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Here's me re-writing this whole post again as the previous one got deleted due to my own carelessness. *sighs*.
Happy 16th of the month everyone! For this 16th, we thought maybe we'd switch it up a little and play another round of.....
The last time we played this game was actually based off on Ally. So, Sarah and I have competed in a game on how much did we know Ally. Kinda like a 'Beth VS. Sarah' game. But this time..., it's 'Ally VS Sarah'! So I hope you enjoy reading this post and no worries the typical K-Pop Reactions post will be up on the upcoming 22nd (as usual).
Ready? Let's begin! (P/S: Be prepared for a post filled with pictures)
Ally: Uhhhhh....... 
Sarah: You eat a lot.....
Beth: What's that supposed to mean?
Ally: *laughs in the background*
Sarah: Have you told us before?
Beth: I did....Technically there are two answers...
Beth: One of the two is really smelly......
Ally & Sarah: Ohhhhhh....*answers finally came to their head*
Ally: Oh no! *panics*
Beth: I've actually said it many times.
Ally: I don't know!! Okay I never hear what you say *doubts herself*. I'm a horrible friend.
Sarah: *finishes writing* I think this is wrong.....
Ally: Me too....
Beth: What.
Ally: *giggles*
Beth: Though that is kinda true, my answer here was a life sized teddy bear....
Ally: Ohhhhhhhhh....
Sarah: *Sighs*
Ally: Usually......not favourite, right?
Beth: Yes.
Beth: Well...maybe that is kinda true....I did order that a lot last 2 years ago....*referring to Ally's answer*
Ally: Oh wait it's the Caramel drink....
Beth: Yeah....Caramel....
Sarah: I'm so off....*shows answer*
Sarah: *laughs*
Beth: I don't even like chocolate! Well...I do but only in certain forms.....
- Silence -
Beth: Do you guys want a hint?
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: *thinks of the easier name* *randomly sings* 'We're all in this together'
Sarah: I think I got it but I think it's wrong.
Beth: Okay...
Sarah: Are they both the same gender?
Beth: *confused* male and/or female....
Beth: *sees Ally's* CLOSE! CLOSE!! This close!!!
Ally: I wanted to say Ashley...but you've never said you liked the name Ashley before.
Sarah: You said girl or guy so I picked guy.
Beth: Well it's Shane for the guy....
Sarah: There was no Shane in High School Musical!
Beth: Well....I thought you'd be saying Gabriella....

Yes, I have favouritism.
Ally: Oh my gosh....
Sarah: Your favourite?
Beth: Yeah. 1, 2 or 3? You have a 30-ish percent of getting it right.
Ally: The first was when they first met.....the second was the summer thing....I know that in the third movie she went to collage....
Beth: So which is my favourite?
Beth: Yasss Sarah!!!
Sarah: Really???
Beth: Yes!!
Beth: I've actually told you guys this last week when it played through the speakers.
Ally: Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this!!!
Beth: *laughing* If you sing it out, I will give you a point.
Ally: It's the No Money song, isn't it??
Beth: I got over that!!
- Brief moment of silence -
Beth: Do you guys need a hint?
Ally & Sarah: Yes please!!!
Beth: *creates a Spotify playlist for Ally and Sarah to pick*
Disclaimer: I actually love all these songs.
That's kinda the reason why I put them all on this....
Ally: Can them one by one?
Beth: *sighs* okay....
Sarah: I think I know this.....
Beth: It's not *inserts possible birthdate numbers*
Sarah: Whaaaat? Then what is it?

