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You know how sometimes you just feel so thirsty and long for the future to come so you can finally erase the thoughts of curiosity inside of you? I used to assume that when I become a teenager, I'd go out shopping everyday after school and find a super hot guy to be my boyfriend (actually; I thought having a super hot boyfriend was essential to every teenage girl out there).
I used to think that I'll have so much fun walking in heels, dressing up  all cute with a flawless face as if I applied make-up permanently. I thought my hair would be curled or straightened when I liked and always assumed for it to be an easy process.
Honestly now that I'm in my teenage years and the child-version of me must be satisfied, I have to say that being a teen is not all fun and rainbows.
So today I'm bringing you........
Life begins to change.
It's not the kind of change like, 'Oh! I have boobs now!' or 'Look I have a moustache'.'s a more complicated change. And because if I were to explain it to you in a big clump, you won't have interest, I've broken things down into a few aspects.....enjoy!
In this stage in life, people are searching and finding themselves. Some people will change for the better and sometimes...for the worst.
Once a close friend could turn into an enemy and sometimes that 'BFF' from elementary school and throughout middle school? Yeah you don't talk anymore.
That's if you assume the worst.
And sometimes, the least expected person could actually turn out to be your best buddy for the next decade. Once a peaceful life turns into a surprise tornado. Yep. You go from a kid-friendly Comedy Series to FULL-BLOWN-DRAMA Rated X.
Good luck out there, kids.
If the first point has already scared you then buckle up....
Homework is gonna add on to your burden *throws streamers*
It's not like the topics get easier. It's like a simple 'dissecting a rat' turns into 'use solution X to turn Amanda into a dinosaur'.
Those teachers who would scold you in middle/primary school when you didn't complete your homework? Yeah that isn't close to extreme high school teachers.
High school teachers, I kid you not can be broken down into a few stereotypes.
  • The single-teacher who is always looking grumpy (Hint: Miss Stressed-Out)
  • The teacher who drags the class on and releases you out late for recess (Hint: Miss Stressed-Out)
  • The strict as heck teacher for no apparent reason
  • The teacher who turns the class into the story of their life
  • The teacher who talks so slow....
  • The teacher who is full of herself
  • The teacher who talks like she/he was found under a bridge
  • The teacher who's handwriting no one understands
  • The lazy-bum teacher
  • The nosy teachers
  • The teacher who wears too much make-up
  • The paedophile-looking teacher 
  • The teacher who shows clear dislike to the class for no reason
  • And then there's the super nice teachers (who are very rare these days)
The list goes on. (I did not mean to roast any teachers)
Yelling, demerits, detention, expels, extra name it.
At this point in life, you are a rare, endangered species if you've never argued with your parent(s). During your teenage years, it's bound to happen that you and your parents will have some disagreements when it comes to certain topics and issues. [And sometimes, you rebel against them.....:( ]
Detention for the first time?
Parent(s): What happened to you? You used to be this good girl that got straight 'A's. Who are your friends these days. No one is gonna hire you because of this. London Bridge is gonna collapse on you because you got in detention, now your teachers blacklist you, you're an embarrassment, Lucy has never gotten detention. Why can't you be like her? I bet you are gonna fail your class because of this and also for the rest of your schooling life. You won't get into collage and I'm calling Einstein to lecture you about la la......GROUNDED.
#theoverreactingparentsactuallycaretoo <3
When you go to family gatherings, bye bye voice box, hello technology.
Talking? What's talking? I'm an antisocial-single-person-who-is-in-love-with-my-phone-now-stay-away-from-me this time around.
All you do is say 'Hi' and BOOM you're silent for the rest of the night giggling over weird memes.
This is also the stage where if your self-esteem is brought down by others, it might just ruin your life. Teenage (and tween) years are when you are most sensitive. Try not to bring others down or say anything offensive.
Sometimes you can't help it and have no control over other's choice of words so always remember to stay strong because not everything someone else says is true :).
So that is it for my post this week! Man I haven't been writing in two weeks and this feels so unreal to be writing again. Hope you enjoyed it and I'll catch you again (personally) the following week! (22nd this month lands on a Friday so expect a K-Pop Reaction post!!)
Also, I apologize that the pictures are plain and boring. I'm actually writing this and editing on Wednesday itself :(. I've been so busy recently and I'm really sorry!!!

P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Miss Stressed-Out' is, feel free to browse through the tabs above with the label 'Appearances' to learn more :)


  1. I've been out of the "teen" years for a while and I think some advice I'd give young people is to really take it easy and not be so hard on yourself. A lot of pressure is put on young people to make big decisions when they've barely lived their lives and I think as you get older you can sometimes forget that at that age you didn't have your ducks in a row either. It's like when we get older we forget we weren't as perfect as we are not XD
    And, I know it's hard to "let go" of your problems because they seem so big and daunting, but as long as you try your best and do the right thing you usually turn out pretty good :)
    And, I'd also just say, to do your best to pray and walk with God and lean on Him in times of distress. Life can be pretty scary and there are a lot of unknowns, but there are things that are truths, and when we hold onto those, I think we find that in the end it was all ok and everything happens for a reason. ^_^
    P.S- I really love ya'lls font and layout and stuff. It's super cute! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your advice! Definitely going to refer to them as much as possible. Actually, I think I'm gonna live the rest of my teen years following your advice (seriously). Your comment totally made my day a whole lot better. Again, thanks for the advice (and the compliment) <3

      - Beth

    2. No problem! I'm not an infinite fountain of wisdom, but if you do have any questions you think random me might be able to help with, just hit me up! ^_^

      And I was just wondering too, for the layout and stuff, did you guys create it? Was it hard? And where does it go...? I'm just getting into this stuff so its like "woah" XD But i'd love to jazz my page up a bit if I could

    3. Thanks so much for the offer xD. And about the layouts etc, technically we didn't create it.....we just used the base template(s) provided and kinda had fun experimenting with different things available in the 'customise' section. Sort of like re-designing what's already designed. It wasn't at all hard. And to be real honest, it was actually kinda easy and simple.

      When you're done, definitely let us know so we can check it out haha. Good luck with your page/blog!! Bet it's gonna be awesome!

      - Beth

    4. Ahhh, ok, I'll just do some playing around then too :)


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