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Today's post is going to be related to a post I did a couple of weeks ago titled How Do I Feel..... if you haven't read it, to sum the entire post up, I wrote about how we sometimes choose not to do (or to do) things that end up hurting someone else. It sounds so confusing but it's about being a genuine person who helps others because you genuinely want to do it and not because you didn't have any other choice.

In that post, I mentioned briefly about a women's support group that visited our school and carried out a few activities. Today, I'll be sharing a few tips and advices that I personally received from one of the ladies about my worries and problems. I'll definitely try to make this post more inspirational rather than depressing. Because life is already depressing as it is and you probably don't need to waste another 5 minutes of your life reading about someone else's depressing problems...😅
One of the things that the lady said that stuck with me was "You are your own stumbling block". For some reason, it just kept replaying in my head because I started thinking about all my life choices and where it has lead me to. Honestly speaking, I'm one of those people who belittle myself because I don't want to face disappointment but by doing that.....I've wasted many chances in many things just because I didn’t try. And doesn't that make you question if you REALLY are your own stumbling block. Before this post gets to the really sappy stage where you question all your life choices, the whole meaning of this post is to make you realize that sometimes the thing that is holding you back is yourself and nothing more.

Although it may seem like the whole world has turned on you, sometimes…maybe it was just you who gave up on yourself. I, personally have been really hard on myself because I know that it’s just easier to not try than to work really hard for something just to end up disappointed. But if I were to have really thought about it at the start, there was still a possibility for me to achieve whatever it was that I wanted.

Also, I mentioned in my How Do I Feel post about not feeling like a genuinely nice person. After the visit from the women's group and discussing about all my challenges and my past mistakes in life, one of the ladies told me that in life, it’s normal for us to have secret bad intentions in us but it’s us who choose (to/not to) overcome those bad intentions. When I say bad intentions…I mean to say like jealousy among friends or siblings or any other cases where you feel like doing/saying/feeling something that you know may hurt someone else. Obviously, jealousy is something that is inevitable because it’s just human nature. But because we’re all equal humans, it’s our decision to end up doing the right thing and overcoming all those bad intentions.
Because I was feeling really down on that day, she told me that every mistake that you have made…be it small or big…it’s not called a mistake but experiential learning. What she meant to say was even though you may think that it was a mistake but it’s all in the past and it has become something that you have experienced and it’s now time to learn from it. Instead of dwelling and suffocating yourself in the past, move on and take all that you have done as an experience and learn from it.

One final advice that I thought I should share with you guys (cause we’re like close now since I shared all my worries and everything with you guys) is the next time you’re unsure of something as in should you do it or should you not, give yourself some time to really think it through. Count to 3 and decide but don’t take too long because you’ll end up second-guessing yourself. Unless it’s a life or death situation then maybe give it a little more thought than just 3 seconds.

I know that it is easier said than done but sometimes a little change is for the better. If you are strong-willed enough to choose for yourself and fight for what you think is right then there’s not much that will be able stop you.

P.S. I’m in no way implying that I’m a qualified psychiatrist or anything but I just thought that I should share with you guys about my own personal thoughts and maybe learn a thing or two.

I hope this week’s post wasn’t too depressing and you could relate with a few things. But I sincerely wrote this post hoping to share my opinion with the world. And I know that as soon as I press that ‘publish’ button…..I’m sharing a lot about myself to the entire world. That’s just about it for my post but I think that it’s kinda been a thing now on our blog that we end most of our posts with a quote so……….here goes.


  1. I agree with learning from your "mistakes". Even when its little things like going one way to avoid traffic and ending up taking longer than you thought... -_- Its all still a learning experience and now you know not to go down that road at that time XD (This happened yesterday XD)


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