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Heyy. I have returned! Did you miss me? (probably not.. :( ).Anyways in the year 2015 I've watched a couple of dramas and I wanna recommend some nice ones! Some of them didn't air in 2015 but I decided to include them cause it was nice.
#8. The Girl Who Can See Smell
A.K.A Sensory Couple. But there wasn't really that much romance. I mean there was a love line but the love story wasn't that good. This drama is more of a mystery, crime, revenge, detective kind of story? Lol yeah I like those kind of dramas. Don't ask.
Basically this drama is about this sick serial killer called the barcode murderer. And this girl Eun Seol who was a witness to a kidnapping by the barcode murderer. Unfortunately, while running away from the killer, Eun Seol gets into an accident and loses her memory. After the accident she is able to see and picture smells.
At the same time, Choi Mu Gak (Park Yoochun JYJ), loses all his sense of smell,taste and touch after he fainted out of depression of the loss of his sister and was clinically dead for 10 days. He quits his job and is determined to be a detective to catch his sister's murderer. He as a police officer has to be promoted to be a detective therefore is given some small cases to solve. He meets Eun Seol and discovers her ability to see smell (therefore allowing her to follow traces of the murderer).

They agree to help each other out. Eun Seol tracks murderers down while Mu Gak helps Eun Seol to be a comedian. A while later, the barcode murderer realizes the only witness is still alive and is closer than he thinks. And the murderer is coming to get her. (suspense much?)
#7. I Can Hear Your Voice
This drama is about a guy called Soo Ha who has the ability to read people's minds when he looks into their eyes. He gained this ability when he witnessed his father getting murdered when he was a kid. The case was considered as a car accident until a witness Hye Sung came forward and confessed that it was a murder and that she had took a picture despite being threatened by the murderer.

The murderer continued to threaten her saying that he would kill her when he gets out of jail. Soo Ha who was still a kid promised Hye Sung that he will protect her.
A few years later, Hye Sung becomes a public defender. But she only does her job for the money and does not care for her clients at all. Eventually Soo Ha finds Hye Sung after all these years of looking for her after seeing her in the newspaper. He gets a chance to meet her when a friend in school is accused of murder. Disappointed that the person he thought of as a hero turned out to be such a selfish and arrogant person he tells her of his ability and helps her to solve cases. But then the murderer who killed Soo Ha's father and threatened Hye Sung is released from his jail sentence and is coming after them.
#6. To Be Continued
I wasn't sure whether to include this in or not but I was like ahhh why not. This is a web drama starring boy group ASTRO. I mean if the MV didn't make me like them then this drama would have.
The day before ASTRO's debut day happened to be their friend, Ah Rin's birthday. So after their practice they decorated their practice room with balloons and candles. The candles are shaped in a heart which I thought was really pretty.
When the birthday girl arrives, their celebration is short because they get caught by the company producer who seems really mad at them and it cuts to Ah Rin in a classroom. We find out that they have traveled back in time. But only Eun Woo, MJ and Jin Jin are aware of this. The trio had traveled back to before they had been cast by their company at a festival. Which also happened to be the time where Eun Woo and Moon Bin were not on good terms. Everything goes on as normal until one day Eun Woo loses his memory. Will Eun Woo, Moon Bin and ASTRO still be able to debut at the festival?
(Oh and yes I know my explaining and english skills are a bit lacking for this... It's really hard to explain this web drama so you'll only be able to understand if you watch it. So GO watch it)

#5. Sassy Go Go
Sassy Go Go or Cheer Up is about Yeon Doo played by Apink's Eunji who is the leader of a dance club called Real King in her school. The dance club is considered a minority of the school because the club consists of the lowest ranking students in academics. Obviously, because they are a dance club they play music. But a cheerleader club called Baek Ho gets very annoyed because of the loud noise (Baek Ho is a club that consists of the top 5% of the school and they use club time to study. Crazy right?) This causes a rivalry against the two groups.

