DIY #3: Cork Coasters | Sarah

Hey guys! I'm back. It's been a while hasn't it? Well...I had exams and yeah studied like crazy! (not sure if it paid off though...) Anyways, this is a DIY I did a pretty long time ago. I was just lazy to write a post for it. Hehehe sorry. Okay so let's gets started!
So what you'll need is a cork board, some paint, scissors, a pencil and a compass cutter.
This DIY is so easy that I wasn't sure if I should even post it. So basically, all you have to do is cut circles out of the cork board using the scissors and pencil or the compass cutter. The size can differ according to your preference. (You can actually do different shapes if you want to)
After you have the circles... Paint them! You can do ANY design you want.
Unfortunately for me, I have very limited ideas and art skills so I'm sorry if some of them aren't nice. I tried my best.
Oh and the reason some of them are nice....that was my sister. The ugly ones are mine... I'll work harder to improve my art skills!! One day I'll find my inner Da day...
But until that day comes this is what I've got!
The ones my sis did

I hope you enjoyed it! And I hope that if you try to do it, it'll turn out better than mine. I had a lot of fun doing it with my sister and the whole DIY was SO simple. I'm writing the post right now and I feel like it's so short cause I can't really explain much about the DIY cause it's so simple. Hahahaha anyways that is it for now. GOODBYE.
Sarah <3