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Hey everybody! Ahhhh the final days of 2016. I know you're probably thinking that it's such a typical line to say during this time of year but sure.....I guess you can say that this is one of the final "K-Pop Reaction" posts for the year and we really hope you guys enjoyed the series throughout the year. Well...I'm saying way too many things.
Today, we decided to reaction to the super-famous BTS with their song 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'. We know this reaction has been long overdue so let's get hopping.

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :) 

Here's the dance practice video. I couldn't find the actual music video but here's something...
Their choreography is no joke...
------Reaction Starts Now------

Ally: Let's watch Blood, Sweat and Tears.
Beth: It's 6 FREAKIN minutes?!?!
Ally: Yeah and that's cause there's a story.

------Song Starts------

Beth: This introduction is only wasting time.
Sarah: When I went to a store, I heard the first part and I was like BTS...
It was Suga hitting Jimin in the head...Ouch.
Ally: Oh Jungkook and Jimin...oh wait...that wasn't Jungkook was it?
Beth: What are they doing? Admiring the scandalous mannequins?
Ally: Yea.
Sarah: They're like rich people now.
Ally: Hahaha.
Beth: After they died...? *referring to Run*
Ally: After 'Fire'...

Taken from BTS's 'Fire' music video.
Beth: No wonder they had so much money to crash a car. *referring to a scene in 'Fire'*
Sarah: Yeah~
Beth: But before 'Fire', they died.
Sarah: Is this a continuation to that?
Ally: I don't know because Jin is always the one that has the main role.
Sarah: Yeah but he has no lines in this.
Beth: Is it because he's the visual?
Ally: Yea he's the visual.
Ally: Oh I think they look so classy.
Beth: Well if they kill their visual, no one can see for them.
Ally & Sarah: ..........
Beth: Like their retina and eyesight.....all gone.
Ally & Sarah: ..........
Beth: Ahhh too much Science.
Sarah: To be honest, this is my favourite part.
Beth: Who's this one?
Sarah: That's Jimin.
Ally: I have a feeling that he has too much make-up on for my liking.
Ally: OH Jungkook. Oh...
Beth: Sounds so...... HAHAHA.
Ally: HAHAHA. I'm just saying that he's very good looking.
Beth: Sorry just now, the angle was horrible.
Ally: No, I just think he has a lot of make-up on. It's my only comment.
Beth: Who's that?
Ally: Jungkook.
Sarah: I really like the...when they say 'blood, sweat and tears.'
Beth: That was us during exams.
Ally: I really REALLY like J-Hope's '많이, 많이, 많이' (Manh-yi, manh-yi, manh-yi)
Sarah: No, like in the chorus.
Ally: Ohhh.
Beth: Where's Rap Monster?
Ally: This one.
Ally: *sings along to the lyrics*
Sarah: What kind of drink is that?
Ally: He looks so different though. *referring to Rap Monster*
Sarah: This part. *talking about her favourite part in the song*
Ally: V has so many lines...I'm so happy.
Beth: Is that their blood?
Ally: Ah Jungkook! So good looking.
Sarah: After he became like 20...
Ally: Puberty hit him.