When Yeon Doo tries to resolve the rivalry with Kim Yeol, the head of Baek Ho, she accidentally trips and falls on him and someone happens to take a picture of this incident. This causes Real King to disband for inappropriate actions. Later on,  the principal makes a proposition, if Real King and Baek Ho were to work together to win a cheerleading competition set up to help them get specs for their academic profile, Real King will be revived. Throw in a love triangle, another rivalry between Soo Ah and Eun Ji and VIXX member N and it becomes an amazing drama. (try not to hate Soo Ah that much)

#4. Who Are You School 2015
Wow this drama is extremely good. The story is about identical twins separated at birth, Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi living complete opposite lives. Eun Byul is a wealthy and popular girl in her school but has a dark past. Eun Bi on the other hand is still living in an orphanage and is constantly bullied in her school. She is later on expelled from school because of the bully. Because of this, she attempts to commit suicide by drowning herself.

On the other hand Eun byul is attending a school field trip where she receives a mysterious text and looks disturbed and uncomfortable for the rest of the trip. Then she suddenly disappears without a trace. She is later found in a hospital and has lost her memory. She continues living life as normal but befriends Tae Kwang (played by BtoB's Sungjae) who has slight mental problems. Throw yet another love triangle with Tae Kwang and childhood friend Han Yi An, identity misconception, the crazy bully and it becomes one of my favourite dramas! (for this drama, hate the bully all you want...)
#3. The Heirs
Hahaha obviously this would be in the list. One of the legendary K-dramas, The Heirs. A love story between Kim Tan; amazingly wealthy and the heir to Jeguk Group. As a form of exile he is sent to the U.S. by his half brother Kim Won. Kim Won sent his brother to the U. S. to secure his spot as the one and only eligible heir to Jeguk Group.

When he is in the States, he meets Eun Sang who is there to see her sister who is about to get married. Unfortunately, the marriage was just a hoax to get money. After her sister takes the money and runs away, Eun Sang is left without a place to stay and the contents of her bag sprawled on the floor as a result of her sister trying to find the hidden money in her bag. Suddenly, Kim Tan's friend takes a bag of powdered beans thinking it was drugs from her bag and faints due to an allergic reaction. Kim Tan then tries to settle things with the cops and invites Eun Sang to stay with him.

In the end, Eun Sang goes back to Korea after exploring America with Kim Tan. Kim Tan who cannot get Eun Sang off his mind also returns to Korea. He finds out that Eun Sang is his housekeeper's daughter. Then Eun Sang transfers to Kim Tan's school Jeguk High. This is a scheme planned by Kim Tan's father to make sure Kim Tan does not fall In love with Eun Sang because there will be hundreds of people telling them they shouldn't be together due to their 'differences'.

Kim Tan will have to deal with everything his father throws at him and Eun Sang because 'The one who wears the Crown must bear the weight of it.'
#2. Pinocchio
The first actual drama I ever watched and till this moment is still the BEST (excluding web drama Exo Next Door) Another revenge, reporter, justice, murder kind of drama. It starts with a group of fireman led by Ki Ho Sang dying in an explosion while trying to save any survivors in the building. When Ki Ho Sang's body is not found, the media tries to accuse him of being a murderer who killed his team for bringing them into the building and all of them losing their lives while he did not die.

This kinda becomes a big thing and it results in Ki Ho Sang's family becoming outcasts of the town. Because of this, Ki Ha Myung's mom decides to commit suicide and tries to kill her son by jumping off a cliff. Just coming back from jail where he was put because of Reporter Sung Cha Ok, Ki Jae Myung is devastated to find out that he's alone in this world without any family members. Little did he know, his little brother survived the fall and is hiding in and old, sick grandfather's house pretending to be his son that died at sea many years ago.

