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Okay this is actually random but whoever who typed this audio, didn't make an intro.
HELLO. When was the last time I actually got to write the intro? It's me Bethany slacking off studying for a while to edit this post so it can go up successfully on Tuesday. I can't believe we ran out of pre-edited posts that were completed with pictures and the correct format. I must say that the person who wrote this post was hardworking enough to add a few pictures. Anyways....ENJOY!
I'm not really sure what song this is.....If I'm not mistaken, it's 'I Need U'.
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

WARNING: This music video is rated 19+ so...well technically it's not like we obeyed it but still. Make sure you are okay with brutal things coming your way such as blood, bruises and drowning... Usually, we try to keep our blog contents PG but for this specific post, it isn't.

------Reaction Starts Now------

Sarah: It's probably like 16+. But Jungkook wasn't 16 when he filmed this.
Beth: Why? Is he 15?
Ally: He's probably is 16...
Ally: It's 19+! *sees the 19 sign*
Sarah: Oh oh oh sorry.
Beth: What? Cut themselves, take drugs? *talking about the video content*
Ally: *nods*
Beth: Really? *gets excited that she guessed it*.
Sarah: It's 19+ but when Jungkook flimed it, he wasn't even 19.....yet.
Beth: How old is he??
Ally: He's 19!
Sarah: 1997.
Ally & Beth: He's 19 this year. (This was a 2015 video, making Jungkook 18 when he filmed this)
Beth: I was gonna ask what he's doing in bed.
Beth: I thought it was just the blanket covers.
Beth: Oh is that why.
Ally: 5 minutes.
Beth: Who's this? *points at screen*
Ally: Ji....Jimin.
Beth: Oh your 'Jimin's abs'.
(Last year, Elaine was trying to guess Ally's favourite BTS member and for some reason, Elaine said Ally likes Jimin the most because of his abs....so yeah we tease her every now and then because of it)
Beth: Is this in Chinese?
~ Silence ~
Ally: Woah... they swear.
Beth: That's probably why it's 19+. (Technically we use that word in our lives too...)
Ally: Yeah...
Beth: Drugs and sell *what*
Sarah: You see these leaves, they represent.... *gets cut off by Ally*
Ally: Flower petals.
Sarah: Yeah. These leaves... *realizes*
Ally & Sarah: *laughs*
Sarah: These flower petals represents death.
Ally: I still don't get it after watching reaction videos.
Sarah: Unless Big Hit releases an explanation, nobody will know.
Ally: I bet Big Hit doesn't know it either.
Ally: Yeah. It's probably not planned.
Beth: Is that your Jimin?
Ally: I bet you heard this song many times.
Beth: Yeah.
Ally: Have you watched the music video before?
Beth: No.
Ally: Basically almost all their songs...ok not all...
Sarah: It's part 1 and part 2.
Ally: ...is a continuation.
Beth: Don't think that untuned violin song has a sequel. (Talking about Dope)
Ally: What?
Beth: Untuned violin...haha. The one with the funny violin tunes. *I'm not roasting the violinist or anyone. Just saying it's a funny tune*
Beth: Oh is that your...OH this is Rap Monster!!! I know because he looks like our...uhm....that substitute teacher.
Sarah: HAHAHA.
Ally: She does... *To clarify, our teacher is a girl* It's so sad but she does...
Ally: Oh no he's getting beaten up *referring to Jungkook*
Ally: No...Jungkook's pretty face.
Beth: Yeah that's like right in your face.
Beth: Isn't he like 18...?
Ally: Yea.
Beth: That's just sad.
Ally: Why did they have to hit the face.
Ally: The Golden Maknae's face!
Sarah: Hahaha.
Beth: IN YO FACE! *such sadistic soul*
Beth: They're wasting water...
Sarah: Oh this part...
Beth: What's he gonna do? Hit the girl's head? Ok...no he's not.
Ally: Errrr this is the part I don't like.
Beth: Bye bye.
Ally: This is why its 19+.
Beth: So sad.
Sarah: Just cause of V.
Beth: Jimin?
Sarah: V.
Ally: I question...was he like soaking in milk?
Beth: No, they're wasting soapy water...
Sarah: No.
Beth: Or probably like the lighting.
Beth: Oh with a wine bottle...ok you're dead. *sadistic*
Beth: Who killed that guy?
Ally: V...control your angerrrrrr......
Beth: Who did that?
Ally: V...V...V.
Beth: Oh yeah you like one guy called V and one guy called L.
Ally: Yeah...you remember!
Beth: L is in Infinite.
Ally & Sarah: Yeah!
Ally: You remembered! Wow...I'm proud of you.
Sarah: See it turns into a cigarette.
Beth: I thought that was a lollipop.
Ally: It was...
Beth: It was?
Ally: But it turned into a cigarette.
Beth: I was gonna be like...gonna...
Sarah: So he blew up the petrol station.
Ally: He did?
Beth: I was gonna say he should give the lollipop...
Sarah: Fire on the money...It burned the money then blew up the petrol station.
Beth: They should've gave the lollipop to...to...to...SUGA!
Sarah: Apparently, Jimin didn't really die.
Ally: No, I don't get it because I don't know who actually doesn't die in the end.
Sarah: Basically, the...
Beth: This looks like Chanyeol. Ok no he doesn't.
Sarah: ...the most popular theory is that everybody except for V and Jin...
Ally: Dies?
Sarah: Dies...yeah. So in the prologue...
Since no one acknowledged my observations....
Beth: Is that...is that Jungkook...NO uh.....Jim...Jimin...tub....what...? Uh awk...
Sarah: ...V dies. So, Jin is the only one alive.
Ally: Yea, I saw some comments saying that when they took the picture...the only person that was in the picture was Jin.
Sarah: So, they're like all ghosts except for Jin.
Ally: Ohhhh.
Sarah: It's just him remembering...
Ally: The past.
Taken from "Run" by BTS
Sarah: Yeah. Then in Run, sometimes he stares at the camera. Then when the house of cards fell, it was like him snapping back into reality.
Sarah: Like oh...now all his friends are gone.
Ally: Ohhhhh.
------Video Ends------

  • This video is long. 5 minutes, 33 seconds to be exact.
  • Beth has heard this song before (many times)
  • Rap Monster looks like a substitute teacher of ours.
  • Ally and Sarah, too are confused about the storyline of the music videos by BTS.
  • Beth thinks this video contributed to the wastage of water.
  • Ally does not like the brutal stuff.
  • Beth knows Ally likes V (BTS) and L (Infinite).
  • Beth thinks they should've gave the lollipop to SUGA (Get it?)

So that is it for our BTS reaction post for I Need U (Yes I went too search all their videos and discovered that this is I Need U.) Also, just to clarify I (Beth) am not sadistic on a daily basis. It depends on my mood and for some reason, I was sadistic when we reacted to this.

We hope you guys enjoy this post and we'll see you guys very soon!!!
 Much love,

P.S: If you guys are curious as to who 'Elaine' or 'Substitute Teacher' are, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab to learn more. We decided not to name this substitute cause IRL, we don't know her name either and she's gonna appear probably just this once.