Ally: Oh my god!
Sarah: But I still feel that Jungkook didn't get a lot of screen time.
Ally: Well...he has like solo screen time.
Ally: Jin looks pretty good also.
Beth: Mhmm...oh wait that's Jimin. Your Jimin's abs. (it's an inside joke among us) Hahaha. (Refer: BTS #1)
Ally: Hahaha.
Ally: Jimin's the one with a lot of make-up.
Beth: Yeah...shouldn't put so much make-up. He looks like a cake.
Ally: Yeah true. I don't know why he put on so much make-up.
Beth: I was like who the heck is this? A new member? *referring to Jimin*
Sarah: This...this part is always in my head. *referring to the chorus*
Beth: Saw that arm pitt hair.
Ally: *wasn't paying attention* Ohhh I really like the dance moves when Jungkook does it.
Ally: Oh! *happy all by herself*
Ally: I didn't see. Thank God I didn't see. *finally registered what Beth said earlier*
Beth: Oh is he gonna fall down? Oh bye bye. You died already.
Sarah: You know...that might symbolise him jumping off that bridge thingy.
Ally: Ohhhh.
Beth: This doesn't make sense if it's a continuation from... *gets cut off*
Sarah: Yeah...that's why.
Ally: No, I feel like they've done so many story continuation that it doesn't make sense and they don't even care anymore.
Sarah: Yeah...
Beth: Just doing it.
Ally: Yea.
Beth: Who's that? Jimin?
Ally: No, that was V.
Ally: V looks good with blonde hair.
Beth: This is Jungkook. *points at screen*
Ally: Yea.
Beth: L is from Infinite. *random*
Ally: Yes.
Ally: This is Jimin.
Beth: That wasn't Rap Monster?
Ally & Sarah: No.
Ally: Ahhh Jungkook!
Beth: I must have a deep hatred towards that sub-teacher who looks like Rap Monster.
Ally: This is the weird story part.
Sarah: The whole thing...the trailer *gets cut off by Beth*
Beth: Is it not weird in general?
Sarah: ...their trailers were all just Rap Monster speaking English.
Beth: It's not like we understand what he's saying.
Sarah: He's speaking English...
Beth: Oh is he?
Ally & Sarah: Yeah he is.
Sarah: Don't even know what this is...
Beth: Most vampires will sit with an orchestra...not orchestra...
Sarah: Is that Suga?
Ally: Organ? *referring to the musical instrument*
Beth: Yea. Yea. An organ.
Beth: Not kidneys but...
Ally: Yeah that was Suga.
Beth: Oh this has Suga also?
Ally: Yea...Suga is in BTS.
Sarah: What's up with closing his eyes?
Ally: I don't know... I thought you guys were saying that the teaser were all about eyes or something.
Sarah: Well...uhmm I didn't watch all the teasers.
Ally: Oh my this is the weird part...
Sarah: Actually, the thing looks kind of scary. *referring to the statue*
Ally: In my head, I was just like nah he's not gonna do it...he's not gonna do it...
Beth: What...he's gonna make out with that?
Ally: Yeah and then he does it.
Sarah: Just imagine how awkward the... *doesn't finish the sentence*
Beth: How much did he get paid for this?
Ally: I don't know.
Beth: Who's that?
Ally: V...
Sarah: So what, is he like kissing V?
Beth: Ew what???
Ally: I don't know. V is like what...a fallen angel?
Beth: That isn't a good thing.
Ally: And then the song starts again...I don't get this part.
Beth: Oh look. Now there's colour.
Beth: What's this? A funeral for the mannequin?
------Video Ends------
  • Beth was surprised the video was 6 minutes long.
  • Beth thinks the mannequins are 'scandalous'
  • According to Sarah, the 7 BTS boys are 'Rich people' now....(like music video story-wise)
  • According to Beth's logic, if you kill your visual (in a music video), no one can "see for the group" anymore.
  • Jungkook is really good looking says Ally.
  • Jungkook is so good looking, Beth thinks Ally's admiration noises are.......weird.
  • Ally likes J-Hopes, 'Manh-yi, manh-yi, manh-hyi' part.
  • Ally is happy V has many lines.
  • Ally and Beth thinks Jimin has a lot of make-up on.
  • Beth saw someone's armpit hair.
  • According to Beth, vampires play organs (the musical instrument; not body part)
  • Beth questions how much V got paid to kiss a statue.

So that is it for our reaction to 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' by BTS! We really hope you enjoyed it and will catch up with you guys tomorrow for another reaction! (3 days 'til the year ends OMG)

Much love,

Korean Vocab:
  • 많이, 많이, 많이 or 'Manh-yi, manh-yi, manh-yi' means "A lot of". (According to Google Translate)