Beth: Ally, yes. Sarah....what's that?
Sarah: I thought our blog was like forty-two the 3. So 423...
Beth: Well that does make sense but it's 143....
Sarah: 143? Why 143?
Ally: Cause 143 is I love you.....I remember it because of the Henry song.
Ally & Sarah: *sings the song*
Beth: Sarah gets a 0.5 for logic. Plus, it could be my second favourite number from now on.....I'll accept it.
Beth: I have said it!
Ally: Have you?
Sarah: Any hints? Was it the show you showed me earlier *referring to the Rollie Pollie show*
Beth: No. And there's a dog in that cartoon.....
Sarah: OHHHHHH!!!! *gets it*
Ally: *stares blankly* Does Z* have the stuffed toy in her room?
Beth: Possibly....
Sarah:  Is it Clifford?
Beth: *wiggles eyebrows*
Ally: *looks at Beth expecting a hint*
Beth: Hint?
Ally & Sarah: *nods*
Beth: It has a relation to previous answers.
Ally & Sarah: *Looks through their answer sheet and quickly writes*
Beth: *laughs* That's quick.
Sarah: I think I got this.
Ally: *sudden realization* Oh wait....
Beth: *reads Ally's answer* Yes, actually. *reads Sarah's answer* Yeah!
Sarah: But it's different. One of them is in the movie...
Beth: They're the same people.
Sarah: Well... I wrote their full name!
Ally: Your life goal?
Beth: I'll be so disappointed if you didn't know this.....(I've told them countless of times)
Sarah: We have to get this right!!!
Beth: I've even wrote this for class.
Ally: Do you think I went up to the teacher like, 'Hey can I see Beth's book?'
Beth: It was a year ago!
Sarah: Then how am I supposed to know this? (we were in different classes)
Beth: But I have told you!!!
Sarah: I think this is wrong....
Beth: PEOPLE!!!! *disappointment hits yet still laughing*
Ally: What? Is that not it??
Beth: I've told you I wanted to stand on the top of the Eiffel Tower!!!
Ally: That's not a logical goal!
Sarah: Wait you were serious?
Beth: Yeah!!
Ally: That's not logical!!!
Sarah: Okay this is easy.
Ally: Really?
Beth: I'll kill Ally if she does know.
(The reason being...for the past 2 years, she (Ally) has taken me (Beth) to 2 different sushi places to celebrate my birthday).
Ally: Is it pizza?
Beth: *facepalms*
Ally: Was it you who likes it? What's the answer?
Beth: Sarah?
Ally: I didn't know you like sushi....
Beth: 0.5 for Ally for being a bad friend....(I'm joking about the bad friend part but serious about the 0.5 part)
Ally: I swear you've never told us this before.
Beth: Not directly....
Ally: I have very bad memory!
Sarah: For studying, you don't.
Beth: *high fives Sarah* Okay fine. It relates to question number 5...
Ally: Question number 5? *rechecks the answer*
Sarah: Can we check the album track list?
Beth: Yeah sure. It's not like they're gonna tell you, 'Hey! This song is a nostalgic song is Beth's world.'

- while checking -
Sarah: Is it the song where they were at prom, dancing - wait no that's very upbeat. *probably talking about 'A Night To Remember' - HSM 3*
Sarah: I think it's the song where they were on the roof.
Beth: Roof or treehouse? *trying to give an obvious hint*
Sarah: Treehouse? There wasn't a treehouse.
Beth: *accepts the fact in Sarah's eyes*
Ally: I'm just gonna go with this one.
Beth: Yay Ally!!!
Sarah: I'm officially bad at this game.
Days later...
Beth: I accept Sarah's answer.....*after re-watching the music video*
Beth: This is bonus because you guys are in the K-Pop world now so it must be easy for you.
Ally: I only know the ones you hate....
Beth: Oh wow.
Sarah: Was it the song we heard the other day?
Beth: What song?
Ally: I think know this!!
Ally: I don't know anything about dogs!
Beth: You seem to know about Huskies (referring to the Friendship Test: Ally Edition)
Ally: Is it the same breed as Z's dog?
Ally: You can't blame me I have short term memory!
Sarah: I'm just gonna write what I like
Beth: Wow you guys wrote the same answers?
Ally: That's the only dog I can think of.
Ally: Okay for once, I actually know this!
Sarah: I'm just gonna go with the stereotypical flower...
So Ally won *yay*.....but still, I really wanna thank Sarah for trying her best :)!

I'm aware this post is pretty long so I'll stop talking now! Hope you enjoyed this post and have a fantastic day ahead!

(the person who edited this post because it's about her...)
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P/S: If you're confused as to who 'Z' is, feel free to browse on the 'Appearance Tab' above to learn more!

Disclaimer: This post was written in May so some things might have changed from then. Thanks for reading 'til so far down :).


  1. XD the fact that you said that "Gee" is your fav korean song from when you were a "kid" makes me feel old XD But I guess that was like 7 years ago XD
    And wow! So much HSM! I admit, I've never seen any of the HSM movies x"D I didn't have cable growing up (still don't XD but the internet is better) so I wasn't as up to date on all the Disney Channel stuff way back when.

    1. Haha Gee was my jam when I was little. It was so catchy!!! And you should totally give HSM a go! (if you want to) I personally thought it was a super cute movie!

      -Beth :D


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