When the grandfather's other son comes back, he's shocked to see his "older brother" has come back to life and is the same age as his daughter. Slowly after they accept this matter, Ha Myung living under the name Choi Dal Po comes to like Choi In Ha his "niece". Until he finds out that In Ha's mom is Sung Cha Ok. But he still has feelings for In Ha. Okay I have to cut the drama short or I'll never finish. After school they both become reporters. But it is hard for In Ha to be accepted because she a disease called Pinocchio which makes a person hiccup every time they lie. Dal Po gets a reporting job on his first try at YGN. And as a marketing scheme In Ha gets a job at MSC. Slowly there's a love triangle, some answers to questions, and a big plot twist :)

Spoiler XD
 #1. Exo Next Door
Okay this isn't exactly a drama, it's a web drama. That means it's slightly different from the others. (same as To Be Continued) This drama has 16 episodes that lasts for about 20 mins or less. But this was actually the reason I started liking Kpop. (thanks to Ally for showing it to me XD) I can still remember every Tues and Thurs my group of friends and I would keep refreshing the page until it was uploaded. (SM was never on time).

For some reason Beth was always the first out of all of us to load the video. Oh and Beth and Ally have been the first views before! (I'm too slow T_T)

Anyways, the drama is about Exo having to move into Chanyeol's grandfather's house while waiting for Suho to heal his injured leg. Suho had injured his leg because Chanyeol accidentally knocked a bottle causing it to fall and Suho tripping over the bottle. Chanyeol then feels guilty and thinks it's because he broke a "magic" pendant given to him by his grandpa. Without the pendant, Chanyeol feels that misfortune seems to keep coming at him.

He remembers his grandpa saying there's another pendant somewhere, so that's why Chanyeol wanted to go back to his grandpa's house to look for it. But at his grandpa's house there's this cleaning girl, Incheon Girl (Chanyeol gave her this name cause she was born in Incheon) who makes things very complicated . But there's SO much more to it that I don't want to say it cause it'll spoil the whole thing. But this is a MUST WATCH. It's really really good.

Bonus: Descendants of the Sun
This drama is actually still ongoing so I didn't really want to add it yet just in case it could be a total flop (I doubt it though). But this drama is SO SO good so far.The drama is about a special forces captain, Yoo Si Jin played by Song Joong Ki.
On his day off, he and his friend, Dae-young managed to catch a motorcycle thief with their toy gun skills. (I'm not joking) The thief fell off his motorcycle and got injured. So obviously he gets sent to the hospital. Even though the thief is hurt, he manages to steal Dae-young's phone. Because of this the two soldiers have to go all the way to the hospital to retrieve Dae-Young's phone. This is where Kang Mo Yeon comes in. Mo Yeon is a doctor in the hospital that the thief was sent to.
She thinks that Si Jin and Dae-Young are part of a gang out to hurt the thief. Even though she treats the duo rudely, Si Jin still falls in love with her. After resolving the misunderstanding, Si Jin and Mo Yeon start dating. (fast right?)
Unfortunately because of their jobs, none of their dates end well. Mo Yeon has emergency surgeries to carry out and Si Jin has to save the world I guess?  
In the end they realize that their jobs are very different; Si Jin hurts and kills people to protect others while Mo Yeon's duty is to save everyone without considering their race, age or religion. So they break up. Si Jin is then sent to Urk for a peacemaking mission.
A few months later, the hospital that Mo Yeon works for is sending a volunteer team to Urk. 'Coincidentally' Mo Yeon is asked to join and lead the team to Urk. When she reaches Urk, she meets Si jin and *yay* the couple is reunited. So they spend their time exploring the parts around the camp. Everything is going okay until Si Jin is sent back to Korea and Mo Yeon realizes how dangerous Si Jin's job is.
Suddenly there's an earthquake in Urk and destroys a construction site. Many people are hurt and Mo Yeon and her team are sent to help the people. Of course, the military sends Si Jin and his team back to Urk to help as well. The couple meet up again... That's all I know. Now we have to wait together. (I wrote this up to episode 6) *Plus EXO's Chen and Punch sang one of the OST's and it's AMAZING*

YAY! This took a LONG time to write. I'm not even joking. But these are some of my favourite dramas. I'm not a drama expert or anything (ask Ally) but I personally really love these dramas. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them cause I have nothing to watch now. (other than DOTS [Descendants Of The Sun])

Slightly lacking of sleep,
Sarah <3


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