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This week's K-pop reaction is something Ally and I (Sarah) have been waiting for! We're reacting to KNK!!! (Captain obvious...it's in the title) Anyways, today we're gonna watch their debut song, Knock.

Fun fact: Ally and I (Sarah) actually started to like KNK on the exact same day and we came to school all excited to tell each other that we liked KNK only to find out that we both had the same news to share.
Then here's Beth being clueless......(HI FROM ME TOO) [People who are friends with huge K-Pop fans, can you relate?]

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Here, I really recommend the song! Watch it while you read our post to kinda understand what we're talking about and rewatch it to watch their amazing music video!

------Reaction Starts Now------
Ally: Yes! Finally! After so many weeks *Ally hasn't watched the music video yet because she wanted to react to it*
Beth: Sounds like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Ally: Don't ruin it...
Beth: Broken room.
Ally: Tell me who you think is the best looking.
Beth: If I can see.
Ally: This is Sarah's favourite *talking about Inseong*
Sarah: I thought he looked good in this part *referring to Jihun*
Beth: It's pink!!!
Sarah: This is the part where I got really confused cause I thought this was Inseong *Sarah thought Jihun was Inseong by mistake*
Beth: They didn't get cut. That's a good thing.
Beth: 5 should be easy to recognize. JUST KIDDING! I can't even recognize Red Velvet.
Sarah: I like this part.
Beth: Let me guess that guy is the leader? *talking about Youjin*
Ally: No, you would think so right?
Sarah: He's the oldest.
Ally: Oh! Seungjun!!!
Beth: He looks like Kim Woo Bin *talking about Youjin*
Come on.... they look sightly alike in this pic
Sarah: Don't you think he looks like T.O.P.? (Big Bang) *talking about Seungjun*
Ally: He doesn't look like T.O.P. and no he does not look like Kim Woo Bin.
Beth: He does!! The one with the hair parted to the side.

~ Silence ~

Sarah: I really like this song.
Beth: They're [ken e kek / kuh nuh kuh] *literally trying to pronounce KNK*
Beth: I like how there's English lyrics.
Sarah: Look it's like they purposely put gas at that one part *on the note*
Ally: That's the youngest *talking about Heejun*
Sarah: Yup!
Ally: I feel like you want to say something... *talking to Beth*
Ally: *notices Jihun* JIHUN!!!
Sarah: I like the color.
Beth: I actually did *replying Ally*
Ally: Jihun!!! Yay!
Beth: He looks like someone.
Ally: Seungjun!
Beth: They're wearing contact lens.
Ally: No they're not.
Beth: That one is.
Ally: Which one?
Sarah: Yay! Inseong!
Beth: It's grey. *talking about the eye color*
Ally: The grey one?
Ally: Jihun!
Sarah: I know that they're.....
Sarah: They're dance moves are really weird.... but I like it.
Beth: What are they trying to say? Like oh I didn't kiss you so you're lips are drying up? *talking about the lyrics*
Ally: Just a warning...even if...can I...Okay if anybody adds pictures I'm just gonna add extra pictures of Jihun and Seungjun.
Sarah: Then I'll add pictures of Inseong.
Ally: *laughs* Sure!
Beth: DO DO DO DO DO DO *reading the lyrics too early and super fast*
Ally & Sarah: Do Do Do Do Do Do it right now *singing the lyrics ON TIME*
Sarah: Then they walk in and walk out...then walk in again *talking about the onstage choreography*
Beth: Run! They're gonna smash the glass. I'm pretty sure that's fake.
Ally: Where is the glass?
Sarah: Yeah...
Beth: Just now they were running. There!
Sarah: There's no glass...
Beth: Oh I thought the song finished.
Ally: Yeah that's what I thought the first time.
Beth: Yeah I was like what?
Beth: You won't get out! MUAHAHAHA. Imagine the villain they're like 'Oh no!'
Sarah: He looks like T.O.P.
Ally: No, he does not.
Sarah: No the facial features are like very sharp.
Ally & Beth: Eww...gross
Ally: Why does he have a fish?
Beth: Why is there a fish? *same time as Ally*
Ally: This is their debut song. They debuted like in March of this year if I'm not mistaken.
Sarah: March? *doubting*
Beth: The fish......What if he farted? The fish would die...
Sarah: Huh?
Ally: Why are you agreeing with her.
Sarah: I said huh? As in what do you mean.

------Video Ends------
Sarah: Yay! You finally watched it!
Ally & Beth: Yay!!!
Beth: You finally watched it? I thought you already watched it.
Ally: No I've never watched it.
Beth: Have you heard the song?
Ally: Yeah!
  • Inseong looks like Mark (Got 7) according to Beth
  • Heejun looks like Jackson (Got 7) according to Sarah
  • Jihun looks old to Beth
  • Jihun is Ally's favourite member *duh*
  • Inseong is Sarah's favourite member
  • Seungjun is not worth of the visual position according to Beth (but Ally and Sarah disagrees)
  • Youjin looks like Kim Woo Bin to Beth
  • Seungjun looks a bit like T.O.P to Sarah
  • Inseong also looks like BamBam to Beth
  • Inseong and Jihun are better looking than the other members according to Beth

Yay! Ally and I (Sarah) especially liked this react post just because it's KNK! They're rookies and I admit that they're not that popular but if you've never watched them.....GO AND DO IT THIS INSTANT. You really won't regret it! Thank you for reading this post and you can expect another K-Pop react post on the upcoming 4th!

Doings of Ally from this point on: J

♡ Seungjun ♡
Not trying to be too biased...but my FAVOURITE is Jihun!
We'll be back again,