reaction: Seventeen | Forty-Two³
22 April 2016
Today, the three of us are gonna react to.......Seventeen's song 'Mansae' (만세) which literally means 'Hooray'.

K-pop Reaction: EXO | Forty-Two³
16 April 2016
HAPPY 16th OF THE MONTH!! It's me, Beth typing the intro of this post!! This 16th, we'll be reacting to; Sing For You by EXO!

Study Tips | Sarah
15 April 2016
Even though I'm probably not the best person to ask...since I had some tips I thought I'd just help others. But all I know is that if you don't make any effort at all you probably won't do so well.

Reality of Being a Teen | Bethany
13 April 2016
I used to assume that when I become a teenager, I'd go out shopping everyday after school and find a super hot guy to be my boyfriend. Honestly now that I'm in my teenage years, I have to say that being a teen is not all fun and rainbows.

Weird Things I Hate | Ally
11 April 2016
Today, it's just gonna be a list of weird things I 'hate' or in other, nicer words...am not particularly fond of. You may be wondering about some of the things on my 'hate' list but not even I know why it's on there.

K-pop Reaction: Astro | Forty-Two³
4 April 2016
Hello and welcome back to another K-pop reaction! Today we're gonna be watching none other than rookie boy group; Astro!!! With their music video,  Hide & Seek.

Pet Peeves! | Sarah
1 April 2016
I got some inspiration to write this after reading Beth's post. The actual reason I'm writing this post right now is actually because Ally and Beth made me really mad and I can't get over it. Happy April Fools <3!

15 Random Questions | Bethany
30 March 2016
So as you can tell from the title, I am doing a 15 Random Questions post! Basically what I did was Google some questions and picked 15 by random and answered them.

Review: Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack | Ally
28 March 2016
For today, I’ll be reviewing a product as mentioned in the title of this post. It’s the Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack.
25 March 2016
In the year 2015 I've watched a couple of dramas and I wanna recommend some nice ones! Some of them didn't air in 2015 but I decided to include them cause it was nice.

DE-stress | Bethany
23 March 2016
Anyone of ANY age can be stressed. And it's NOT a good thing. I mean come on...does growing grey hair sound appealing to you?

K-Pop Reaction: Up10tion #2 | Forty-Two³
22 March 2016
Todays post is gonna be on Catch Me by Up10tion. Personally, they’re one of Ally's favourite rookie groups! (Sarah just found a deep interest in them too!)

Review: Nature Republic Fresh Vegetable Pack | Ally
21 March 2016
Today, I’m gonna be reviewing a product from one of my favourite brands ever and it’s the ‘Nature Republic Fresh Vegetable Pack.’ They almost never disappoint!

K-Pop Reaction: Up10tion | Forty-Two³
16 March 2016
It's time for another K-Pop reaction post! Todays video.......So Dangerous by Up10tion :)

Forty-Second Post : BFF Tag! | Forty-Two³
15 March 2016
It's finally the time for our FORTY-SECOND (42nd) POST! This week's special: The BFF Tag!

DIY #3: Cork Coasters | Sarah
14 March 2016
It's been a while hasn't it? Well...I had exams and yeah studied like crazy! Anyways, this is a DIY I did a pretty long time ago. This DIY is so easy that I wasn't sure if I should even post it.

February Favorites: Food Edition | Bethany
13 March 2016
It's that time of the month again!!! (If you're a girl then no....not your menstruation time lol). It's time for a February FAVORITES POST!!!

Just Smile~ | Ally
9 March 2016
I truly believe that the strongest people are those who smile their whole way through in life. No matter what life throws at them.

K-pop Reaction: Red Velvet | Forty-Two³
4 March 2016
Today we're bringing you another addition to our little 'K-Pop Reaction' series! In this post, we'll be reacting to Red Velvet's Ice-Cream Cake!
K-Pop Reaction: Big Byung | Forty-Two³
29 February 2016
Hi it's me Ally. Today I'm gonna make Beth react to K-pop music videos! The first reaction post is gonna be on Stress Come On by Big Byung.

Another January Favourites? | Sarah
21 February 2016
Can you believe January is over? The FIRST month of 2016 is done! BUT WAIT didn't Beth already do this? Hahaha Beth and I are different people so I thought I'd show you all what I liked!

January Favorites | Bethany
13 February 2016
I know it's a little VERY late but.....we've reached February *throws confetti*. We made it!!! The first month of 2016 is over!!! Wooooohooooooo. Anyways, today I'm coming to you guys with a Favourites Post!!

Beauty Hacks/Tips | Ally
8 February 2016
Today's post is one I put a lot of thought into. (I really did) I've been harvesting...(?) or let's just say gathering these few beauty hacks and tips. I'm gonna share some beauty hacks and tips I personally do.
31 January 2016
Have you ever regretted anything? Well I can tell you I have. Out of the MANY things that I regret, there's ONE thing I don't think I'll ever stop regretting.

My Morning Routine 2016: School Edition | Bethany
27 January 2016
I'm the type of person who experiences Nightmares in the Morning. Basically...my morning routine when I have to go to school!

DIY World Map Décor | Ally
25 January 2016
Today, I’ve got a new DIY for you! Ever wished you could travel around the world but never found the time, place, expenses, companion or just simply too young to travel alone?

Hair Care Routine | Sarah
23 January 2016
I thought that I should do hair care cause you can't just focus on your face and neglect your hair right? So these are just some products I use now and then to get my hair really healthy.

Lost & Empty | Ally
19 January 2016
From the title, I'm sure you know this post is gonna be a little depressing. Also, just cause the title includes the word 'lost', I'm not asking you to go get a navigation system neither am I talking about that TV show.

Bath & Body Works Review | Bethany
16 January 2016
I've been contemplating on whether or not to write about this post but I decided that yes I'll do it. So I'm not an expert critic or a critic in general and I usually love a lot of things. So....I don't know what to expect in this post either

N. E. R. V. O. U. S | Sarah
12 January 2016
I  just finished my oral exam and I'm so nervous that I can't think straight and my hand are like cold and like almost shaking. I kept stuttering and forgetting what to say even though my topic to speak about was super super easy. 3 Tips for overcoming those butterflies in your tummy!

Skincare Haul: Etude House | Ally
9 January 2016
Hey, it’s me Ally and I’m back with another post. Today I’m going to be writing another haul post. Today’s haul is going to be products all from Etude House!!! I love how their concept and packaging is all so pink and cute!  Though I wouldn’t say I’m super girly.
7 January 2016
Hey guys! Gosh we are super duper late on this...but Happy New Year 2016!!! Today, we are gonna be doing the New Year's Tag! 12 Questions; 3 Answers.
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